Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
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Thursday, 7 May 2020

BAME And Covid-19

Here Comes The Rubbish Fake News.

Yet another vacuous and banal take on this pandemic. Related also to the number of deaths reported as the highest in Europe. I really am not watching news avidly anymore. It's so predictably pathetic.

That thicko Burley I glimpsed waving her crib sheet in the face of a Minister and screaming "why didn't you check the PPE consignment from Turkey before loading." Notwithstanding it's the job to acquire the stuff, pay for it and check it's fit for purpose of civil servants paid a fortune to these tasks. Mad Burley's question should have been why do we employ the useless cretins responsible for this work, surely?

Back to this BAME and number of fatalities stuff our "heroes" of the media are now promoting. Get real. We are reported as the most overcrowded Nation in Europe. Based on the numbers we can count. Never mind the boatloads sneaking in and still coming. So if we check the areas of most fatalities and cases of infection, guess where we find them.

Then consider that the first and second cities are majority ethnic habitats so many more are the same or becoming so. Logically a pandemic will strike down people proportionately to the volume available. Ergo 10% of a village of 1000 is 100. Of 8.982 million in London we can expect 898200 infections. Duh! If then these places are of different, majority ethnicity  bingo, more such fatalities.

So, anyone reading this, there you have a rational argument for the results being lined up as a victim cause celebre. Something beloved of the media to create. Virtue signalling gold dust! One could also apply similar logic to stabbings, drug dealings and enforced poverty through overcrowding.

 Take care and stay well all, those deserving. 

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  1. A good and interesting slant on our situation O R. Personally I would charge those who failed to ensure that required equipment was in stock, when they were paid vast saleries to do so, with manslaughter. It won't happen of course but it would bring a real clarity of mind to many taking high wages from the tax payer and failing to do the job.


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