Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Apologists Rule.


So I guess some entrepreneurial individual will soon, with Government aid and cash, introduce a Kowtow curriculum for all schools. Any "asylum" seekers bent on showing their anger and hatred for all things enjoyed, whilst waiting to become the next PM of the UK, will be offered posts as specialist teachers in the engendering of racist vitriol, murder and violence.

The armadas of trafficking gang profiteering across the English Channel will be replaced by diverting as many ships as possible, including our two under employed aircraft carriers, to ferry the reserve troops flooding in from across the Planet. Any white resident of these no longer sceptered isles who even hints at complaining of this invasion will immediately imprisoned for "hate" speech.

Shortly, possibly even this week, a Parliamentary minutes silence will be held, together with a day of "bending on the knee, head down" in memory of the suffering and disadvantages endured by Kahairi Saadallah's dreadful treatment in Britain. Those adversely affected by his outpouring of unhappiness will be regarded, by the MSM, as justified injuries in the cause of BLM. Those murdered, accidentally killed, when this young, intelligent boy fell prey to his victimhood, are to be seen as unfortunate.

The Government, fully supported across the "House" will quickly introduce new legislation to ensure that soon, for every BAME individual arriving illegally into the UK, 10 white, middle class males, over 16, must surrender to the arrivals, all of their property, attractive girl friends under 25 and daughters under 12. Plus any savings those white men may have.

Then those same white males will be required to return all of the dinghies, used in the past 20 years and stored at depots round the coast, back to France. On arrival they will be treated as illegal immigrants and set to work cleaning and tidying the migrant camps now emptying rapidly, before then settling down themselves until they can be transferred to African destinations.

Within 100 years it is then likely that Europe will be as Africa is today. Africa booming on the back of its new influx of forcibly removed migrants. Over the next 100 years millions will desert Europe for Africa. All this will naturally be dependent on the human race surviving two hundred years. Or even the UK surviving 10 years of BLM rule and Lewis Hamilton's decade as Supreme Leader.


  1. Well that's satire, but only nearly so.
    It's very sad that most institutions have been infiltrated by the globalist left.
    I would like Boris to make a strike back by de-funding the vile BBC. Force them to make BBC TV pay to view and bar them from making any deals with ISP's to put any extra charges on internet usage.
    With less than half the country watching and of those only paying for the odd half hour or so they watch, it would be quite satisfying. Wonder how much sorros would give give to keep them in the manner they're accustomed to.

  2. It would be wonderful. Mind you we have had 2016 and 2019 to know we can still, just, give the leftards a kicking. Metaphorically, of course.


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