Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Racist Rubbish.

A Vehicle For The Professionally Angry.

Baltimore during Obama's terms of Office.

The mess the world's, or at least western cities, are now in has many causes. The single most significant, in my humble opinion, is multicultural volume that throughout history has never worked. The predominance of overcrowded, ghetto areas populated in the main by those of African descent, carry the most violent, criminal and evil characters anywhere on earth.

This link tells us that most killings of individuals are by people of the same race. Other statistics show more such deaths are black on black. as this article explains. What remains unaddressed and incapable of discussion without faux, moral high ground vitriol, is why this has always been part of mostly African descent areas.

Indeed if we explore the aspects of South Africa before and post apartheid, we once more come across the propensity for African tribal bitterness and killing to still be endemic throughout that blighted Continent. Yet the horrors of haunt to this day the failure of the African race as a whole, to live peacefully with others.

Add the continued barbaric violence being daily meted out against white farmers and their families as well as to each other, across South Africa, the blatant corruption of politicians and their slavish worship of Winnie Mandela and the commonality of such thinking acro,ss the Continent, there is a deep, abiding issue here that is never addressed. There is some deep seated inability of Africans, as a whole, of course, not every single one, to never develop empathy for fellow human beings of any colour.

However, the human race or at least the powerful, continue to condone as somehow justifiable, the manner black people so easily resort to barbaric, violent and terrible viciousness when they deem they have a "cause". Their rampages never discriminate who or whose lives and property are hurt. Uncontrollable blood lust is regarded as worthy of bended knee.

The white, so called privileged, are vilified, ironically because of the colour of their skin. How is that not racist, regardless of from which direction it comes? "Black lives matter" is now a global "brand" which in itself adopts the superior stance beloved of despots. "My way, my race or none" shall be permitted to exist. 

Where is the outrage at sex trafficking of white women? The vehement condemnation of grooming gangs and the many, many thousands of lives snuffed out by the endemic cruelty of Asian cultural and indeed elsewhere, of misogyny. Why are poverty stricken white people across the world ignored in all this terror? Is the darker skin somehow more worthy, despite contrary evidence, more deserving?

I think not. For any decent minded person the rioting and law breaking demonstrations across the planet are but orchestrated puppets, their cause manufactured and their action fuelling the self belief that cruel and bile filled, uncontrollable rage, brutal violence and lawlessness is justifiable. It never is. All lives should matter but palpably they do not. There is a league table headed by an obvious group worthy of nothing but disrespect for their primitive ignorance and lack of decency.

All lives matter, if deserving. No life that begets savagery should matter when set against the innocent, the self reliant and decent people, whose only modern crime of today is to be white. That is 
nonsensical and as stupid as regarding every coloured person as evil. Yet those who are make it ever harder not to think all are as such. Ironically a philosophy now ingrained that all white people are racist and bad. Now how does this all gel?

What if any is a solution? Sadly I know of none other than a very severe and draconian, forceful subjection of every society. Those now sought by the very people who hate the fortunate, as beacons of prosperity and law abiding peaceful places to move then quickly begin to tear them apart. The human race daily divided and battered by forces beyond understanding.

As for my generation. Probably the last to have enjoyed a good life in a happy Country. Socialism, its leveling down and politics of envy now in full cry with racism its ludicrous, self righteous banner. Now waved from the very centers of butchery and savagery, over one terrible fatality. One set against the millions across our world who have died for the hubris of politicians and deep state manipulators, now using relishing their black storm trooper's evil nastiness.

Black lives matter, the clarion call. Violent evil its excuse. What a peculiar slogan when nothing being done seems to prove how much those lives matter. Rather they parade good reasons for some to question "really"? That question more powerful than the rioting has to offer that black lives matter.


  1. These so called demonstrations are little more than an excuse for arson and mass looting. I agree the arrested man should not have died but all the police present have been sacked and the one that seems to have caused the death is on trial for murder. How much more justice can be delivered under the law? As for so called demonstrations in UK well words fail me, nothing more than "me too" snowflakes pathetically trying to get on TV.

  2. The other tragedy is how these morons are wound up by a media that has ignored the French troubles now 18 long months in.The grooming gangs and no go areas across Europe, occupied by scum lauded by the loathsome media.

    1. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal then others O R, says it all really.


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