Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Now This Is Unwelcome In The Corridors Of Power.

Sweden Looking Fitter In Coping With Covid 19.

I have not been convinced that this covid 19 is a pukka pandemic ever since it nearly killed our PM. I am appalled at the level of anxiety engendered and the mega efforts to devalue our new Government. Utterly disgusting. Now evidence is appearing we really have overdone the whole saga. How about this? Just bear in mind the fear now engendered and that it may never be assuaged. What a victory for the deep state this will be. A huge message from above. STFU!

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Just Asking.

Why Are We paying Out Millions And Millions For This?

Then, when ensconced we pay through our noses for this.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Please Let It Stop.

If  BAME People Are Unhappy.

I wonder how many are on the way? It's my feeling that the rampages spreading across the West are too enjoyable for those of a violent bent to give up. Plus the virtual civil war in South Africa is pretty well to be found in many, many parts of that Continent. So I guess those of a mindless, brutal, child grooming culture are finding it all too easily enjoyed across the West.

What is harder to fathom is the facilitation of the gross and backward slide tolerated by the PTB. 

Why do we seek and rescue hundreds of illegal, remember illegal, mostly young male bucks from the coastal waters and give them support many elderly, white residents never receive? Why do we need discrimination of any kind with the word positive applied to that of BAME over white? The PTB and their leftard lickspittles just can't see that merit, never skin colour, is the proper way forward.

Sure, give every black person preference over white regardless of ability or talent. Just don't expect miracles. Just as if you do the same with offering white people jobs as skilled professionals, surgeons and the like regardless of aptitude, don't expect miracles. 

How dumb this whole, woke, racist agenda has always been. The slums and no go areas of cities across Europe and America are now divided into white and BAME, when once only and much smaller ones, when multi cultural social engineering had not begun, were only white. Once social divisions were based on natural selection, in the main. 

Now they are manipulated and socially engineered. People of my generation remember when one murder anywhere in the United Kingdom was headline news for days. Subsequent trials covered for their duration. Now they happen almost hourly and lucky to get a few seconds mention. Likewise the brutal rape of white girls now an industry full of sideline fun for police officers and hobbies for professionals. The likes of Keith Vaz untouchable and unaccountable.

Anyone daring to point out all the foregoing horrors, down on your knees, whitey. It's our world now so suck it up. We are going back to the dark ages only darker. Our so political pygmies complicit in the fall of decent, nice people, of a Christian philosophy now sacrificed by thugs endorsed by Bishops and the clergy before even Christ himself. The mantra now BLM or nothing. Not very nice to consider for the future, is it?

Sunday, 19 July 2020

An Investigation. Yes Please.

Lots Of Them.

From the BBC via SKYSCUM and the Mandarin classes, the deep state powerful facilitators of our misery and loss off freedoms and pleasures, that exclamation above is their total belief. Maybe, just maybe that is changing. As this attitude is identified and sweeps the internet, under the carpet or can kicking, past procedures are less available. Or at least more exposed.

At least two senior figures have been sacked. Albeit with riches they really don't deserve. However if there is now a modicum of understanding and fear that their deeply ingrained sense of unaccountability is no longer as secure as it has become over thirty years of weak governments, all the better.

My most recent post touched on this subject and then we were privy to Public health England's nonsensical fatality data rigging that exploded across the internet. Justifiably. something so many of us were beginning to understand. Not just an attempted extension of our EUSSR enslavement and costly bondage by the Sir Treacherous but now evidence of deliberate manipulation of data to make this pandemic look evermore terrible. Thereafter to heap all blame on a very ill PM and his team.

Just the tip of a fetid, deep iceberg. For decades and very much doubled up, the left and the Labour Party have accelerated our decline. From 1997, Bliar and his woeful crew, Mandleson in particular, set out to introduce mass immigration of exceptionally inadequate and often violent, gang grooming thugs. No crime, no sub standard character and no decency were seemingly qualifications of some note. These hordes, seen as weaponry for the Mandarins and the leftards, to subdue and devalue all that our society, founded and grown on successfully, Christian values, were made better by.

2016 and then 2019 both came as big shocks. The pink Tories and self interested bunch like Cameron and May, were manna from heaven for the deep state controllers. Brexit almost stopped by a rogue Parliament which came so close to destroying our yearning for freedom. So despite the vitriolic push back by the terrible PTB ad their minions, we still can hope. 

After all, this PHE thing suggests the whole damn covid-19 has been and remains something blown out of all proportion thanks to the selective parades of "experts" before a Government barely out of the blocks. Sure, it's been a dreadful, flu like pandemic. Yet it now looks more and more one exploited for nefarious interests and at great cost. A billion pounds worth of Mandarin salaries would go a long way to pay something back. Plus destroy that air of invincibility and non accountability.

Lady Thatcher tried. Maybe Boris will do better. A more relevant and understood problem today. One also more understood by we little folk. Plus I doubt Lady T. had anyone as strong as Dominic Cummings. So strap in folks. Roller coasters can be fun!

Friday, 17 July 2020

Wake Up, Boris.

We/You Are Being Screwed.

I believe I have a grip on why we are in an unwholesome mess over this pandemic. Our Mandarin class have a supreme purpose to facilitate the new world order, deep state executive. Democracy is a bigger stumbling block than they ever imagined. "They" feel that patience and decades of slow but significant undermining of democracy and the coercing strategy of the "Sir Humphrey" model was the way to go.

The 2016 referendum stalling was a perfect illustration  of this mindset and tactic. Indeed the debasing achieved via Cameron and May was sickening but in some ways to be admired, if it were not at such a cost to our freedom of expression via the ballot box. Then we must add to this gross nastiness the highly paid, bought out immorality of the MSM and BBC. The co-opting of the leftard, blinkered socialism, another valuable collection of useful idiots.

The success enjoyed by these would be enslavers of joy and freedom was rampant until Boris outmaneuvered them, with big help from Mr Cummings and their brilliant victory last December. How damned unlucky that  this pandemic arose, as that is probably the case, who knows? A long forgotten, huge Parliamentary majority was a massive kick in the teeth to the deep state lickspittles. Our Mandarins and their EUSSR hopes of high office thwarted. For now, at least.

However, covid 19 hit. Now none of us know how bad this virus really is. However our newly formed Government was to be one of its victims. Literally and figuratively. By association, we of a brexit and democratic persuasion were to be badly disadvantaged, too. The wailing we must continue the "transition" farce for decades, a ploy which gained, of course, huge traction by exploiting this covid 19.

Still, undeterred the Mandarin secretive clans went into hidden overdrive. Either deliberately or instinctively, a weapon employed, I suggest, was a perfect blend of discombobulation. Set onto Cabinet, Parliament and the soon to be dangerously ill PM, "advice", where possible selected "scientific experts" and a media frenzy of criticism of damning, whichever way the Government felt they should proceed.

Surely my interpretation has merit when we look at the confusion experienced. Is mask wearing of any use? Why have other Nations done better? If the virus identified, or even not, put it on every death certificate, not likely to be challenged. The underlying causes relegated to the cause.

Given the power wielded by the GMC, the anecdotal mumbling of threats against medical staff, the media wringing of hands fit for Oscar awards, the clash of expert opinions. So many examples of confusion. Wartime like conditions of propaganda. Remember the first casualty said to be of war? The list goes on.

I have been moved to concoct this post by one such issue. Here in beautiful Herefordshire and across the uncrowded, for now, countryside and rural  idylls that abound, there is a seasonal and obvious outbreak  of, or spike, in covid 19 cases. FFS, the PTB was always disappointed that the packed towns and cities and core centers of BAME dwellers, were the highest sources of infection. Duh? Mosques were never closed, grooming gangs still roaming freely and mass gatherings happily indulged.

Them surprise, surprise, a whole land army of cheap labour poured in for the summer crop harvests. Asparagus one of the first big demands for CHEAP labour. One of the major needs of deep state planning, is cheap, slave like even, work forces. Global Corporations harvest these sources of pliant workers and ill informed or educated servants.

That there is and remains, draconian restrictions on populations needed to be whipped into obedience, strict embargoes on their travel, social gatherings and generally good life styles, is obvious. We rural dwelling and obnoxious voters were getting off too lightly, were we not? So, hey, just fly in, by the many thousands, unchecked and free to abscond, with little consequence. Desperate folk, from regions likely to be, anyway, less restricted and probably infected, covid 19 spreaders.

Who decided that was a good idea? Who chose to get the PM and Government to think the worse was over and we could all carry on pretty well as before? Who benefits most from letting this pandemic drag on? Which Country has suffered less but not behaved as others? How's Sweden doing? All pretty nasty manipulation designed to exploit for political and self interested reasons. Whatever, it's gone way too far.

Like the arguments over capital punishment, I believe the deterrent of such a terrible consequence is worth my own risk of an innocent death. That is to say, I feel that if I were to contract and die from covid 19 but peoples' freedom was left intact, I'd die feeling it was something worth dying for. That, I suggest, is also a fearsome stance where those passionately wedded to all the media hype offered are concerned. Like in WW", many gave their lives to fight against tyranny and the brutality that accompanies it. Why not feel that now?

Prime Minister, your time has come. Man up to those forces who wished you dead. We need a powerful and courageous stand as never before post 1939. This disease is quite probably not as some would have us believe. We need  a newer, bolder approach and less dubious propaganda. We need that right now.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Getting Weirder.

What Is Going On?

It would appear that not satisfied with infecting the crowded slums and excrement polluted towns and cities with corona-19, somebody decided we needed to fly in already infected farm workers to put the rural population under greater pressure. Can't have those lovely places get away scot free, can we?

Now as well as that pathetic decision we have now been told that from the 24th of July, masks are to be worn in shops or else plod,  if not going down on bended knee to the Black Panther thugs of the BLM nonsense, will give us all a dressing down and a fine. FFS. Surely, logically if we can carry on for 10 days sans a dirty rag, because in moments of strapping them on that's what they become, round our faces, why does it then become so necessary?

As for the efficacy of this practice, it appears to me, even without any longer listening to any broadcast media or reading any daily print rubbish, pun alert, there's a lot of masking of the truth going on. Anecdotal but frequent social media references to covid deaths being recorded when they're other causes, significant theses on how the wearing of masks is a purely a gesture of apparent security when in essence they're dangerous. One such statement in my post of yesterday.

Now our PM is still surrounded by powerful Mandarins in the Civil Service and throughout our Establishment, Heseltine one such individual, Gina Miller of Soros payroll notoriety and so forth, let alone the Tory MPs in the remain camp still. So it might be fair to say he's caught between a rock and a hard place. However this mask edict, if followed through will destroy any credibility he still has left.

The use of this virus to pursue a political vendetta against democracy is for certain, a fact there for all to see. With or without the terrible bias, lies and omissions of the BBC, SKY et al in the MSM, the hounding of Cummings and the dreadful words used when the PM was in intensive care were all de facto a deep rooted nastiness as gross as any pandemic. The glee at the collapse of all we have enjoyed and fought hard to create and conserve, of the good we once knew and loved, is palpable.

Remember the days of Labour under Bliar? That justification of mass, gerrymandering immigration for votes, statement. "To rub the middle classes noses in "multiculturalism"? In essence all it achieved was a massive burden on our infrastructure, health service and suburban quality of life. Our towns and cities now awash with violence, joblessness and bitterness. Those suffering the most the poor and working class people, who for so long sought but failed, to find relief in a socialist movement.

What a mess. The Labour movement long gone as a valuable refuge, an Establishment totally committed to the destruction of nationhood and the creation of a new world order ruled by the very rich and powerful. The rest of the human race to be subservient to that dictatorship already on view in the EUSSR. An experiment in unelected bureaucracy answerable only to their masters if they don't toe the line.

Is it any wonder our new Government, on top of all the vicious nature of the forces against them now embroiled in trying to handle a pandemic which has become such a valuable taser for those sulking over last December's election result and 2016. Our PM needs to look long and hard at the successful Countries handling of this virus outbreak and take those as examples of what to do. Compulsory and draconian face covering law is a stick we do not need. Not least one which will be used harshly for white folk and far less so for coloured people and Black Power activists. The latter too dangerously attracting that dreadful sin of racism.

If ever we needed a powerful, decisive leader, it is now. We really believed Boris was that man. Let's hope he can start to show he can be. Dump the mask silliness, cancel HS2 and get real. Neither matter is of any relevance, anymore. let's get back to normal now, not when iffy science and self interested advice dictate. Not least because so much of the dubious stuff has its roots in the EUSSR.

Monday, 13 July 2020

A Weird Time.

Some Are Going Out, Many Are Not.

I was pleased to see people in the local pubs over the weekend, albeit sparsely. Though not a regular attendee it is strange not to have had the possibility for so many, many weeks. Not only that but one of my favourite activities is eating out with Mrs.OR either together or with friends. However, now it's been impossible for so long I feel less enthusiastic to return.

I suspect this same lethargy must be affecting many who are just as indifferent to going back to work as many are about going back to socialising. Problem is, that with a media now wedded to a diet of miserable and negative reporting, for political ends, pandemic or not, the economy will suffer. The media thinking it's a wonderful gift for them to wage their ever more splenetic war on democracy against a government they so desperately hate.

In all of this weirdness I really do detect a falling morale in people. Including myself. I am avoiding and may well do so for evermore, the main media such as TV news and in particular the gross nastiness towards my conservative leanings. The BBC and SKY the ghastly vanguards of all that is infecting the western way of life.

A way of life so very hard earned but now just a magnet for those across the globe looking to take all they can wheedle from its ludicrous political chancers, desperate to have a more pliable, ill educated populace to manipulate and enslave. For all the desperate clinging to minority groups, the use of racism as a cudgel, wielded by folk more racist than those whose lives they seek to spoil, with their perceived higher morality and socialist clap trap, the future espoused is awful.

Never more so than under the present, rare but probably less so in the future, pandemic. The overcrowding of our Planet with human dominance was never a good idea. Now many of the ills inevitable are beginning to be impossible to ignore. The violence, rape, no go areas and steady loss of ideals and decency is getting ever worse. 

The weirdest thing of all, is how the media and its cohorts seem to think the decay is somehow never going to affect their cosy, self entitled existences. The luvvies and the exorbitantly rich sports stars have a total disconnect with reality. They are preaching from ivory towers which will eventually, indeed inevitably, be as targeted as the statues presently being defaced and torn down. Actions right out of the ISIS terror playbook and manuals. 

A weird time indeed. A pandemic was and is the last thing we needed right now. Our PM so massively elected just over six months ago had a tough job to begin with. To have been struck by this pandemic so soon into his new tenure in high Office is bad luck to say the least. We must stand by him. There sure is no one else I can see on the horizon with our best interests at heart. He has a good team and needs it. I just hope they can get us back on track soon. For the longer we have to wait for a return to some better normality, the sooner we will be even worse off than now.

Writing of this all being weird, here's further probable proof of such weirdness. How true is this observation? One has to begin to wonder.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


I Doubt I'm Alone.

Whilst pleased to witness a degree of normality creeping back, I remain sceptical as to what and why we are really experiencing these peculiar times.. We have had mass gatherings, usually to make puerile gestures aimed at destabilising us even more as a Nation. Huge areas of our towns and cities have still held mass get togethers, at least the men have and we have witnessed the hounding of police officers by gangs of revelers and protesters.

Throughout all of this, it seems that further outbreaks of the virus have been centered in sweat shops and places where the normal social behavioural history of our Country is ignored. Rather like the quiet acceptance by authority of grooming gangs and enslavement of trafficked people, positive bias is seen as perfectly acceptable if involving the obsession to enforce unwanted unpleasantness on the majority and white people.

Strangely and confusingly, when this bias results in a negative spike in infection, violence and mayhem, the glaring fact that it is the outcome of social engineering and racist engendered draconian practice by law and order authority, matters little. Police flee mobs of BAME majorities, peppered with the dregs of our failed education brainwashed fools. Addled and as confused for different aspects or their lives as I have become about why we are where we are.

Has this lock down been necessary? Was the science as good as we were told? Or as flawed and unquestioned as the climate failings of science? One aspect is of course obvious. The pandemic has and continues to be a giant stick to beat Government with. No longer do we seek to find out who might be responsible for glaring mistakes. 

Easy peasy. If we have a PM elected wholeheartedly by the voters but feared and not of the pliable, subservient type like that woman, May, then they are to be blamed for every ant's nest going. That the Civil Service, the quango industry, teaching profession and many, many other placement enterprises are now dating back to Bliar's days in power, go unnoticed. That our decline mirrors every day of our ever burgeoning subservience to Brussels and the EUSSR, dominated by Germany, is rarely mentioned.

Suffice to say, our media and deep state still hold powerful sway. My confusion heavily fuelled by who the hell is in charge of our present and our future? Without this pandemic I feel certain the PM would have gone much further forward in "draining the swamp" infested with Soros paid agents like that gruesome woman Gina Miller. We can only hope that as the pandemic hopefully fades away for good, there will still be time to address the confusion injected into our lives.

That, for me, will be the time to get back down the pub. A genuine growing sense of freedom as we leave the final, desperate, grasping, expensive clutches of Europe and its gross "transition period" we should have dumped for WTO terms years since. For now I will continue to battle with social distancing. Two or 1 metre apart, I'm not sure which. More confusion, eh?

Addendum; More science gainsaying the pandemic's seriousness. WTF?

Saturday, 4 July 2020

Something Very Strange.


Studies and trials were, early in June, stopped and a media frenzy globally rejoiced in the apparent fact that POTUS, the current President Trump, had been wrong to laud it as a viable treatment for covid 19. However as we have come to realise, when wrong the deep state media just shut the f**k up. Never mind many lives may have been lost out of pure vitriolic spite against a President who cares more for his Country than any deep state shoe ins like Obummer and the Clintons.

Let us look at the alacrity the WHO dismissed the drug's efficacy. Dropped study in June 2020. Now we should look at the fact that the WHO and its acolytes had much to lose in their failures over the whole pandemic crisis. Indeed politicians seeking help from a body expensively funded would have expected better guidance and probity.

It is also most fascinating that the positive news coming out in these past few days is not to be found in a "Google" search. A VPN search does produce mentions, however. It's also stuff missing from "Twitter" but much discussed over on "Parler". My feelings that the main Google, Twitter and Facebook platforms are now in the same camp of the deep state influence as the MSM cretins. This hydroxychloroquine matter heavily pointing in that direction. If you want a more open place to go, Parler so far looks one of the best. Gab, too.

So back to these latest findings. Also interesting in this essay is the purchase by America of the world's stocks of remdesivir. However the statement by the UK NICE body that covid 19 manifests itself as a predominantly respiratory illness is now seen as doubtful and being no longer pushed as such. Silent hypoxia now a further aspect of the disease. So remdesivir may offer relief from lung related breathing difficulty but is treating a symptom not the cause.

Now in all of this mayhem, many millions if not billions are being spent to produce an antidote and cure. If hydroxychloroquine is in essence a cheap and easier solution ready to go, a massive number of companies will suffer huge losses. Cynical it may be to say but ordinary lives, black or white, are readily sacrificed when global pharmaceutical giants are involved. As is the case right now.

So these optimistic articles are unlikely to feature in the news, given the volume of eggs that will need wiping off huge numbers of faces. Not forgetting the lives which may have been saved by the use of hydroxychloroquine. Ironic is it not these results. The irony being the speed that research was dropped and encouraged to be so by the lead from the WHO. Yet the study linked to showed a 66% improvement in mortality rates using hydroxychloroquine alone and 71% when combined with azithromycin.

I will close this post as of now with these last sentences. What the heck is and was going on here? Do those research figures suggest that these two already considered drugs for treatment but then put to one side may have, in combination saved 71% of fatalities across the Globe? If so, who decided the science of dismissal was the right course of action? A course which may well have cost, 528,409 fatalities globally to date, so 71%, 375,170 lives sacrificed unnecessarily, seems the possibility.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

A Lull Right Now?

More Likely Calm Before The Storm.

Many will find it hard to believe Oldrightie is a cautious or realistic optimist but I am. Such individual minded character traits, however, are not welcomed by those who would subjugate, exploit and control. People such as those behind the BLM and ANTIFA thugs. Barbaric, bent on butchery racists, ill educated and ignorant. Controlled by the deep state embedded leftards and their deluded sense of superior morality.

However there are small glimmers of realisation around the internet this morning that the insurrections over that Floyd death, stoked with relish by the scruffy vandals funded by Soros and company, are beyond the pale. if not in Europe then certainly in the soon to be independent, UK.

Notwithstanding those overnight, intellectually transformed giants of genius and gifted minds, Lineker , Joshua and pipsqueak Hamilton and their pronouncements from their lofty towers of immense wealth but stranded in their poverty of reason, the racist outcries look to have been prematurely overdone. Even Starmer looks to have realised he's not cut a too popular a stance backing these violent movements bent on nought but horrific and brutal savagery.

This shout of "white privilege" a ludicrous one and where true, still less damaging to the human race than the thuggery called upon to bring down genocide on undeserving, decent, in the main, white people. Indeed this black, wound up vitriol and hatred has no place in the modern world. Without its being fuelled by the deep state's media cronies and paid up instigators in the West's media, the revolutionary mumbling would be barely heard.

So maybe, just maybe our eventual full release from the shackles of the EUSSR will also permit a stricter application of our laws. Violent, illegal immigrants, hell bent on taking as much as they can for little effort in return may yet be shipped back to their last port of call before the UK. Convicted criminals deported to whichever Country they originated regardless of its laws and punishment regimes.

We can but hope. The seeds of terrible destruction are well germinated. We may be too late to save our Nation. Time will tell. We have a little time to reverse the Pol Pot mentality of those supporting mass immigration and pathetic, liberal stupidity allied to Marxist history of mass killings and enslavement. We smirk at those Countries suffering under real subjugation, whilst embracing the reasons for it. Even as we slither carelessly towards the horrors many have and still experience, too many fools are "lighting the way to dusty death".

I Told You So.

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