Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The Nasty Side Of Life Under A Pandemic Curse.

So Much, As Ever, Goes Unreported.

I am not posting very often on my new platform due to a degree of disillusionment at the loss of my previous Oldrightie Domain. I attempted to purchase it back only to be outbid by substantial margins. It appears somebody wanted me not to have it back!

However I now have this new place but feel less happy at losing my followers from many years of writing and effort. So forgive the reduced enthusiasm for writing here. Also the MSM joke coverage and total departure from any other real news is pathetic. In their desire to handicap OUR new, heavily mandated Administration, the clowns of the media are focused on the probable failings of most Governments, when this virus struck and behaving and presenting what they see as a potential route to bringing the Government down.

Since the media have become worse and more unpleasant than even I could have imagined I no longer pursue any desire to follow it other than briefly. Yet this does not prevent me from identifying some nastiness ignored and therefore aided and abetted by the MSM.

One such major issue of many, is our "transition period" underway to finally cast of the shackles of the EUSSR. Where our PM found Mr David Frost is nothing short of a miracle. If genuine, this guy is restoring some faith and even trust in his fellow Mandarin class. After years of vicious and deplorable remain bias, we have a guy who seems to understand the reasons for the vote to leave. He also appears more respectful of a democratic majority than many others.

Yet quietly the underhand, nasty approach to the destruction of democracy continues. The usual suspects, fresh from meetings and luxury dinners at Thenford House, to further the rearguard battle to drag us back into subservience, continues. Led by a modern day robber Baron, maybe?

I suspect many a brandy has been shared with Bliar and his ilk in these hallowed corridors. Together with Robbins, remember him. Mr Frost's predecessor and licker up of all the filth Barnier offered him. I suspect the present Government's determination to sever all subservience to that ghastly construct, desperate not to lose the cash cow that is our tax, pensions and property holdings, is a determination our media know is popular. Thus it is ignored.

Of course the cost of this pandemic is also a colossal bill to be met eventually. So that whipping boy possibility does get exposure. There are other factors, nevertheless being pursued with vigour and very much at our expense as a people and Nation. Greedy exploitation.

The latest inflation official figures show a decline the lowest rate in four years. What balderdash. Inflation has been rigged to favour Government for decades. As is now an example of such manipulation. Our main expenditure, day to day, after energy costs and fuel, is grocery and household shopping. With so many more meals at home and cleaning and other necessities increased in demand for lock down purposes guess which mega, global business conglomerates are taking advantage. Big time. Supermarkets.

Just one example today was a 20p increase in the price of a packet of biscuits! That, however will be the tiniest of tips of the iceberg of greed, beloved of and the creed of global enterprises. Brace yourselves, little people, as the bank vaults burst with billions of newly printed banknotes, their ever growing worthlessness will be ours to suffer. Just you wait and see.

I guess if bread runs short or becomes too expensive for most, we can always eat cake. Or biscuits. One thing is for sure, austerity will be a natural outcome of this present nightmare. It'll just be given a new name. Flu-austerity or some such word to cover what is always the case. "It's the rich wots get the pleasure and the poor wots gets the blame." For sure the media will rise above any criticism.


  1. A good posting O R, I am not surprised you were outbid for your last blog, take it as a compliment, the left don't spend time and money attacking things that don't worry them. Your readers will return as they discover your new address it's only a matter of time, keep up the good work. I only go out once a week for shopping now and your right the prices are rising, fortunately I have not purchased petrol for 7 weeks now and that saving outweighs the rise in prices. Best wishes to you and Mrs O R, stay safe and keep annoying the lefties and remainers :-).

  2. Anon, you really are an inspiration. Thank you.

  3. Just a thought O R the picture of the airmen you had on your old blog was sort of iconic. It would certainly tell visitors they were at the right place if you were to consider placing it on your new blog.

  4. Thank you anon, I'll do my best to restore it and thank you as ever.


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