Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Stay Alert.

This Is Nowhere Near Over.

Sadly after the loss of my Oldrightie blog, few will ever read my future utterings. No matter. Just the act of putting them down helps me and is good for my mental health! so for the time being I shall continue with this new domain.

The knives were out for our PM from the second his excellent election victory became fact. Petulant Tory back benchers are already showing public disloyalty, notwithstanding their tenure was enhanced by his success.  Now siding with a miffed and unpleasant group of bureaucrats to make life for the Government and PM as difficult as possible.  

The Home Secretary's victory over one of these nasties was terrific and has strengthened her position admirably. Stop these illegal migrants invading our shores and riddled with corona virus and she could yet earn a place in history to be proud of.

Still, I do feel these public statements, exacerbated by a childish, ignorant media need addressing. For example the leaked part of tonight's address centered around the words "stay alert". Also denigrated by Kranky Sturgeon.How beloved of the media is that banal, sexless excuse for a human being! We need to be alert to her stupidity every bit as to her obsession with subservience to a crumbling EUSSR.

Back to "staying alert". First of all look at those in a hurry to relax alertness. That is to say reduce the measures put in place to fight the virus. Reluctantly reported by the BBC and media. seems to me staying alert here was never considered. so the virus asserts its so far superior dominance. Seems alertness might be something worthwhile after all.

As for the media and those thick enough to ignore "alertness" as a survivl mechanism here's some clues for the really thick.

1. Complacency trumps alertness and danger lurks that way.

2. Mixing with crowded places before we're safe from further outbreaks not wise. Be alert to such locations and those who frequent them and avoid dare I say, like the plague. Mosques spring to mind and we are told BAME groups are badly affected. Could that be from frequent exposure?

3. Be alert to reduced standards of hygiene and no longer wiping down possible contaminated surfaces or dropping the frequency of hand washing.

4. Be alert to people with the couldn't care less type of character. You'll see them everywhere. Supermarkets in particular. Or down your street being too enthusiastic to get on the virtue signalling cameras feeding the hypocrisy of the media clowns every Thursday night.

5. Be alert to the scams so many unpleasant scum are perpetrating under the guise of Virus appointed officialdom. Let alone those wiping their bile and spit on publicly exposed door handles and grocery trolleys. 

6. Be very alert and wherever humanly possible avoid the filth that is awash in public transport of all kinds. You're safer well wrapped up on a bike or in your disinfected vehicle.

So, this "slogan", if it includes be alert, has a degree of sense despite the everlasting sniping and desperation of the media to score stupid points. The Health Secretary is reported to have said, "give us a break". I, for one feel he has a very good point. The deep state, Whitehall sour pusses and sore remain crowd are still revelling in this crisis, despite their own palpable guilt in allowing us to be so unprepared. Like masks bought in Snotty Brown's tenure in 2009. Perhaps we'll get a fulsome apology. Unlike the grovelling discomfort dealt Mrs Duffy by that dour and dismal bloke.

Of all things for which we should be significantly alert, our Mandarin class remains the foremost danger to us all. They and all of the leftards they have in their very deep pockets. Post this crisis we really need to drain the foulest of creatures from the swamp. Some we can live with and not be so vigilant or alert. Not many, mind you! As Sir Keir would inquire of his media sycophants last week, "Do you have what you need?"


  1. It is indeed far from over O R but already the urge to make profit has started to outweigh all other considerations. Yes the rank foolishness of some is unbelievable as they stride towards you and then smirk when you cross the road to avoid them. The immortal we have with us always it seems. Don't worry about a reduced readership O R it will take time for your regulars to find you again. Might I suggest you ask your own favourite blogs to update their links to show your new location? Best wishes to you and yours, stay safe and keep up the good work.

  2. Many thanks for your most welcome presence and comment, Anon. I have a "cunning plan" on the go which I'm waiting to to come together tomorrow, possibly then I will go on a drive to recover followers and others thereafter. Watch this space!


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