Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Getting Weirder.

What Is Going On?

It would appear that not satisfied with infecting the crowded slums and excrement polluted towns and cities with corona-19, somebody decided we needed to fly in already infected farm workers to put the rural population under greater pressure. Can't have those lovely places get away scot free, can we?

Now as well as that pathetic decision we have now been told that from the 24th of July, masks are to be worn in shops or else plod,  if not going down on bended knee to the Black Panther thugs of the BLM nonsense, will give us all a dressing down and a fine. FFS. Surely, logically if we can carry on for 10 days sans a dirty rag, because in moments of strapping them on that's what they become, round our faces, why does it then become so necessary?

As for the efficacy of this practice, it appears to me, even without any longer listening to any broadcast media or reading any daily print rubbish, pun alert, there's a lot of masking of the truth going on. Anecdotal but frequent social media references to covid deaths being recorded when they're other causes, significant theses on how the wearing of masks is a purely a gesture of apparent security when in essence they're dangerous. One such statement in my post of yesterday.

Now our PM is still surrounded by powerful Mandarins in the Civil Service and throughout our Establishment, Heseltine one such individual, Gina Miller of Soros payroll notoriety and so forth, let alone the Tory MPs in the remain camp still. So it might be fair to say he's caught between a rock and a hard place. However this mask edict, if followed through will destroy any credibility he still has left.

The use of this virus to pursue a political vendetta against democracy is for certain, a fact there for all to see. With or without the terrible bias, lies and omissions of the BBC, SKY et al in the MSM, the hounding of Cummings and the dreadful words used when the PM was in intensive care were all de facto a deep rooted nastiness as gross as any pandemic. The glee at the collapse of all we have enjoyed and fought hard to create and conserve, of the good we once knew and loved, is palpable.

Remember the days of Labour under Bliar? That justification of mass, gerrymandering immigration for votes, statement. "To rub the middle classes noses in "multiculturalism"? In essence all it achieved was a massive burden on our infrastructure, health service and suburban quality of life. Our towns and cities now awash with violence, joblessness and bitterness. Those suffering the most the poor and working class people, who for so long sought but failed, to find relief in a socialist movement.

What a mess. The Labour movement long gone as a valuable refuge, an Establishment totally committed to the destruction of nationhood and the creation of a new world order ruled by the very rich and powerful. The rest of the human race to be subservient to that dictatorship already on view in the EUSSR. An experiment in unelected bureaucracy answerable only to their masters if they don't toe the line.

Is it any wonder our new Government, on top of all the vicious nature of the forces against them now embroiled in trying to handle a pandemic which has become such a valuable taser for those sulking over last December's election result and 2016. Our PM needs to look long and hard at the successful Countries handling of this virus outbreak and take those as examples of what to do. Compulsory and draconian face covering law is a stick we do not need. Not least one which will be used harshly for white folk and far less so for coloured people and Black Power activists. The latter too dangerously attracting that dreadful sin of racism.

If ever we needed a powerful, decisive leader, it is now. We really believed Boris was that man. Let's hope he can start to show he can be. Dump the mask silliness, cancel HS2 and get real. Neither matter is of any relevance, anymore. let's get back to normal now, not when iffy science and self interested advice dictate. Not least because so much of the dubious stuff has its roots in the EUSSR.


  1. No need to worry about the police issuing fines O R their union rep was on TV this morning making every excuse under the sun why they were unable to enforce the mask wearing. Probably going to be too busy dragging senior citizens into court for not paying the TV tax.

  2. I wouldn't bank on that Anon. There'll be plenty of creeps wanting to earn their brownie points by making easy collars.

    1. True O R and nicking senior citizens is hastle free as they don't cause you problems plus it keeps your box ticking numbers up.


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