Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Resentment Not Racism.

Causes To Feel Resentful.

This is a long clip. Watch it all. It is where we are and is getting ever worse.

There were riots in 1981 in Brixton, 2011 in Tottenham and now 2020 in Brixton once more. Each time, regardless of which political persuasion in Office, (not in power for decades) that ghastly, tired, meaningless phrase "lessons will be learned" is trotted out. Guess what? Sod all has changed other than things go from bad to worse.

There have been dark forces at work for close on 100 years at least. Some will say it was ever thus. I say it doesn't have to be. The rise of democracy once offered to alleviate and minimise the idea that these forces should always prevail and or dominate. Sadly the EU's origins made most of today's problems inevitable. I am not postulating it's all about the EUSSR. I'm more of the mindset the EUSSR is or was a deep state construct.

I also consider it reasonable to suggest that the mass immigration into Europe and the courting of an electoral advantage by Bliar's years in power, have brought about the violence now endemic throughout Europe and the UK. The BLM and a concept of a supremacy engendered by the use of racism, to further constant unrest and social breakdown, is a gross, planned use of hatred and vitriol against host Nations. To date but  declining, white majority, once successful and welcoming. Briefly, post the Nazi horrors, it appeared, for once, lessons had been learnt.

How wrong was that? Once Europe began to recover and the British Empire decline, an antipathy  towards the UK slowly built. Aided by De Gaulle's same indifference to his hosts' wartime sanctuary was as that which is now demonstrated by the mass of immigrants introduced to dismantle the democratic preferences of the endemic white populations. Ironically the original "Windrush" migrants and sub Continent migration settled well. Hindus and Sikhs lived comfortably side by side with Afro Caribbeans and racism was the butt of humour and regarded as a problem for those so inclined to ignorantly racist. That was not a big majority.

Sadly this relatively peaceful coexistence did not suit the Left. Aided and abetted by the EUSSR, migration from across the world was encouraged for political reasons alone. Pretend moral arguments and the pressure of white "guilt" has grown to industrial proportions, to suit destabilisation. Ironically, resentment and manufactured victimhood have been garnered to further global control and power for a select few. A deep state with George Soros it's CEO.

This is a stirred and promoted and the justifiable resentment of the host populations transferred as a trophy to swathes of  immigrant, vitriolic and violent activists. Very often embedded most deeply in the Islamist swathes. These aspects of the terror now unleashed are held in abundance by the hatred injected in those less than bright or sophisticated thugs. It is no accident that the boat loads of illegal immigrants now being gently shepherded onto our shores, still remains, by huge margins, young, ill qualified and incapable of integration, males. 

Men ripe to be wound up and brutalised by the hordes of gangsters, drug dealers and  traffickers. An easy force to be steered towards insurrection and a pretend sense of entitlement. One without a fraction of the effort and sacrifices that created a once proud, democratic society. People devoid of the Christian ethics also abandoned by the Establishment. A society now being ripped to pieces, because it preferred a conservative politics over a socialist. The latter one of envy motivated by brainwashed insecurity. 

Socialists are and remain as much a tool of the deep state as the racist BLM and Black Power movements bent on destruction and genocide their African roots are well documented for throughout time. Ancient and modern. The irony of their historic slave trade dominance of their fellow Africans still in force today. The white, liberal snowflake spawn a shameful abuse of recent education surrender to the leftard puppets.

In all honesty, how many of these violent men now rampaging across America Europe care to return to their roots? How many will answer calls such as this? My guess is few if any. Additionally how many will condemn the rape and barbaric slaughter of white farmers in South Africa? Very few. Most of my subject males will just seek to replicate and are doing so, those atrocities wherever they land. The evidence is palpable.

So I have a plea. Let us become prepared to vilify and point at those doing these crimes.The violent mayhem, looting, burning, killing and raping. Let us no longer tolerate those screaming white privilege and only black lives matter. Let us CONTINUE through the ballot box to do as we did in 2016, 2017 and 2019 and vote down the deep state connected brokers of the left and all those of whatever hue, not prepared to call a spade a spade.

If the power hungry deep state and their puppets in politics won't give way to a democratic demand and in the last years since Bliar's terrible legacy kicked off in 1997, be turned back to a fairer one, then the resentment now so massive against the Establishment of secretive Mandarins, EUSSR obsessive forelock tuggers and corrupt sycophants, will eventually turn nasty. 

That of course is desired in order for a draconian and vicious excuse for a brutal crackdown of all but the most powerful. I suspect a police and military structure is already in place ready for such a crackdown. Indeed I wonder if the EU Gendermerie is that very force. In Europe at least!

There are of course, so many embedded into our now dying culture, too blind to see that "bending on one's knee" to thuggery is pouring petrol on flames already sky high with sadistic and triumphant aggression to any counter desired to stem and quell the satanic pits to which we are being consigned. If "Mad Max" is to be avoided time is running out to stop the rot.

Our Government is badly hamstrung. Without this covid 19 pandemic we had a chance for a wonderful new decade. The manner the media, Civil Service, Unions and the "backward progressives" have and still salivate over what they see is another opportunity to keep us shackled to the EUSSR is yet another deep seated cause for resentment and anger.

Resentment and anger, shown peacefully and with great and courageous verve, last December but now subdued by this pandemic and rejoiced over by the swamp dwellers in our midst. If, as may be the case, the PM hold his nerve and gets us once and for all free of the petty rules and regulations beloved of the EU, we have a chance to redress decades of subjugation.

If we break free we have the chance to discard much of our resentment as to the interference in our laws and enforcement thereof from the EUSSR unelected, corrupt cabals. Free from the ghastly human rights movement and the enforced, stupid, regulatory pandering to all and sundry, who sneer at others' rights and perceived privileges, whilst smugly wallowing in their own unaccountability.

Our resentment at the plundering of our waters by factory ships, the shepherding of unwelcome and unwanted illegal invaders, pretending hardship, whilst happily taking anything they can with nothing offered in return. Not even thank yous. Young, able bodied males given shelter, kindness and support denied to hundreds of thousands more deserving, after lifetimes of not breaking the law.

The list of justifiable resentment is very, very long. Unless assuaged by Government, the gross "positive discrimination" oxymoronic approach to BAME will continue to fester the resentment and bias against law abiding, decent people. Civilised and in need of accurate, historic study to aid lessons of the present to be learnt. 

The manner history is now being forced into only that others determine should be rewritten to their agenda is possibly the greatest thing for which we should be doubly resentful. That we are suffering a primitive, barbaric and violent present will only worsen without a return to a proper and serious bringing to account  any thuggery, slaughter and genocidal ignorance. I am unsure we still can redress our problems, sadly.


  1. I apologise that this is off topic but as it's a morsel of good news I thought I'd share it. Good news providing the results aren't skewed for globalist reasons, that is.

  2. No probs. RAC. Welcome news indeed, thank you.


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