Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Friday, 19 June 2020

Is It All Really So Terrible?

A Pandemic So Dreadful?

The ghastly drip drip of malicious nastiness fed the Public at large by the PTB and its awful media really are as terrible as any fractured, self interested and smug, arrogant Establishment can be. This pandemic came at a superlative moment for all those wishing our newly elected, exceptionally large majority, Government, all the ill will imaginable.

Now I have blogged for over a decade against the Establishment of the West and its global, corporate dominated, enthrallment. Ever since the days of Mrs Thatcher we have sunk ever further into the snide clutches of the deep state. Bliar's unpleasantness the perfect example of a pretend socialist reformer for the good of the little folk. Well, like these footballers of this very week, his words were never backed up with any significant personal philanthropy.

We were supposed to expect Corbyn's Marxist dream to become a factor in our lives and future. Sadly, like all the others, hypocrisy and spite were soon to the fore. As with all kids and children of unrealistic, ignorant of experience, ideals, that, if ever Utopia were possible for everyone, seemed to be the way to go. Momentum formed to drive the dream. Or as always turns out, nightmare. Signs of such all around us right now. "On your knees, "mothers"."

As ever, post WW2, all of these ideals have been trampled in the dirt. Mass immigration, the constant changing of the focus for cheap labour wherever it can be found and the exploitation of any whisker of a satisfied population, to be snuffed out, have all eventually been the result of the deep state's control.

So, Brexit looks possible but is still not completed. The mass arrival of mostly illegal and bent on savagery to get the same "stuff", witnessed as easily obtained in the West, grows apace. Call out the overcrowding, clash of incompatible cultures, races and desires and the future, let alone the present, looks grim indeed. London the mirror to where this and the West is headed. Each major European City much the same. Paris a migrant slum, Dijon under immigrant, savage, racist venom, control, pretty well. The EUSSR falling apart at the seams.

So only the 2016 referendum and December 2019 ballots have given us hope. We, the sensible, knowing from experience things could be better, must not lose hope. The UK's PM has been very, very ill. Even the fittest of people would be under awful stress right now, as a senior Politician, elected democratically. "Get Boris" and get the leave "bas**ds", is the underlying campaign going on just now.

The lack of any media balance a nuclear PR weapon in full cry. Our Civil service Mandarins still waging a serious and nasty war on us all. Like it or lump it ,we voted massively for this Government. It's our last bastion to save what's left of our once fine Country. A Nation wrecked, particularly by Bliar but aided and abetted and handsomely rewarded for those forces employed. None more so than the Bliars. For that matter the rest of the Labour Party.

Of course we also have to consider the wimps such as Cameron's lot. Again all stinking rich and well rewarded. Remember Clegg? These old fashioned, long gone and devoid of any meaning labels of "Tory", "Labour", "Liberal" are defunct. All of those, of late, acting under those labels, have been impostors. A huge majority of us decided last December that just maybe Boris was a better bet.

To that end, forget this pandemic and the failings of our Establishment responses. This Government inherited such a mess. An NHS overburdened with a politically obsessed Trust management. One already tainted and proven useless with their PPI favours. Their gross negligence in places like Stafford and now the Civil Service's atrocious inability to handle the pandemic.

This present covid 19 crisis would have washed away any government of the day. Just that the exploitation and lack of accountability might well have been less obvious under the more Mandarin subservience seen in the past. One laid bare by how May's Premiership was a laughing stock, as she nodded up and down to the string pulling of her remain acolytes and controllers. Remember Oily Robbins?

So I urge all who supported and voted in December for this PM, stop giving his legion of detractors hope that they can overturn our vote of just six months ago. FFS, you'd think this virus was let loose on purpose. It's exploitation by the deep state certainly is very considerably purposeful. Its cheerleader in chief now, that really smarmy two faced charlatan, Starmer.

As and when this virus is put to bed for good, the economy will be on its knees. It will have been little to have been done or caused by this incoming Government. Don't forget that or we lose all we have fought for for decades. The EUSSR hopes so, for sure. As does the shadowy Soros Cabinet The real opposition to our new PM and our Government.


  1. " FFS, you'd think this virus was let loose on purpose."
    Not seen any proof it wasn't. Seems a little to convenient for the globalists, fits too closely to their wish list.

  2. RAC, as it unfolds, our PM survives the virus, narrowly and now attacked in broad daylight in his convoy, you have to wonder how far the deep state wishes to go to stop the UK truly quitting the EUSSR cabals.

    1. Yes that could just as easily been an attempt to slow the convoy down for an attack. The lead driver should have floored the accelerator and let the protester enjoy the result of his own stupid actions.


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