Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Give It A Rest, Leftards.

As If A Pandemic Wasn't Bad Enough.

Starmer the model, apparent, calm, even handed moaner, is really more the image above. Jezza looked more the mature version of same but at least we could see his credentials, if you know what I mean. Something too many "pundits", infantile MPs and total leftard folk fail to understand is that their whining, endless approach to life and existence is becoming banal and utterly boringly trivial.

Everything said, objected to and banged on about endlessly, is nothing but the continuation of the years of remain and left wing sulking. Not only at losing in 2016 but despite everything biased in their favour, losing their grip on Parliament they engineered so nastily in 2017. So still the very core of so called opposition is nothing more than childish, endless pique.

Note the mantra that people could'nt understand the lock down advice, rules and regulations. Yet when someone they hate with jealous venom, appears, note appears, to have transgressed, suddenly we all should all have been totally cogniscant of said edicts from Government as those with an axe to grind. Double standards highlighted by the easy ride given to Kinnock Junior.

Note also the improving situation of the pandemic. Touched on by those morons in the BBC and everywhere from under the stones media wriggle. Come on, admit it, virtually anyone taking but a few moments to view these ludicrous auto cue readers, passing for serious journalists, hearing a positive message immediately tenses for the "but" that inevitably follows. It takes more than one minute at the most to switch off. Masochism and awe at how good news is to be made immediately a valedictory negative, holds us but for a second of wincing reaction before quitting angrily.

What, if we look hard and peek behind the curtains fronted by the ghastly left and their pals, is really going on? Research is in overdrive. Covid 19 under huge pressure to be dealt with. Curative cell and immune system progress for treatments and cures is moving forward. Medicines already used for other illnesses seen to possibly or even likely to help aid recovery from C-19. 

For every piece of nastiness reported, we have kindness and decency visible. Our exit from the EUSSR, return of our fishing grounds and our own laws and freedoms rediscovered, look still to be happening by January. A deal under Article 50 WTO still a fall back option. This lock down and present situation is unlikely to last anywhere near world war deprivation of years, not months of difficulty.

Sure its tough and the economic tsunami now coming fast towards us will be harsh. However it might give illegal migrant hordes food for thought, if the rewards presently enjoyed for criminally entering our Country become less and less worthwhile. We can also be thankful for the 12/12/2019 election result. Just imagine the speed we would have had brexit revoked and we all issued with stick-forelocks to tug at every mention of F├╝hrerschein Merkel. Perish the thought.on 

Furthermore, in absolute Labour leftard fashion, this Government can blame each and every problem for years to come, with some justification, on this virus. We may even be rid of two pandemics in one go. Left wing pathetic ideology and its socialist, always doomed to fail, way of blindly stumbling along. Burdened by an ideology that we are all equal and life and nature is easily made fair. 

Since when has that nonsense ever materialised in a better world? Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin and that fervent socialist, Adolf Hitler had a good go, didn't they? Not forgetting the terrible results  to date and havoc wreaked on the people of Europe, for decades since. So have a great weekend. Summer returns tomorrow for a long spell of fine, vitamin D smacking covid 19 weather. Great news unless you desperately need a few "buts"!

By the way, wasn't this oh so funny?

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  1. Good to see you back on top form O R and the restored airmen graphic makes the place seem more like it's old self. Oxford may have a working vaccine it seems so we oldies might be out and about enjoying the summer sooner that the doom merchants thought. Keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend.


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