Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Sunday, 19 July 2020

An Investigation. Yes Please.

Lots Of Them.

From the BBC via SKYSCUM and the Mandarin classes, the deep state powerful facilitators of our misery and loss off freedoms and pleasures, that exclamation above is their total belief. Maybe, just maybe that is changing. As this attitude is identified and sweeps the internet, under the carpet or can kicking, past procedures are less available. Or at least more exposed.

At least two senior figures have been sacked. Albeit with riches they really don't deserve. However if there is now a modicum of understanding and fear that their deeply ingrained sense of unaccountability is no longer as secure as it has become over thirty years of weak governments, all the better.

My most recent post touched on this subject and then we were privy to Public health England's nonsensical fatality data rigging that exploded across the internet. Justifiably. something so many of us were beginning to understand. Not just an attempted extension of our EUSSR enslavement and costly bondage by the Sir Treacherous but now evidence of deliberate manipulation of data to make this pandemic look evermore terrible. Thereafter to heap all blame on a very ill PM and his team.

Just the tip of a fetid, deep iceberg. For decades and very much doubled up, the left and the Labour Party have accelerated our decline. From 1997, Bliar and his woeful crew, Mandleson in particular, set out to introduce mass immigration of exceptionally inadequate and often violent, gang grooming thugs. No crime, no sub standard character and no decency were seemingly qualifications of some note. These hordes, seen as weaponry for the Mandarins and the leftards, to subdue and devalue all that our society, founded and grown on successfully, Christian values, were made better by.

2016 and then 2019 both came as big shocks. The pink Tories and self interested bunch like Cameron and May, were manna from heaven for the deep state controllers. Brexit almost stopped by a rogue Parliament which came so close to destroying our yearning for freedom. So despite the vitriolic push back by the terrible PTB ad their minions, we still can hope. 

After all, this PHE thing suggests the whole damn covid-19 has been and remains something blown out of all proportion thanks to the selective parades of "experts" before a Government barely out of the blocks. Sure, it's been a dreadful, flu like pandemic. Yet it now looks more and more one exploited for nefarious interests and at great cost. A billion pounds worth of Mandarin salaries would go a long way to pay something back. Plus destroy that air of invincibility and non accountability.

Lady Thatcher tried. Maybe Boris will do better. A more relevant and understood problem today. One also more understood by we little folk. Plus I doubt Lady T. had anyone as strong as Dominic Cummings. So strap in folks. Roller coasters can be fun!


  1. Hello O R but has it been a flu like pandemic? When we were kids and the flu came lots of people caught it. This time I don't personally know anyone that caught the virus and I have only one friend in the next town that's says he has been told his neighbour had it. Like you I wonder about the reports we see and hear.

  2. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8539605/Police-consider-dropping-terms-Islamist-terror-jihadi-dont-help-community.html

    How long before naming it as it is becomes a hate crime.

    1. Hello RAC, I think you will find in many cases it already is. Think of the abuse of white girls and modern slavery that goes on all because you will be branded a racist if you dare to mention such things.


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