Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Resentment Not Racism.

Causes To Feel Resentful.

This is a long clip. Watch it all. It is where we are and is getting ever worse.

There were riots in 1981 in Brixton, 2011 in Tottenham and now 2020 in Brixton once more. Each time, regardless of which political persuasion in Office, (not in power for decades) that ghastly, tired, meaningless phrase "lessons will be learned" is trotted out. Guess what? Sod all has changed other than things go from bad to worse.

There have been dark forces at work for close on 100 years at least. Some will say it was ever thus. I say it doesn't have to be. The rise of democracy once offered to alleviate and minimise the idea that these forces should always prevail and or dominate. Sadly the EU's origins made most of today's problems inevitable. I am not postulating it's all about the EUSSR. I'm more of the mindset the EUSSR is or was a deep state construct.

I also consider it reasonable to suggest that the mass immigration into Europe and the courting of an electoral advantage by Bliar's years in power, have brought about the violence now endemic throughout Europe and the UK. The BLM and a concept of a supremacy engendered by the use of racism, to further constant unrest and social breakdown, is a gross, planned use of hatred and vitriol against host Nations. To date but  declining, white majority, once successful and welcoming. Briefly, post the Nazi horrors, it appeared, for once, lessons had been learnt.

How wrong was that? Once Europe began to recover and the British Empire decline, an antipathy  towards the UK slowly built. Aided by De Gaulle's same indifference to his hosts' wartime sanctuary was as that which is now demonstrated by the mass of immigrants introduced to dismantle the democratic preferences of the endemic white populations. Ironically the original "Windrush" migrants and sub Continent migration settled well. Hindus and Sikhs lived comfortably side by side with Afro Caribbeans and racism was the butt of humour and regarded as a problem for those so inclined to ignorantly racist. That was not a big majority.

Sadly this relatively peaceful coexistence did not suit the Left. Aided and abetted by the EUSSR, migration from across the world was encouraged for political reasons alone. Pretend moral arguments and the pressure of white "guilt" has grown to industrial proportions, to suit destabilisation. Ironically, resentment and manufactured victimhood have been garnered to further global control and power for a select few. A deep state with George Soros it's CEO.

This is a stirred and promoted and the justifiable resentment of the host populations transferred as a trophy to swathes of  immigrant, vitriolic and violent activists. Very often embedded most deeply in the Islamist swathes. These aspects of the terror now unleashed are held in abundance by the hatred injected in those less than bright or sophisticated thugs. It is no accident that the boat loads of illegal immigrants now being gently shepherded onto our shores, still remains, by huge margins, young, ill qualified and incapable of integration, males. 

Men ripe to be wound up and brutalised by the hordes of gangsters, drug dealers and  traffickers. An easy force to be steered towards insurrection and a pretend sense of entitlement. One without a fraction of the effort and sacrifices that created a once proud, democratic society. People devoid of the Christian ethics also abandoned by the Establishment. A society now being ripped to pieces, because it preferred a conservative politics over a socialist. The latter one of envy motivated by brainwashed insecurity. 

Socialists are and remain as much a tool of the deep state as the racist BLM and Black Power movements bent on destruction and genocide their African roots are well documented for throughout time. Ancient and modern. The irony of their historic slave trade dominance of their fellow Africans still in force today. The white, liberal snowflake spawn a shameful abuse of recent education surrender to the leftard puppets.

In all honesty, how many of these violent men now rampaging across America Europe care to return to their roots? How many will answer calls such as this? My guess is few if any. Additionally how many will condemn the rape and barbaric slaughter of white farmers in South Africa? Very few. Most of my subject males will just seek to replicate and are doing so, those atrocities wherever they land. The evidence is palpable.

So I have a plea. Let us become prepared to vilify and point at those doing these crimes.The violent mayhem, looting, burning, killing and raping. Let us no longer tolerate those screaming white privilege and only black lives matter. Let us CONTINUE through the ballot box to do as we did in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and vote down the deep state connected brokers of the left and all those of whatever hue, not prepared to call a spade a spade.

If the power hungry deep state and their puppets in politics won't give way to a democratic demand and in the last years since Bliar's terrible legacy kicked off in 1997, be turned back to a fairer one, then the resentment now so massive against the Establishment of secretive Mandarins, EUSSR obsessive forelock tuggers and corrupt sycophants, will eventually turn nasty. 

That of course is desired in order for a draconian and vicious excuse for a brutal crackdown of all but the most powerful. I suspect a police and military structure is already in place ready for such a crackdown. Indeed I wonder if the EU Gendermerie is that very force. In Europe at least!

There are of course, so many embedded into our now dying culture, too blind to see that "bending on one's knee" to thuggery is pouring petrol on flames already sky high with sadistic and triumphant aggression to any counter desired to stem and quell the satanic pits to which we are being consigned. If "Mad Max" is to be avoided time is running out to stop the rot.

Our Government is badly hamstrung. Without this covid 19 pandemic we had a chance for a wonderful new decade. The manner the media, Civil Service, Unions and the "backward progressives" have and still salivate over what they see is another opportunity to keep us shackled to the EUSSR is yet another deep seated cause for resentment and anger.

Resentment and anger, shown peacefully and with great and courageous verve, last December but now subdued by this pandemic and rejoiced over by the swamp dwellers in our midst. If, as may be the case, the PM hold his nerve and gets us once and for all free of the petty rules and regulations beloved of the EU, we have a chance to redress decades of subjugation.

If we break free we have the chance to discard much of our resentment as to the interference in our laws and enforcement thereof from the EUSSR unelected, corrupt cabals. Free from the ghastly human rights movement and the enforced, stupid, regulatory pandering to all and sundry, who sneer at others' rights and perceived privileges, whilst smugly wallowing in their own unaccountability.

Our resentment at the plundering of our waters by factory ships, the shepherding of unwelcome and unwanted illegal invaders, pretending hardship, whilst happily taking anything they can with nothing offered in return. Not even thank yous. Young, able bodied males given shelter, kindness and support denied to hundreds of thousands more deserving, after lifetimes of not breaking the law.

The list of justifiable resentment is very, very long. Unless assuaged by Government, the gross "positive discrimination" oxymoronic approach to BAME will continue to fester the resentment and bias against law abiding, decent people. Civilised and in need of accurate, historic study to aid lessons of the present to be learnt. 

The manner history is now being forced into only that others determine should be rewritten to their agenda is possibly the greatest thing for which we should be doubly resentful. That we are suffering a primitive, barbaric and violent present will only worsen without a return to a proper and serious bringing to account  any thuggery, slaughter and genocidal ignorance. I am unsure we still can redress our problems, sadly.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Apologists Rule.


So I guess some entrepreneurial individual will soon, with Government aid and cash, introduce a Kowtow curriculum for all schools. Any "asylum" seekers bent on showing their anger and hatred for all things enjoyed, whilst waiting to become the next PM of the UK, will be offered posts as specialist teachers in the engendering of racist vitriol, murder and violence.

The armadas of trafficking gang profiteering across the English Channel will be replaced by diverting as many ships as possible, including our two under employed aircraft carriers, to ferry the reserve troops flooding in from across the Planet. Any white resident of these no longer sceptered isles who even hints at complaining of this invasion will immediately imprisoned for "hate" speech.

Shortly, possibly even this week, a Parliamentary minutes silence will be held, together with a day of "bending on the knee, head down" in memory of the suffering and disadvantages endured by Kahairi Saadallah's dreadful treatment in Britain. Those adversely affected by his outpouring of unhappiness will be regarded, by the MSM, as justified injuries in the cause of BLM. Those murdered, accidentally killed, when this young, intelligent boy fell prey to his victimhood, are to be seen as unfortunate.

The Government, fully supported across the "House" will quickly introduce new legislation to ensure that soon, for every BAME individual arriving illegally into the UK, 10 white, middle class males, over 16, must surrender to the arrivals, all of their property, attractive girl friends under 25 and daughters under 12. Plus any savings those white men may have.

Then those same white males will be required to return all of the dinghies, used in the past 20 years and stored at depots round the coast, back to France. On arrival they will be treated as illegal immigrants and set to work cleaning and tidying the migrant camps now emptying rapidly, before then settling down themselves until they can be transferred to African destinations.

Within 100 years it is then likely that Europe will be as Africa is today. Africa booming on the back of its new influx of forcibly removed migrants. Over the next 100 years millions will desert Europe for Africa. All this will naturally be dependent on the human race surviving two hundred years. Or even the UK surviving 10 years of BLM rule and Lewis Hamilton's decade as Supreme Leader.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Is It All Really So Terrible?

A Pandemic So Dreadful?

The ghastly drip drip of malicious nastiness fed the Public at large by the PTB and its awful media really are as terrible as any fractured, self interested and smug, arrogant Establishment can be. This pandemic came at a superlative moment for all those wishing our newly elected, exceptionally large majority, Government, all the ill will imaginable.

Now I have blogged for over a decade against the Establishment of the West and its global, corporate dominated, enthrallment. Ever since the days of Mrs Thatcher we have sunk ever further into the snide clutches of the deep state. Bliar's unpleasantness the perfect example of a pretend socialist reformer for the good of the little folk. Well, like these footballers of this very week, his words were never backed up with any significant personal philanthropy.

We were supposed to expect Corbyn's Marxist dream to become a factor in our lives and future. Sadly, like all the others, hypocrisy and spite were soon to the fore. As with all kids and children of unrealistic, ignorant of experience, ideals, that, if ever Utopia were possible for everyone, seemed to be the way to go. Momentum formed to drive the dream. Or as always turns out, nightmare. Signs of such all around us right now. "On your knees, "mothers"."

As ever, post WW2, all of these ideals have been trampled in the dirt. Mass immigration, the constant changing of the focus for cheap labour wherever it can be found and the exploitation of any whisker of a satisfied population, to be snuffed out, have all eventually been the result of the deep state's control.

So, Brexit looks possible but is still not completed. The mass arrival of mostly illegal and bent on savagery to get the same "stuff", witnessed as easily obtained in the West, grows apace. Call out the overcrowding, clash of incompatible cultures, races and desires and the future, let alone the present, looks grim indeed. London the mirror to where this and the West is headed. Each major European City much the same. Paris a migrant slum, Dijon under immigrant, savage, racist venom, control, pretty well. The EUSSR falling apart at the seams.

So only the 2016 referendum and December 2019 ballots have given us hope. We, the sensible, knowing from experience things could be better, must not lose hope. The UK's PM has been very, very ill. Even the fittest of people would be under awful stress right now, as a senior Politician, elected democratically. "Get Boris" and get the leave "bas**ds", is the underlying campaign going on just now.

The lack of any media balance a nuclear PR weapon in full cry. Our Civil service Mandarins still waging a serious and nasty war on us all. Like it or lump it ,we voted massively for this Government. It's our last bastion to save what's left of our once fine Country. A Nation wrecked, particularly by Bliar but aided and abetted and handsomely rewarded for those forces employed. None more so than the Bliars. For that matter the rest of the Labour Party.

Of course we also have to consider the wimps such as Cameron's lot. Again all stinking rich and well rewarded. Remember Clegg? These old fashioned, long gone and devoid of any meaning labels of "Tory", "Labour", "Liberal" are defunct. All of those, of late, acting under those labels, have been impostors. A huge majority of us decided last December that just maybe Boris was a better bet.

To that end, forget this pandemic and the failings of our Establishment responses. This Government inherited such a mess. An NHS overburdened with a politically obsessed Trust management. One already tainted and proven useless with their PPI favours. Their gross negligence in places like Stafford and now the Civil Service's atrocious inability to handle the pandemic.

This present covid 19 crisis would have washed away any government of the day. Just that the exploitation and lack of accountability might well have been less obvious under the more Mandarin subservience seen in the past. One laid bare by how May's Premiership was a laughing stock, as she nodded up and down to the string pulling of her remain acolytes and controllers. Remember Oily Robbins?

So I urge all who supported and voted in December for this PM, stop giving his legion of detractors hope that they can overturn our vote of just six months ago. FFS, you'd think this virus was let loose on purpose. It's exploitation by the deep state certainly is very considerably purposeful. Its cheerleader in chief now, that really smarmy two faced charlatan, Starmer.

As and when this virus is put to bed for good, the economy will be on its knees. It will have been little to have been done or caused by this incoming Government. Don't forget that or we lose all we have fought for for decades. The EUSSR hopes so, for sure. As does the shadowy Soros Cabinet The real opposition to our new PM and our Government.

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Resentment And Politics.

Racial Hatred Is Not The Preserve Of Non Coloured People.

The present day onslaught and despicable resentment and racism being directed at the ethnic and millennia since, inhabitants of Northern Europe and their counterparts in North America, is nothing short of ancient nastiness and resentment by many other races and creeds.

Some people point out but with zero effect, suppression by the PTB and the tame, compliant, complicit media, that their is a hugely ironic and hypocritical take on this whole subject. Those violent, ignorant black and coloured activists now in full, self pitying cry, ignore the lack of violence, directed in the past, against the trafficking of white, prized sex slaves and the very same prevalence today of that ghastly business. 

The people free to bitterly whine about "white privilege" are as stupid and as gross as human beings can be. The terrible attitudes they pretend exist, to offend their delicate, resentful sensitivities, for some unexplained reason, still has people seeking to join those societies by the hundreds of thousands. "Black lives matter" by inference, suggest only black lives matter.

Some ensconced here for many decades now form well recognised slave trading via grooming gangs, targeting mostly white but with a smattering of other children, traded across our lands freely and with little fear of arrest or draconian sentences. Historic behaviour, long ago abolished by white people, now being vilified for, in the main, imagined misdemeanours by some.

Not just children, of course. A further sex trade and trafficking industry has preyed and still does, on vulnerable, often East European, young women.. The criminal gangs have grown exponentially with mass immigration. Together with the endemic, always with us, organised crime and brutal career chancers, in order to supply ever growing demand from BAME quarters for  white women, indulge at will in cross border sex trafficking. The EUSSR happy to levy this activity for assessing the duty to be paid by their member states, to the coffers of that corrupt crowd. EU condoning slavery for their own profit? Sure looks that way.

Free movement across open borders facilitates this aspect of the modern slave trade. As does the ever growing demand, as mentioned. A nice earner for the EUSSR is it not? Of course any condemnation of this seedy business and the heavy part played in this awful trade and modern slavery by those who scream racism and privilege at their host populations, is condemnation likely to impact on EU income. So shhhhhhh.

What is dreadfully difficult for those of us who care deeply for the plight of the victims of this awful slavery, now big business across Europe, is that our resentment is taken as racism. Yet were the majority of grooming gangs and sex traffickers white, the victims coloured, there would be the most enormous outcry. Why is that not the case for those involved of colour?

In essence people are people and their evil knows nothing about it being related only to skin colour. So for all of the luvvies, the BBC the black activists et al, listen up. There are those who profit economically and politically in the search for a small but all powerful, world governance over the human race. Colour of their skin is irrelevant to them. The colour of the rest of us just a weapon to be exploited in their quest for power and privilege like none other ever known in history.

As for the stupidity of the present, stirred up vehemence over historic events and slavery, utterly ridiculous. Then, as now, the majority of those taking people to sell into the slave trade were of the same racial stock. Most of the nonsense being displayed by the immature, ill educated fools involved 
in the latest global unrest is targeting only those who purchased and used slaves.

In reality that "industry" of yesteryear could not have existed without the activity of the purveyors of people to sell. Ergo those who bought and used slaves would not have been able to do so. Still resentment and racist attitudes to white people would have little traction were it to be based on reasoned and decent consideration.

Likewise the fortunes now accrued by a legion of coloured citizens in my lifetime and in particular right now from the likes of Rashford, Joshua and Hamilton, for starters, are, rightly lauded. Jealousy of course still present and that, common to all skin colours, is now called racism in whites. It suits the narrative being promoted. Plus, in all races, there exists a degree of antipathy towards others. Primitive and ingrained instinct I'm afraid.

My football team was one of the first in the English game to promote highly talented black players. In the 1970s Cyrill Regis, Laurie Cunningham and Brendan Batson were known as "the three degrees". Ever since this time the team has successfully included great such players. The three earlier players referred to still loved and well thought of by genuine supporters.Yes racism still occurs but the opportunities and skills go recognised by most as well worth applauding and respecting.

However, today I consider the pursuit of worshiping victimhood, the terrible misnomer "positive discrimination" and putting "black lives matter" on players' shirts, a gross misjudgment. The whole business perpetuates the sense of a racist, unwelcoming culture which has only arisen and is only resentment, in the main, for the social engineering at the expense of all, that MASS immigration has caused.

To this idiocy we must attach the enforced and draconian legislation created to attempt but fail dismally, to create integration. Like it or not, there is not one example that has ever survived these ideals. Ironically those that have come close, Lebanon and Syria to name two and Israel not too far removed, have all been compromised by outside forces! Of every hue.

Coexistence in a world of finite resources just cannot endure. As the staff of life gets consumed then again colour of your skin remains irrelevant. Survival the one single purpose, as in nature. So the present violent stupidity and obsession with labels will be remembered, as the fires rage, as a luxury in which far too many buffoons insisted in luxuriating.

Saturday, 13 June 2020


The West Is Under Siege.

If only words and common sense were still in use and democratic ballots respected. Sadly we have global unrest. Fuelled with the myth of racism being endemic in all white people. The reality is more pertinent. The faux anger at a non existent major issue is pathetic but dangerous. As we are witnessing.

Many white cultures and countries are in terrible decline thanks to the inability for people to any longer accept majority won democratic votes. Not only that, a hundred years of evolving prosperity across the white sections of humanity has become a magnet for less evolved societies still steeped in internal, tribal conflict and stagnating in pools of unfairness and despotic governance.

So resentment is rife. On all sides. History is now no longer based on in depth study and considerations as to why things were as they were. No questions are ever posed as to why the African and Indian sub Continents languish in poverty and strife as the Far East steadily imitates and even surpasses the less buoyant West. This "all whites are racist" rubbish denies the evidence that slavery in the past and now, in the modern day, is and always was dominated by African and Arab sources.

Islam is founded on the total premise that all but the chosen can do as they please in the master of hypocrisy, their "Prophet". What the West once had and grew well from was the opposite of Islamic false superiority, Christianity. Once that was dismantled across Europe and in many parts of the USA, we witness now an orchestrated use of divide and conquer.

Her in the UK the vehemence of the losing side over ten years of defeats at the ballot box, is now delighted at their seizing of any possible decent education for the young and the brainwashing is showing fruit. Hypocrisy is now never considered as ignorant fools flock to any and every cause to which they are directed.

Genuine, moral, fair, democratic and God forbid, Christian values are trashed. We are no longer able to compare Orwell's "1984" as a warning. Such is the destruction of history, the defacing of great people's earned monuments and the stupid excuses trotted forth for this vandalism places us squarely in the middle of "Animal Farm". 

For those barely able to read, let alone understand such brilliant observations by Orwell, of the less attractive sides of Human Nature  the single most devastating fact is, no matter which animals get to take over society,  eventually, without proper behaviour and common sense, greed and self interest takes us back to primitive, violent covetousness. Be it for a different skin colour or someone else's lives perceived as never to have been deserving, the mob are in the ascendancy.

It also appears that an elected, huge majority Government is no longer able to do anything. The Mandarin class, the educational Establishment, many local Authorities and even our Police Forces are seemingly part of the problems which are allowing mob rule to go unpunished and be unaccountable. Sadly further and more widespread strife is sought by those now pulling the immature and ill educated mobs.

The media complicit in fuelling the dissatisfaction of the ever more unprotected, decent majority. Law and order now turned upside down. The decent and moral majority are quickly labelled, laughably, far right. These ridiculous accusations spat forth as fact whilst the gangsters, mobsters, looters and killers are being lauded as heroic and worshipped like Satanic cults. All justification felt by the less fortunate now rapidly becoming the fulfillment of those behind the breakdown and the fires simmering.

The PTB, the Soros, Clintons, The Democratic Party led, deep state must be salivating at the speed Governments are capitulating and on bended knee to the horrors being meted out. Anyone seen not to bow before the new world order, longed for for decades, to become a global, dominant force. Folk like Sadiq Khan, The Obamas, The Saudis, expect to be rewarded for their own part in the destruction of democracy. As did the Pigs in Animal Farm.

What of course will be the future. At some point either the new disadvantaged will rise up or the "Farm" will be burnt to the ground and all will lose. Even the most powerful will be trampled in the stampede to escape the flames. Some might say the wrath of God. Of this I'm sure. Whatever is to come, what we are destroying today will never again be as good as it once was. Too much hatred, particularly, black towards white, has been unleashed. Unwarranted and unfairly. 

The very magnets that have attracted mass migration to the West's successful, until now, way of life are now changing to the the pull of brutality and barbaric force, so rife in other parts of the World. Not just material goods are being looted, our understanding of what constitutes civilised behaviour is wrecked by those never interested in fairness and democracy. Democracy right now just not visible. Our Government, majority or not, seemingly powerless. Time now too awful to contemplate for what it will reveal without a viable force to protect.

Right now only one man stands up to be counted. POTUS. People love to laugh and joke, be disrespectful and downright nasty. That a democratic vote of hurt and resentful American people put him in The White House deemed irrelevant. All this mayhem began in the year and against all odds, he was elected and we British voted to quit the awful EU political scam wrought upon us. 2016 was so full of change, hope and democracy. 

The liberal elite weren't having that were they? Smiling assassins to a one, now wielding their knives with glee. I doubt I'll see the day but come it will. The "Farm" will be fought over with ever greater cruelty and brutality. The fools of today just cannot fathom, as they scream their manufactured and orchestrated stupid venom and spite. Trust me any pleasure you feel at destroying everything will come back to bite you very, very badly. Idiots. You whinge on about slavery from the past as you offer yourselves up to a far deeper enslavement to come.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Horror Of Ignorant Hypocrisy.

Can We Avoid A Terrible Civil War?

Just a few short months ago we had an election. It returned, democratically, against huge odds, ballot rigging and an onslaught from the MSM like never before, a Conservative and conservative, huge, historical victory. A wave of effort which failed to destroy democracy and note the irony here, together with a deep state push even greater than that during the referendum, an escape from slavery under the EUSSR diktat, 

The 2017 election was rigged by remain supporters and the despicable pretence of hundreds of candidates to not declare total subservience to our enslavement to the EUSSR dominance of our lives for evermore. The leftards were mortified and cowed. For a few weeks. Then along came covid 19.

Joy for the media's rich and paid for manufactured superiority and smug bias. Collectively the y paraded their most obnoxious and gross, spoilt, privileged white reporters, in the main, to harangue the Government. Too much of this one day, too little the next. Aggressive and nasty. The hatchet job attempt to defrock Saint Dominic a welcome failure.

Then an arrest gone terribly wrong in the USA appeared. Immediately the pandemic dumped to one side. The irrational, virtue signalling victim hood suddenly into turbocharged mode. The well funded and global organisation, of yet another arm of the Soros deep state controllers cabal, BLM, had a bomb they daily crave and lust for. An ocean of petrol to to fuel Molotov cocktails of faux outrage. and pay millions to find willing tossers of such weapons.

The pandemic now a curtain raiser in the need to destroy western democracies so successful over so many decades, for white and black privilege, where peacefully and legally striven for. For every ignorant and immature, childish outrage our carefully groomed education system has created, there still remains millions, young and old, black or white, who see through the pathetic virtue signaling violence, spite and venom endemic in the left.

However, unless and soon our new, for new it still is, Government stop kowtowing to the groups now little more than Nazi like scum, in the main, we are heading for the outbreak of civil war the deep state seeks, in order to step in and take over with dictatorship in the style of Pol Pot and his ilk.  It's nothing to do with race, poverty, inequality or history.

It's about control for the few, subjugation for the many. Those in authority going down on bended knee are already offering the kind of subservience many gave the Nazi Party and occupying forces. Quick to collaborate and side with evil and barbaric behaviour believing they then are safe from brutal savagery. 

The kind often found throughout the African Continent now evident in the failing Countries there spewing their disaffected and persecuted millions to chase the better lives in the West. Such irony we now see those destinations suffering similar breakdown and future violent conflict from which they now flee. 

As I mentioned, unless we can return to nurturing our proud history, continue to have pride in those who mended their ways when slavery by the Western colonialists was outlawed and have improved their more civilised societies than that of history, we will decay. Of one thing I am certain. Multi cultural social experimentation has never worked. Resentment not racism a significant matter in such failure.

What is happening in London and likely to spread is an utter disgrace. If history is to be seen only as bad and none of it good, we disgracefully spit on the many heroes we acknowledged with memorials and statues to their bravery and goodness. Many who benefited from the slave trade did repent. Many who's lives were in part, badly lived but who saw and regretted such failings did much to make amends.

Sadly those throwing stones and bicycles today have not one jot of intelligent awareness of the glass houses they inhabit. Drastic and draconian punishment must be meted out. Police giving bended knee to thuggery and politicians likewise must be made to to leave any position of authority. 

As for the mega rich, uber privileged through massive wealth, likes of Joshua and Hamilton, I have no kind words or thoughts. Men given such God given talent and a birthplace able to furnish the tools to succeed now tarring everybody with the same brush a minor and always with us, few, is ignorant beyond comprehension. 

Preach to me when you donate all your wealth to others and have some humility towards others less fortunate across the whole Planet. You really are vomit inducing, smug and pathetic individuals. How about donating large sums to combat grooming gangs? Fight the drug culture dominated by many of your counterparts. How's about going to Africa and buying freedom for the oppressed there? 

The moral high ground, for the time being, still rests with the ballot box. Especially the most recent one last December. Let us hope our PM and his Government don't squander that high ground. Right now I'm not too hopeful. Then a violent backlash, which the left want or at least their Puppeteers want. Particularly  since they've failed so badly, even with their powerful, vote rigging placements,  to win any arguments democratically.

History will judge all of these criminally insane lunatics badly, if not destroyed by their own flames of venomous, spiteful hatred with which they seek too  engulf those of us with respect for history and each other. Flames stoked by the likes of BLM, Soros, Starmer, Sadiq Khan and their counterparts in the USA. All slaves to (pun intended) or executives of the deep state. 

Sunday, 7 June 2020

The Rape Of Britain.

Shame No Longer An Option. What Scum Now Rule Over Us From The Streets?

This is where genuflecting to thugs get you. Come on police, grow some long forgotten balls.

Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Scale Of It All.

Always Out Of Kilter.

The estimate of today's global human population is 7,800,000,000. 7.8 billion. Notwithstanding where we place them all one fact of many is this. It is estimated that the world's "white" population numbers circa 850,000,000 or around 11.5%. Now these numbers are vast by any sense or imagination.

So one individual can never be as important as sometimes their actions perceive them to be by the rest. Take human nature for what it is and then consider, in the picture, how many of that gathering are decent, law abiding and charming people and how many not worthy of sharing our space?

In posing that question we also have to place into the equation what each individual regards as "worthy". From that standpoint we begin to realise that such is the scale of human existence and the complexity of its many tiny parts, to attach to any groups thoughts and actions a single label is impossible.

For example the ridiculous "white privilege" sticker plastered across the media rubbish outlets. How come a small, 11.5% of a species can be regarded as privileged? Ostensibly it might be argued it stems from their places of origin. Well, yes. It is the common belief that northern hemisphere, cold regions produced the evolvement of paler skin because of the lower levels of scorching heat found elsewhere which evolved skin pigmentation better able to resist higher levels of sunshine.

So all this nonsense and stupidity over race is pathetic. As is this "white privilege". Irrelevant to any social interaction. Only behaviour and intellect count. So in many ways what is regarded as white privilege is really nothing more than a ridiculous meme to minimise how 11.5 of the Planet's population appear more successful and content than others. 

If we look at the African Continent as a whole, is it not fair to say that despite its huge wealth and resources, it still is awash with war, strife and tribal conflict, as it always was. Is it not fair to say that Europe and indeed, despite its violent colonisation, North America, rapidly reached a significant level of social and economic success well ahead of African Nations?

Furthermore, the mass migration from those less than successful Countries has had but one factor common to all such movement. Notwithstanding slavery was an enforced such movement, when Nations are moving from a white majority to a burgeoning and eventual majority non white population, the journey is impatient on behalf of the non white activists.

So, to sum up, the evidence is pretty well overwhelming that the terrible horrors now engulfing the West and the violent rioting, looting and brutality is, in the main, perpetrated by the new colonial desires of the coloured migrant sectors. The once predominant, Christian value led and peaceful societies, for whom respect for others and the laws to encourage such respect were paramount, are now slowly falling victim to fear.

Is it not natural, given the minority status of just 11.5% of the world's population, fear of total genocide will cause and is causing a huge nervousness for that minority? To witness their law enforcement officers and their erstwhile leaders now pandering to the violent, the covetous and in many cases the brutal, grooming gang and criminal drug dealing majority led numbers is indeed fear on a large scale. 

Add to that the joining forces with such people by those who should know better, educationalists now brainwashing on behalf of the developing tyranny. Politicians from the left wallowing in foolish sycophancy toward the criminal elements, because of their skin colour, all combines to fuel a growing and justifiable resentment and anger, born out of fear and disgust, that will make the road to subjugation a very long and bloody one.

This growing unrest across the World will not end well. The pain, anguish and awfulness, which will engulf all, regardless of skin colour, is the path to "Mad Max" many have and still expect the future to become. when we witness the casual and careless way all authority, again regardless of skin colour, is embracing this developing nightmare for the human race is possibly the very worst of all we see happening amid the fires, looting and destruction. Defence and decency getting ever more futile.

Back to scale. The most brutal savagery comes from, today and logically, from the majority 88.5% of coloured origin. Not only are the white populations condemned to destruction, so is civilisation per se. So huge the scale there can be no good outcome. We have already surrendered. On bended knee it would seem.

Thursday, 4 June 2020

Such Shame And Ignorance.

Ghastly Images.

What a dreadful dereliction of duty. Shaking hands and swapping spit as if corona virus never happened. What a shameful, abysmal sign of our subjugation to racist thugs and intimidation. 1930s all over again. Just swap all white people for the Jewish victims of Nazism.

Not far behind are we?

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Racist Rubbish.

A Vehicle For The Professionally Angry.

Baltimore during Obama's terms of Office.

The mess the world's, or at least western cities, are now in has many causes. The single most significant, in my humble opinion, is multicultural volume that throughout history has never worked. The predominance of overcrowded, ghetto areas populated in the main by those of African descent, carry the most violent, criminal and evil characters anywhere on earth.

This link tells us that most killings of individuals are by people of the same race. Other statistics show more such deaths are black on black. as this article explains. What remains unaddressed and incapable of discussion without faux, moral high ground vitriol, is why this has always been part of mostly African descent areas.

Indeed if we explore the aspects of South Africa before and post apartheid, we once more come across the propensity for African tribal bitterness and killing to still be endemic throughout that blighted Continent. Yet the horrors of haunt to this day the failure of the African race as a whole, to live peacefully with others.

Add the continued barbaric violence being daily meted out against white farmers and their families as well as to each other, across South Africa, the blatant corruption of politicians and their slavish worship of Winnie Mandela and the commonality of such thinking acro,ss the Continent, there is a deep, abiding issue here that is never addressed. There is some deep seated inability of Africans, as a whole, of course, not every single one, to never develop empathy for fellow human beings of any colour.

However, the human race or at least the powerful, continue to condone as somehow justifiable, the manner black people so easily resort to barbaric, violent and terrible viciousness when they deem they have a "cause". Their rampages never discriminate who or whose lives and property are hurt. Uncontrollable blood lust is regarded as worthy of bended knee.

The white, so called privileged, are vilified, ironically because of the colour of their skin. How is that not racist, regardless of from which direction it comes? "Black lives matter" is now a global "brand" which in itself adopts the superior stance beloved of despots. "My way, my race or none" shall be permitted to exist. 

Where is the outrage at sex trafficking of white women? The vehement condemnation of grooming gangs and the many, many thousands of lives snuffed out by the endemic cruelty of Asian cultural and indeed elsewhere, of misogyny. Why are poverty stricken white people across the world ignored in all this terror? Is the darker skin somehow more worthy, despite contrary evidence, more deserving?

I think not. For any decent minded person the rioting and law breaking demonstrations across the planet are but orchestrated puppets, their cause manufactured and their action fuelling the self belief that cruel and bile filled, uncontrollable rage, brutal violence and lawlessness is justifiable. It never is. All lives should matter but palpably they do not. There is a league table headed by an obvious group worthy of nothing but disrespect for their primitive ignorance and lack of decency.

All lives matter, if deserving. No life that begets savagery should matter when set against the innocent, the self reliant and decent people, whose only modern crime of today is to be white. That is 
nonsensical and as stupid as regarding every coloured person as evil. Yet those who are make it ever harder not to think all are as such. Ironically a philosophy now ingrained that all white people are racist and bad. Now how does this all gel?

What if any is a solution? Sadly I know of none other than a very severe and draconian, forceful subjection of every society. Those now sought by the very people who hate the fortunate, as beacons of prosperity and law abiding peaceful places to move then quickly begin to tear them apart. The human race daily divided and battered by forces beyond understanding.

As for my generation. Probably the last to have enjoyed a good life in a happy Country. Socialism, its leveling down and politics of envy now in full cry with racism its ludicrous, self righteous banner. Now waved from the very centers of butchery and savagery, over one terrible fatality. One set against the millions across our world who have died for the hubris of politicians and deep state manipulators, now using relishing their black storm trooper's evil nastiness.

Black lives matter, the clarion call. Violent evil its excuse. What a peculiar slogan when nothing being done seems to prove how much those lives matter. Rather they parade good reasons for some to question "really"? That question more powerful than the rioting has to offer that black lives matter.

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