Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Scale Of It All.

Always Out Of Kilter.

The estimate of today's global human population is 7,800,000,000. 7.8 billion. Notwithstanding where we place them all one fact of many is this. It is estimated that the world's "white" population numbers circa 850,000,000 or around 11.5%. Now these numbers are vast by any sense or imagination.

So one individual can never be as important as sometimes their actions perceive them to be by the rest. Take human nature for what it is and then consider, in the picture, how many of that gathering are decent, law abiding and charming people and how many not worthy of sharing our space?

In posing that question we also have to place into the equation what each individual regards as "worthy". From that standpoint we begin to realise that such is the scale of human existence and the complexity of its many tiny parts, to attach to any groups thoughts and actions a single label is impossible.

For example the ridiculous "white privilege" sticker plastered across the media rubbish outlets. How come a small, 11.5% of a species can be regarded as privileged? Ostensibly it might be argued it stems from their places of origin. Well, yes. It is the common belief that northern hemisphere, cold regions produced the evolvement of paler skin because of the lower levels of scorching heat found elsewhere which evolved skin pigmentation better able to resist higher levels of sunshine.

So all this nonsense and stupidity over race is pathetic. As is this "white privilege". Irrelevant to any social interaction. Only behaviour and intellect count. So in many ways what is regarded as white privilege is really nothing more than a ridiculous meme to minimise how 11.5 of the Planet's population appear more successful and content than others. 

If we look at the African Continent as a whole, is it not fair to say that despite its huge wealth and resources, it still is awash with war, strife and tribal conflict, as it always was. Is it not fair to say that Europe and indeed, despite its violent colonisation, North America, rapidly reached a significant level of social and economic success well ahead of African Nations?

Furthermore, the mass migration from those less than successful Countries has had but one factor common to all such movement. Notwithstanding slavery was an enforced such movement, when Nations are moving from a white majority to a burgeoning and eventual majority non white population, the journey is impatient on behalf of the non white activists.

So, to sum up, the evidence is pretty well overwhelming that the terrible horrors now engulfing the West and the violent rioting, looting and brutality is, in the main, perpetrated by the new colonial desires of the coloured migrant sectors. The once predominant, Christian value led and peaceful societies, for whom respect for others and the laws to encourage such respect were paramount, are now slowly falling victim to fear.

Is it not natural, given the minority status of just 11.5% of the world's population, fear of total genocide will cause and is causing a huge nervousness for that minority? To witness their law enforcement officers and their erstwhile leaders now pandering to the violent, the covetous and in many cases the brutal, grooming gang and criminal drug dealing majority led numbers is indeed fear on a large scale. 

Add to that the joining forces with such people by those who should know better, educationalists now brainwashing on behalf of the developing tyranny. Politicians from the left wallowing in foolish sycophancy toward the criminal elements, because of their skin colour, all combines to fuel a growing and justifiable resentment and anger, born out of fear and disgust, that will make the road to subjugation a very long and bloody one.

This growing unrest across the World will not end well. The pain, anguish and awfulness, which will engulf all, regardless of skin colour, is the path to "Mad Max" many have and still expect the future to become. when we witness the casual and careless way all authority, again regardless of skin colour, is embracing this developing nightmare for the human race is possibly the very worst of all we see happening amid the fires, looting and destruction. Defence and decency getting ever more futile.

Back to scale. The most brutal savagery comes from, today and logically, from the majority 88.5% of coloured origin. Not only are the white populations condemned to destruction, so is civilisation per se. So huge the scale there can be no good outcome. We have already surrendered. On bended knee it would seem.

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  1. It is interesting speculate what would happen if the evil greedy 11.5% vanished from the world tonight. I wonder how many of the 88.5% would still be alive in 5 years time let alone enjoying the standard of living and security they do today. The 88.5% may well succed in removing the 11.5% but read Animal Farm and be careful what you wish for is my message to the oppressed majority in this world. That and bless God bless you, you may well need it.


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