Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Climate Change And The CV-19 Science.

The Clamorous Hypocrisy.

We never get this "Independent" take for climate science do we? I am astounded as to how the PM and Government have clung to the "science" over the manner of handling the pandemic yet have a clamorous media and scientific army squealing that particular science is flawed. Also weird is how such differences are made public unlike those pertaining to Greta's grumbling immaturity!

Many very good and dare I say mature scientists argue justifiably that science should always question theory and new thinking and do it thoroughly. Except, naturally, when a given political and financial take on science can make you rich indeed. Wind farm subsidies but one aspect of landed wealth given a boost to help with their cash flow.

So the significant counters to be found with regard to human importance in climate change, to be found in such places as this, http://www.icecap.us. Ironic the well respected D'Aleo touches on my theme if you pop over to the link. That is to say, using scientific theory and making maps fit the ground beneath you are foolish to say the least. Take advice and guidance but then look for other aspects and elements rather than throw billions of dollars at something we don't really understand.

With this covid 19 and climate subjects the blind acceptance of the "science" is foolish in the extreme for both matters. For the virus it is now suggested, with some efficacy, that under 65s without major underlying health issues, it's not a problem. For those over this age demarcation underlying health issues are more likely so the virus more deadly. The statistics prove the science here by some margin. 99% of corona virus infected fatalities have had other illnesses.

Also the most severe reactions do appear to have been caused by possible exposure to several doses of infection rather than just one flirtation. The PM's experience may well be such a case. so we do have many weeks and much research now available and some of the advice is looking to have been overly reacted to. Sweden, for one, a place where the science embraced elsewhere has been gainsaid.

So  given the economic disaster caused it looks more and more likely we have followed imperfect science. That blame should be levelled however, I don't agree, other than two quarters. The despicable duo of the media and the sour remain Mandarin class. From day one both cretinous, anti English parties have set out to set up this newly large mandated government to fail.

Starmer's succession to Jezza's crown just a sideshow but again one embraced for the use of the duo mentioned. Starmer now the new luvvie of the luvvies. "Have you got what you need" smug husband and wife incident, a perfect light shone on that clown's smug arrogance. However this mess pans out he'll be clapping for anything remotely critical of this powerful majority Government. If you'll forgive the pun, a plague on all their houses.

At least if this Government runs out of money, like the last Labour lot did, they'll have a better reason than the 13 years of squander twixt 1997 and 2010. Plus our no longer payable subs to the EUSSR post December 31st, will help fill the hole presently being excavated!


  1. I was once told no theory was of any value unless it was open to bring falsified. Those making vast amounts of money based on a theory have no interest in allowing reasonable peer review so we need to regard their pet theory with a healthy dose of scepticism. While I wish Boris every success I would remind him that you can deligate the work but not the responsibility so take care who you employ as advisors. At least so far he seems to be sticking to his guns re leaving the EU.

  2. Interesting point at this time. The coal face workers of the NHS and doing all they can for us as are those working in care homes. Some are actually dieing as a result of their dedication all that is apart from our dentists. I recently needed dental work doing but was told no dentist will work at this time. The advice was " go and buy a do it yourself dental repair kit online and get some paracetamol".In other words I'm out of here sucker you on your own pain and distress or no pain and distress. Such dedication is rare indeed.


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