Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


I Doubt I'm Alone.

Whilst pleased to witness a degree of normality creeping back, I remain sceptical as to what and why we are really experiencing these peculiar times.. We have had mass gatherings, usually to make puerile gestures aimed at destabilising us even more as a Nation. Huge areas of our towns and cities have still held mass get togethers, at least the men have and we have witnessed the hounding of police officers by gangs of revelers and protesters.

Throughout all of this, it seems that further outbreaks of the virus have been centered in sweat shops and places where the normal social behavioural history of our Country is ignored. Rather like the quiet acceptance by authority of grooming gangs and enslavement of trafficked people, positive bias is seen as perfectly acceptable if involving the obsession to enforce unwanted unpleasantness on the majority and white people.

Strangely and confusingly, when this bias results in a negative spike in infection, violence and mayhem, the glaring fact that it is the outcome of social engineering and racist engendered draconian practice by law and order authority, matters little. Police flee mobs of BAME majorities, peppered with the dregs of our failed education brainwashed fools. Addled and as confused for different aspects or their lives as I have become about why we are where we are.

Has this lock down been necessary? Was the science as good as we were told? Or as flawed and unquestioned as the climate failings of science? One aspect is of course obvious. The pandemic has and continues to be a giant stick to beat Government with. No longer do we seek to find out who might be responsible for glaring mistakes. 

Easy peasy. If we have a PM elected wholeheartedly by the voters but feared and not of the pliable, subservient type like that woman, May, then they are to be blamed for every ant's nest going. That the Civil Service, the quango industry, teaching profession and many, many other placement enterprises are now dating back to Bliar's days in power, go unnoticed. That our decline mirrors every day of our ever burgeoning subservience to Brussels and the EUSSR, dominated by Germany, is rarely mentioned.

Suffice to say, our media and deep state still hold powerful sway. My confusion heavily fuelled by who the hell is in charge of our present and our future? Without this pandemic I feel certain the PM would have gone much further forward in "draining the swamp" infested with Soros paid agents like that gruesome woman Gina Miller. We can only hope that as the pandemic hopefully fades away for good, there will still be time to address the confusion injected into our lives.

That, for me, will be the time to get back down the pub. A genuine growing sense of freedom as we leave the final, desperate, grasping, expensive clutches of Europe and its gross "transition period" we should have dumped for WTO terms years since. For now I will continue to battle with social distancing. Two or 1 metre apart, I'm not sure which. More confusion, eh?

Addendum; More science gainsaying the pandemic's seriousness. WTF?


  1. A cracking posting O R, keep up the good work. A good pint or two of draught would go down well I must admit.

  2. Thank you most kindly,Anon. Note the addendum today!


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