Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

The Horror Of Ignorant Hypocrisy.

Can We Avoid A Terrible Civil War?

Just a few short months ago we had an election. It returned, democratically, against huge odds, ballot rigging and an onslaught from the MSM like never before, a Conservative and conservative, huge, historical victory. A wave of effort which failed to destroy democracy and note the irony here, together with a deep state push even greater than that during the referendum, an escape from slavery under the EUSSR diktat, 

The 2017 election was rigged by remain supporters and the despicable pretence of hundreds of candidates to not declare total subservience to our enslavement to the EUSSR dominance of our lives for evermore. The leftards were mortified and cowed. For a few weeks. Then along came covid 19.

Joy for the media's rich and paid for manufactured superiority and smug bias. Collectively the y paraded their most obnoxious and gross, spoilt, privileged white reporters, in the main, to harangue the Government. Too much of this one day, too little the next. Aggressive and nasty. The hatchet job attempt to defrock Saint Dominic a welcome failure.

Then an arrest gone terribly wrong in the USA appeared. Immediately the pandemic dumped to one side. The irrational, virtue signalling victim hood suddenly into turbocharged mode. The well funded and global organisation, of yet another arm of the Soros deep state controllers cabal, BLM, had a bomb they daily crave and lust for. An ocean of petrol to to fuel Molotov cocktails of faux outrage. and pay millions to find willing tossers of such weapons.

The pandemic now a curtain raiser in the need to destroy western democracies so successful over so many decades, for white and black privilege, where peacefully and legally striven for. For every ignorant and immature, childish outrage our carefully groomed education system has created, there still remains millions, young and old, black or white, who see through the pathetic virtue signaling violence, spite and venom endemic in the left.

However, unless and soon our new, for new it still is, Government stop kowtowing to the groups now little more than Nazi like scum, in the main, we are heading for the outbreak of civil war the deep state seeks, in order to step in and take over with dictatorship in the style of Pol Pot and his ilk.  It's nothing to do with race, poverty, inequality or history.

It's about control for the few, subjugation for the many. Those in authority going down on bended knee are already offering the kind of subservience many gave the Nazi Party and occupying forces. Quick to collaborate and side with evil and barbaric behaviour believing they then are safe from brutal savagery. 

The kind often found throughout the African Continent now evident in the failing Countries there spewing their disaffected and persecuted millions to chase the better lives in the West. Such irony we now see those destinations suffering similar breakdown and future violent conflict from which they now flee. 

As I mentioned, unless we can return to nurturing our proud history, continue to have pride in those who mended their ways when slavery by the Western colonialists was outlawed and have improved their more civilised societies than that of history, we will decay. Of one thing I am certain. Multi cultural social experimentation has never worked. Resentment not racism a significant matter in such failure.

What is happening in London and likely to spread is an utter disgrace. If history is to be seen only as bad and none of it good, we disgracefully spit on the many heroes we acknowledged with memorials and statues to their bravery and goodness. Many who benefited from the slave trade did repent. Many who's lives were in part, badly lived but who saw and regretted such failings did much to make amends.

Sadly those throwing stones and bicycles today have not one jot of intelligent awareness of the glass houses they inhabit. Drastic and draconian punishment must be meted out. Police giving bended knee to thuggery and politicians likewise must be made to to leave any position of authority. 

As for the mega rich, uber privileged through massive wealth, likes of Joshua and Hamilton, I have no kind words or thoughts. Men given such God given talent and a birthplace able to furnish the tools to succeed now tarring everybody with the same brush a minor and always with us, few, is ignorant beyond comprehension. 

Preach to me when you donate all your wealth to others and have some humility towards others less fortunate across the whole Planet. You really are vomit inducing, smug and pathetic individuals. How about donating large sums to combat grooming gangs? Fight the drug culture dominated by many of your counterparts. How's about going to Africa and buying freedom for the oppressed there? 

The moral high ground, for the time being, still rests with the ballot box. Especially the most recent one last December. Let us hope our PM and his Government don't squander that high ground. Right now I'm not too hopeful. Then a violent backlash, which the left want or at least their Puppeteers want. Particularly  since they've failed so badly, even with their powerful, vote rigging placements,  to win any arguments democratically.

History will judge all of these criminally insane lunatics badly, if not destroyed by their own flames of venomous, spiteful hatred with which they seek too  engulf those of us with respect for history and each other. Flames stoked by the likes of BLM, Soros, Starmer, Sadiq Khan and their counterparts in the USA. All slaves to (pun intended) or executives of the deep state. 


  1. No O R we can not avoid massive civil unrest in the long term but let's hope it doesn't become a full blown civil war. The state now bends the knee to any fashionable cause that appears. Foolish and self righteous they ignore most of the people most of the time. How long you can do that before you provoke a righteous back lash is anyone's guess but you can't do it for ever.Those supporting the "victim" in the USA would do well to research his background but as always the truth is the first casualty of any conflict.

  2. You are right, I fear, Anon. Sadly turning the other cheek has a sell by date in human nature.


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