Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Still Finding My Way.

I'm Now Following My Favourites As Oldrightie!

A theme of my frequent antipathy to the PTB is that, though funny as they are, they are also like the clowns of horror. I noticed this prevalent understanding of this imagery, using a child's perceived, at least once upon a time, joy of comedy clowns once were, was exploited in the latest comic horror version of "Killing Eve." So sort of mainstream identity in these modern times.

As for the pandemic. There is little doubt, love him or hate him, The Prime Minister's return on Monday has been as uplifting, almost, as the efforts of Colonel Tom. I was appalled, mind you, at the manner he was exploited by that ghastly BBC pair, Nagging Naga and Cringeworthy Charlie. A full blown "Breakfast" bandwagon hijack like no other. As always about they before their pretend  sycophancy kicks in. Poor Colonel Tom must have been exhausted.

Plus the cost of the BBC's "Tom feature" and the banality of "how does it feel" endlessly trotted out, was bloody mind blowingly pathetic. Hundreds of grand a year these morons leech of our licence tax only to ask the same old, trite stuff. You could see and tell without such idiotic insensitivity he felt wonderful but rather chilly stuck outside in the cold. Too polite to complain to the cosy, warm, smug pair indoors.

"How did/does it feel" rarely asked of holocaust survivors. Just imagine having survived a red hot poker up the anus, being asked that question?  A reply would need something like, "There are no words to describe the excruciating agony, you should try it and tell me, you stupid ignoramus", would be a refreshing riposte. One the newly made Colonel pretty well did. Only he was speaking of pride and modest joy with his remarkable manner.

I must point out Mrs Oldrightie recorded said piece for me, since I can no longer stomach these people live. To be able to rewind their gaffes and failures but fast forward their endless smugness is just the only way to deal with these people. As for Bunter Boulton and Woeful Burley, they get, if lucky or unlucky, barely one minute of my time. Their advertising not a second.

Take care all those worthy! Some I'm ambivalent about. Like NHS bosses seeking to close our local Hospital. A precious resource to be sacrificed to their bonuses. Private, which most are, care home bosses. Again profiteering, not profit making mind, exploiters of cheap labour and expensive fees.

I'll leave others for another time!


  1. It was uplifting to see a Spitfire and Hurricane fly past for Colonial Tom I just wish the Lancaster had been with them. We are truly blessed to have even a few of his generation still with us. England will be a poorer place when we have lost the last of these true heroes. True in the real sense as well not the modern so called heroes who simply kick a ball about.

  2. Indeed. I often give thanks for the footage of these heroes that, God willing, will be available for many years to come. "Lest we forget."


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