Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Hunting Ban Should Have Included Hunting By Media.

However Foxes Are Much Nicer Than The Media Vermin Of Today.

Despite reproducing this YouTube clip I have today chosen to no longer buy the Telegraph. So enthralled with the bungs from the deep state powerful keeping the hacks in luxury, any attempt at fairness has been ditched.

That a strong indication May's "remain" pet, Sedwill, attempted to push through an extension of our enslavement and billions of fees to the EUSSR whilst both our PM and Dominic Cummings were ill can come as no surprise. Just remember the slavish parliament under May and their nastiness when Bojo took over. That their snide, underhand plotting was trounced in December last and unpleasant, stench ridden Tory "remainers" pledged to "get Brexit done". That to hang on to their privileged and wealth creating sinecures both show them now to be the typical nasty, undemocratic chancers we thought now beaten at the ballot box.

What a godsend for these treacherous cretins this pandemic has been. All the bleeding heart platitudes from the media quickly dumped when they believed and considered they smelt brexit blood. Although we have expected this furious outburst of bad loser pique, as decent people we had put behind us, in December, any malice for the terrible things going on.

That gross and multi-millionaire poser, one of many, was constantly belittling his late father, Wedgie Benn, by using every opportunity to destroy the referendum result. Dear Lord he was one of hundreds hell bent to wreck our Nation and our democracy.

Yet after the resounding election win we really thought we would get our freedom back. Then along came this lame excuse to stoop our proper break fron that federal, reborn Fourth Reich. Let's be clear about that phrase. What we are witnessing right now is what Germany tolerated in the 1930s. Brainwashing by an elite to destroy what once was. Nothing was beyond their savagery. Not before or during WWII. 

Like those dictators and genocidal maniacs, the remain cause is now heavily soaked in the blood spilt during this pandemic.  The pretense of fairness washed away in arterial gushing, fuelled by the barbs aimed into the brexit camp. The horrors pouring from the leftards and their media butchers beggars belief. Only one question remains. Is the heart and fight of decades against dictatorship still strong?

My feeling is yes it is. As long as Boris can stay true and his lieutenants loyal and strong, as they have been for so many years. Right now this dreadful period in our history has been difficult across the globe for all to manage. Our Government, against awful forces, using the virus as a weapon for their own ends, has done better than we could have hoped. Not least when our PM faced death himself.

Less than five months ago, against these powerful odds, the majority of the public voted overwhelmingly against the, lets face it, real fascists. Notwithstanding the pandemic and its consequences, we must stand firm. To lose now will be to herald very dark time ahead. To lose the precious freedom and democracy this Nation has sacrificed so much for in the past, now, would be a black outcome indeed.

Listen to the clip below. Bar a few tweaks, most of these words could be applied to today and our fight to not be swallowed up by the EUSSR and its ghastly supporters.

There was a powerful "remain" force back then. Not that often taught anymore, of course.

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  1. Yes we live in treacherous times and true freedom from the insideous E U could be snatched away if we take our eye off the ball. The problem the remainers have is that a lot of us will never take our eyes off either them or the ball. Mercifully Boris was spared and seems as resolute as ever to deliver Brexit. It's true I don't much like the behaviour of some of his advisors but right now we have more pressing issues to deal with. It's heartening to see see signs of panic and discord in the E U negotiators as it becomes every more clear we are keeping our fisheries and Mrs May has gone. A good posting O R well said and keep it up.


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