Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 30 May 2020

A Great Day Once More.

Weather Sublime.

A glimpse of Mrs OR's green fingered lock down activity. With a modicum of help from OR. The gift all Mrs OR's! Also part of my reason for reduced blogging. That and losing my domain of yesteryear.

I am also fed up to the point of no longer following avidly the media take on our political scene and National existence. All nasty, negative, hypocritical, biased, foul smelling, deep state decaying influence. The sour grapes, vicious stench, evermore deep depravity and spiteful bias heaped on those of us brave enough to vote leave back in 2016 has been gross.

Now they, the deep state media and their puppet master owners, plus their mates embedded in the deep state constructs such as the EUSSR, are beginning to see that the bloody war waged for decades is being lost on the hallowed shores of the United Kingdom. As was evident in 1940. A summer like that we are looking to enjoy, virus or no virus, this year. United, despite the best efforts of an also failing in morality, SNP. 

It is sad to have witnessed the latest guerrilla tactics employed to undermine, if not destroy democracy. The outrage slowly coming to the fore over Hong Kong weirdly hypocritical when similar moves are reported, led by Civil service Head, or rather Brussels funded traitor, Sedwill. 

If true he tried to push yet another two years of EU control and cost on our backs whilst the PM and his chief adviser Cummings were laid low with illness tells us why China's behaviour is little different. Don't forget the legion of people Sedwill will have garnered to his attempted coup camp. A remainer cabal still infested with nasty Tory remainers and rump of the toff pleb loathing evil. 

Not, of course restricted to the Tory Party. Starmer eased into the seat occupied for some time by Jezza. I loathe the latter's whole social and political standing and his dubious mates. Not least from the IRA butcher's gang. Yet I still have a small leaning to his rare hypocrisy, most of the time. Starmer, like Bliar and Cambell is the good old luvvie side of Labour. Hypocritical, wealthy and smug in their need to keep the poor poor.

The Starmer types. Never once do they question why, from the very beginning of the Labour movement in 1906 have they made their working class supporters better off. Never. Look today at the worst slums, ghettos and filth ridden, gangster controlled, drug and crime ridden parts of this Country. Every single one overwhelmed with grooming gangs, no  og areas and a deep seated hatred for their adopted Country. All of that bile twisted to good use for the continued faux morality of Labour.

So if, as seems probable, the PM and his senior adviser are able to cope with the filth directed towards them and the majority vote that put them in power can stay strong and loyal we may see many more wonderful days, even years, of decency and common sense prevail. I still have huge admiration for the manner David Frost is handling Barnier and the daft lot across the Channel. Not least because he's doing his job on behalf of the Government he serves. 

Not like Sedwill, or that ghastly "Oily" Robbins of May's trickery and treachery. Yet that lot, behind the scenes are going to be still creeping around the sewers of that we can be sure. So, along with the reported 40 odd still nasty Tory remain cabal, in situ after pledging to support the brexit battle to keep their wealthy and entitled sinecures, here is still a powerful, evil set of forces ranged against OUR Government.

The latest weapon employed by these awful people and their media is the pandemic. Well, that's easing. The Government has done OK in the circumstances and seeing the Health Secretary roar with mirth at Kay Burley's ridiculous attempt to criticise the hard work being done on track and trace, was a joy to behold. Add Boulton's weary failings these days as weight and age begin to tell. 

Then look back at Maitliss tottering into into hot water, as her usual snarling vindictiveness was boiled along with any remaining, (pun intended), shred of impartiality, was just wickedly enjoyable. She's now a busted flush and her time as a serious journalistic harridan looking its sell by date. Indeed, Kuenssberg and Rigby might well be stirring a cauldron, along with Maitliss ere long.

As for Burley, just too lightweight to qualify for outdoor, midnight broth stirring. So just be satisfied with the three mentioned. A decent. long ago style of impartial satire would surely have cast those three mentioned in a Macbeth opening like scene.

I'm off for a beer in the garden. For the left and their media luvvies, it's a very nice bottle of Bishop's Finger. You know one such digit in the witches cauldron with luck! That or a metaphorical gesture to the left, the deep state and all those with a greed and lust for power over others they really do not deserve.

Bold are my highlighted suggestions!

"Thrice the media cats hath mew’d.
Thrice and once a hedge-pig whined.
Maitlis cries ‘Tis time, ’tis time.
Round about the cauldron go;
In the poison’d entrails throw.
Toad, that under cold stone
Days and nights has thirty-one
Swelter’d venom sleeping got,
Boil thou first i’ the charmed pot.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Last December we got double,
We did burn, our cauldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the cauldron try to boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.
Scale of Jezza, tooth of wolf,
Witches’ mummy, maw and gulf
Of the ravin’d salt-sea shark,
Root of hemlock digg’d i’ the dark,
Liver of blaspheming Tory Jew,
Gall of goat, and slips of yew
Sliver’d in the moon’s eclipse,
Nose of Turk and Tartar’s lips,
Finger of birth-strangled babe
Ditch-deliver’d by a drab,
Make the gruel thick and slab:
Add thereto a tiger’s chaudron,
For the ingredients of our cauldron.
Double, double toil and trouble;
We did burn and cauldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon’s blood it did not work,
The charm was nae firm or good

Now tis we three in the mud!

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Hunting Ban Should Have Included Hunting By Media.

However Foxes Are Much Nicer Than The Media Vermin Of Today.

Despite reproducing this YouTube clip I have today chosen to no longer buy the Telegraph. So enthralled with the bungs from the deep state powerful keeping the hacks in luxury, any attempt at fairness has been ditched.

That a strong indication May's "remain" pet, Sedwill, attempted to push through an extension of our enslavement and billions of fees to the EUSSR whilst both our PM and Dominic Cummings were ill can come as no surprise. Just remember the slavish parliament under May and their nastiness when Bojo took over. That their snide, underhand plotting was trounced in December last and unpleasant, stench ridden Tory "remainers" pledged to "get Brexit done". That to hang on to their privileged and wealth creating sinecures both show them now to be the typical nasty, undemocratic chancers we thought now beaten at the ballot box.

What a godsend for these treacherous cretins this pandemic has been. All the bleeding heart platitudes from the media quickly dumped when they believed and considered they smelt brexit blood. Although we have expected this furious outburst of bad loser pique, as decent people we had put behind us, in December, any malice for the terrible things going on.

That gross and multi-millionaire poser, one of many, was constantly belittling his late father, Wedgie Benn, by using every opportunity to destroy the referendum result. Dear Lord he was one of hundreds hell bent to wreck our Nation and our democracy.

Yet after the resounding election win we really thought we would get our freedom back. Then along came this lame excuse to stoop our proper break fron that federal, reborn Fourth Reich. Let's be clear about that phrase. What we are witnessing right now is what Germany tolerated in the 1930s. Brainwashing by an elite to destroy what once was. Nothing was beyond their savagery. Not before or during WWII. 

Like those dictators and genocidal maniacs, the remain cause is now heavily soaked in the blood spilt during this pandemic.  The pretense of fairness washed away in arterial gushing, fuelled by the barbs aimed into the brexit camp. The horrors pouring from the leftards and their media butchers beggars belief. Only one question remains. Is the heart and fight of decades against dictatorship still strong?

My feeling is yes it is. As long as Boris can stay true and his lieutenants loyal and strong, as they have been for so many years. Right now this dreadful period in our history has been difficult across the globe for all to manage. Our Government, against awful forces, using the virus as a weapon for their own ends, has done better than we could have hoped. Not least when our PM faced death himself.

Less than five months ago, against these powerful odds, the majority of the public voted overwhelmingly against the, lets face it, real fascists. Notwithstanding the pandemic and its consequences, we must stand firm. To lose now will be to herald very dark time ahead. To lose the precious freedom and democracy this Nation has sacrificed so much for in the past, now, would be a black outcome indeed.

Listen to the clip below. Bar a few tweaks, most of these words could be applied to today and our fight to not be swallowed up by the EUSSR and its ghastly supporters.

There was a powerful "remain" force back then. Not that often taught anymore, of course.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Give It A Rest, Leftards.

As If A Pandemic Wasn't Bad Enough.

Starmer the model, apparent, calm, even handed moaner, is really more the image above. Jezza looked more the mature version of same but at least we could see his credentials, if you know what I mean. Something too many "pundits", infantile MPs and total leftard folk fail to understand is that their whining, endless approach to life and existence is becoming banal and utterly boringly trivial.

Everything said, objected to and banged on about endlessly, is nothing but the continuation of the years of remain and left wing sulking. Not only at losing in 2016 but despite everything biased in their favour, losing their grip on Parliament they engineered so nastily in 2017. So still the very core of so called opposition is nothing more than childish, endless pique.

Note the mantra that people could'nt understand the lock down advice, rules and regulations. Yet when someone they hate with jealous venom, appears, note appears, to have transgressed, suddenly we all should all have been totally cogniscant of said edicts from Government as those with an axe to grind. Double standards highlighted by the easy ride given to Kinnock Junior.

Note also the improving situation of the pandemic. Touched on by those morons in the BBC and everywhere from under the stones media wriggle. Come on, admit it, virtually anyone taking but a few moments to view these ludicrous auto cue readers, passing for serious journalists, hearing a positive message immediately tenses for the "but" that inevitably follows. It takes more than one minute at the most to switch off. Masochism and awe at how good news is to be made immediately a valedictory negative, holds us but for a second of wincing reaction before quitting angrily.

What, if we look hard and peek behind the curtains fronted by the ghastly left and their pals, is really going on? Research is in overdrive. Covid 19 under huge pressure to be dealt with. Curative cell and immune system progress for treatments and cures is moving forward. Medicines already used for other illnesses seen to possibly or even likely to help aid recovery from C-19. 

For every piece of nastiness reported, we have kindness and decency visible. Our exit from the EUSSR, return of our fishing grounds and our own laws and freedoms rediscovered, look still to be happening by January. A deal under Article 50 WTO still a fall back option. This lock down and present situation is unlikely to last anywhere near world war deprivation of years, not months of difficulty.

Sure its tough and the economic tsunami now coming fast towards us will be harsh. However it might give illegal migrant hordes food for thought, if the rewards presently enjoyed for criminally entering our Country become less and less worthwhile. We can also be thankful for the 12/12/2019 election result. Just imagine the speed we would have had brexit revoked and we all issued with stick-forelocks to tug at every mention of F├╝hrerschein Merkel. Perish the thought.on 

Furthermore, in absolute Labour leftard fashion, this Government can blame each and every problem for years to come, with some justification, on this virus. We may even be rid of two pandemics in one go. Left wing pathetic ideology and its socialist, always doomed to fail, way of blindly stumbling along. Burdened by an ideology that we are all equal and life and nature is easily made fair. 

Since when has that nonsense ever materialised in a better world? Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and that fervent socialist, Adolf Hitler had a good go, didn't they? Not forgetting the terrible results  to date and havoc wreaked on the people of Europe, for decades since. So have a great weekend. Summer returns tomorrow for a long spell of fine, vitamin D smacking covid 19 weather. Great news unless you desperately need a few "buts"!

By the way, wasn't this oh so funny?

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Nasty Side Of Life Under A Pandemic Curse.

So Much, As Ever, Goes Unreported.

I am not posting very often on my new platform due to a degree of disillusionment at the loss of my previous Oldrightie Domain. I attempted to purchase it back only to be outbid by substantial margins. It appears somebody wanted me not to have it back!

However I now have this new place but feel less happy at losing my followers from many years of writing and effort. So forgive the reduced enthusiasm for writing here. Also the MSM joke coverage and total departure from any other real news is pathetic. In their desire to handicap OUR new, heavily mandated Administration, the clowns of the media are focused on the probable failings of most Governments, when this virus struck and behaving and presenting what they see as a potential route to bringing the Government down.

Since the media have become worse and more unpleasant than even I could have imagined I no longer pursue any desire to follow it other than briefly. Yet this does not prevent me from identifying some nastiness ignored and therefore aided and abetted by the MSM.

One such major issue of many, is our "transition period" underway to finally cast of the shackles of the EUSSR. Where our PM found Mr David Frost is nothing short of a miracle. If genuine, this guy is restoring some faith and even trust in his fellow Mandarin class. After years of vicious and deplorable remain bias, we have a guy who seems to understand the reasons for the vote to leave. He also appears more respectful of a democratic majority than many others.

Yet quietly the underhand, nasty approach to the destruction of democracy continues. The usual suspects, fresh from meetings and luxury dinners at Thenford House, to further the rearguard battle to drag us back into subservience, continues. Led by a modern day robber Baron, maybe?

I suspect many a brandy has been shared with Bliar and his ilk in these hallowed corridors. Together with Robbins, remember him. Mr Frost's predecessor and licker up of all the filth Barnier offered him. I suspect the present Government's determination to sever all subservience to that ghastly construct, desperate not to lose the cash cow that is our tax, pensions and property holdings, is a determination our media know is popular. Thus it is ignored.

Of course the cost of this pandemic is also a colossal bill to be met eventually. So that whipping boy possibility does get exposure. There are other factors, nevertheless being pursued with vigour and very much at our expense as a people and Nation. Greedy exploitation.

The latest inflation official figures show a decline the lowest rate in four years. What balderdash. Inflation has been rigged to favour Government for decades. As is now an example of such manipulation. Our main expenditure, day to day, after energy costs and fuel, is grocery and household shopping. With so many more meals at home and cleaning and other necessities increased in demand for lock down purposes guess which mega, global business conglomerates are taking advantage. Big time. Supermarkets.

Just one example today was a 20p increase in the price of a packet of biscuits! That, however will be the tiniest of tips of the iceberg of greed, beloved of and the creed of global enterprises. Brace yourselves, little people, as the bank vaults burst with billions of newly printed banknotes, their ever growing worthlessness will be ours to suffer. Just you wait and see.

I guess if bread runs short or becomes too expensive for most, we can always eat cake. Or biscuits. One thing is for sure, austerity will be a natural outcome of this present nightmare. It'll just be given a new name. Flu-austerity or some such word to cover what is always the case. "It's the rich wots get the pleasure and the poor wots gets the blame." For sure the media will rise above any criticism.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Climate Change And The CV-19 Science.

The Clamorous Hypocrisy.

We never get this "Independent" take for climate science do we? I am astounded as to how the PM and Government have clung to the "science" over the manner of handling the pandemic yet have a clamorous media and scientific army squealing that particular science is flawed. Also weird is how such differences are made public unlike those pertaining to Greta's grumbling immaturity!

Many very good and dare I say mature scientists argue justifiably that science should always question theory and new thinking and do it thoroughly. Except, naturally, when a given political and financial take on science can make you rich indeed. Wind farm subsidies but one aspect of landed wealth given a boost to help with their cash flow.

So the significant counters to be found with regard to human importance in climate change, to be found in such places as this, http://www.icecap.us. Ironic the well respected D'Aleo touches on my theme if you pop over to the link. That is to say, using scientific theory and making maps fit the ground beneath you are foolish to say the least. Take advice and guidance but then look for other aspects and elements rather than throw billions of dollars at something we don't really understand.

With this covid 19 and climate subjects the blind acceptance of the "science" is foolish in the extreme for both matters. For the virus it is now suggested, with some efficacy, that under 65s without major underlying health issues, it's not a problem. For those over this age demarcation underlying health issues are more likely so the virus more deadly. The statistics prove the science here by some margin. 99% of corona virus infected fatalities have had other illnesses.

Also the most severe reactions do appear to have been caused by possible exposure to several doses of infection rather than just one flirtation. The PM's experience may well be such a case. so we do have many weeks and much research now available and some of the advice is looking to have been overly reacted to. Sweden, for one, a place where the science embraced elsewhere has been gainsaid.

So  given the economic disaster caused it looks more and more likely we have followed imperfect science. That blame should be levelled however, I don't agree, other than two quarters. The despicable duo of the media and the sour remain Mandarin class. From day one both cretinous, anti English parties have set out to set up this newly large mandated government to fail.

Starmer's succession to Jezza's crown just a sideshow but again one embraced for the use of the duo mentioned. Starmer now the new luvvie of the luvvies. "Have you got what you need" smug husband and wife incident, a perfect light shone on that clown's smug arrogance. However this mess pans out he'll be clapping for anything remotely critical of this powerful majority Government. If you'll forgive the pun, a plague on all their houses.

At least if this Government runs out of money, like the last Labour lot did, they'll have a better reason than the 13 years of squander twixt 1997 and 2010. Plus our no longer payable subs to the EUSSR post December 31st, will help fill the hole presently being excavated!

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Stay Alert.

This Is Nowhere Near Over.

Sadly after the loss of my Oldrightie blog, few will ever read my future utterings. No matter. Just the act of putting them down helps me and is good for my mental health! so for the time being I shall continue with this new domain.

The knives were out for our PM from the second his excellent election victory became fact. Petulant Tory back benchers are already showing public disloyalty, notwithstanding their tenure was enhanced by his success.  Now siding with a miffed and unpleasant group of bureaucrats to make life for the Government and PM as difficult as possible.  

The Home Secretary's victory over one of these nasties was terrific and has strengthened her position admirably. Stop these illegal migrants invading our shores and riddled with corona virus and she could yet earn a place in history to be proud of.

Still, I do feel these public statements, exacerbated by a childish, ignorant media need addressing. For example the leaked part of tonight's address centered around the words "stay alert". Also denigrated by Kranky Sturgeon.How beloved of the media is that banal, sexless excuse for a human being! We need to be alert to her stupidity every bit as to her obsession with subservience to a crumbling EUSSR.

Back to "staying alert". First of all look at those in a hurry to relax alertness. That is to say reduce the measures put in place to fight the virus. Reluctantly reported by the BBC and media. seems to me staying alert here was never considered. so the virus asserts its so far superior dominance. Seems alertness might be something worthwhile after all.

As for the media and those thick enough to ignore "alertness" as a survivl mechanism here's some clues for the really thick.

1. Complacency trumps alertness and danger lurks that way.

2. Mixing with crowded places before we're safe from further outbreaks not wise. Be alert to such locations and those who frequent them and avoid dare I say, like the plague. Mosques spring to mind and we are told BAME groups are badly affected. Could that be from frequent exposure?

3. Be alert to reduced standards of hygiene and no longer wiping down possible contaminated surfaces or dropping the frequency of hand washing.

4. Be alert to people with the couldn't care less type of character. You'll see them everywhere. Supermarkets in particular. Or down your street being too enthusiastic to get on the virtue signalling cameras feeding the hypocrisy of the media clowns every Thursday night.

5. Be alert to the scams so many unpleasant scum are perpetrating under the guise of Virus appointed officialdom. Let alone those wiping their bile and spit on publicly exposed door handles and grocery trolleys. 

6. Be very alert and wherever humanly possible avoid the filth that is awash in public transport of all kinds. You're safer well wrapped up on a bike or in your disinfected vehicle.

So, this "slogan", if it includes be alert, has a degree of sense despite the everlasting sniping and desperation of the media to score stupid points. The Health Secretary is reported to have said, "give us a break". I, for one feel he has a very good point. The deep state, Whitehall sour pusses and sore remain crowd are still revelling in this crisis, despite their own palpable guilt in allowing us to be so unprepared. Like masks bought in Snotty Brown's tenure in 2009. Perhaps we'll get a fulsome apology. Unlike the grovelling discomfort dealt Mrs Duffy by that dour and dismal bloke.

Of all things for which we should be significantly alert, our Mandarin class remains the foremost danger to us all. They and all of the leftards they have in their very deep pockets. Post this crisis we really need to drain the foulest of creatures from the swamp. Some we can live with and not be so vigilant or alert. Not many, mind you! As Sir Keir would inquire of his media sycophants last week, "Do you have what you need?"

Thursday, 7 May 2020

BAME And Covid-19

Here Comes The Rubbish Fake News.

Yet another vacuous and banal take on this pandemic. Related also to the number of deaths reported as the highest in Europe. I really am not watching news avidly anymore. It's so predictably pathetic.

That thicko Burley I glimpsed waving her crib sheet in the face of a Minister and screaming "why didn't you check the PPE consignment from Turkey before loading." Notwithstanding it's the job to acquire the stuff, pay for it and check it's fit for purpose of civil servants paid a fortune to these tasks. Mad Burley's question should have been why do we employ the useless cretins responsible for this work, surely?

Back to this BAME and number of fatalities stuff our "heroes" of the media are now promoting. Get real. We are reported as the most overcrowded Nation in Europe. Based on the numbers we can count. Never mind the boatloads sneaking in and still coming. So if we check the areas of most fatalities and cases of infection, guess where we find them.

Then consider that the first and second cities are majority ethnic habitats so many more are the same or becoming so. Logically a pandemic will strike down people proportionately to the volume available. Ergo 10% of a village of 1000 is 100. Of 8.982 million in London we can expect 898200 infections. Duh! If then these places are of different, majority ethnicity  bingo, more such fatalities.

So, anyone reading this, there you have a rational argument for the results being lined up as a victim cause celebre. Something beloved of the media to create. Virtue signalling gold dust! One could also apply similar logic to stabbings, drug dealings and enforced poverty through overcrowding.

 Take care and stay well all, those deserving. 

I Told You So.

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