Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

A Lull Right Now?

More Likely Calm Before The Storm.

Many will find it hard to believe Oldrightie is a cautious or realistic optimist but I am. Such individual minded character traits, however, are not welcomed by those who would subjugate, exploit and control. People such as those behind the BLM and ANTIFA thugs. Barbaric, bent on butchery racists, ill educated and ignorant. Controlled by the deep state embedded leftards and their deluded sense of superior morality.

However there are small glimmers of realisation around the internet this morning that the insurrections over that Floyd death, stoked with relish by the scruffy vandals funded by Soros and company, are beyond the pale. if not in Europe then certainly in the soon to be independent, UK.

Notwithstanding those overnight, intellectually transformed giants of genius and gifted minds, Lineker , Joshua and pipsqueak Hamilton and their pronouncements from their lofty towers of immense wealth but stranded in their poverty of reason, the racist outcries look to have been prematurely overdone. Even Starmer looks to have realised he's not cut a too popular a stance backing these violent movements bent on nought but horrific and brutal savagery.

This shout of "white privilege" a ludicrous one and where true, still less damaging to the human race than the thuggery called upon to bring down genocide on undeserving, decent, in the main, white people. Indeed this black, wound up vitriol and hatred has no place in the modern world. Without its being fuelled by the deep state's media cronies and paid up instigators in the West's media, the revolutionary mumbling would be barely heard.

So maybe, just maybe our eventual full release from the shackles of the EUSSR will also permit a stricter application of our laws. Violent, illegal immigrants, hell bent on taking as much as they can for little effort in return may yet be shipped back to their last port of call before the UK. Convicted criminals deported to whichever Country they originated regardless of its laws and punishment regimes.

We can but hope. The seeds of terrible destruction are well germinated. We may be too late to save our Nation. Time will tell. We have a little time to reverse the Pol Pot mentality of those supporting mass immigration and pathetic, liberal stupidity allied to Marxist history of mass killings and enslavement. We smirk at those Countries suffering under real subjugation, whilst embracing the reasons for it. Even as we slither carelessly towards the horrors many have and still experience, too many fools are "lighting the way to dusty death".


  1. A good piece O R, I have had a heck of a job finding my way back. I changed my browser and lost your address, I note your old address now links to the Daily Mirror that explains a lot. Anyway good to see your alright and still putting up some good postings. Regards to Mrs O R and stay safe.

  2. Thank you Anon. If the Mirror bought my old site it's almost flattering!

    1. They probably won the bidding war with the guardian.

      On other good news, Berman gets fired and then Maxwell is arrested. Wonder what else he was keeping the lid on, the choice is pretty wide.

  3. RAC, thank you, flattery will get you big gratitude! There does seem to be visible swamp draining right now. Maxwell may struggle to tell all before she's silenced, mind you. Clintons have, pun alert, a lot of skin in that history, methinks. Andy Pandy may well be twitchy, too.


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