Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Please Let It Stop.

If  BAME People Are Unhappy.

I wonder how many are on the way? It's my feeling that the rampages spreading across the West are too enjoyable for those of a violent bent to give up. Plus the virtual civil war in South Africa is pretty well to be found in many, many parts of that Continent. So I guess those of a mindless, brutal, child grooming culture are finding it all too easily enjoyed across the West.

What is harder to fathom is the facilitation of the gross and backward slide tolerated by the PTB. 

Why do we seek and rescue hundreds of illegal, remember illegal, mostly young male bucks from the coastal waters and give them support many elderly, white residents never receive? Why do we need discrimination of any kind with the word positive applied to that of BAME over white? The PTB and their leftard lickspittles just can't see that merit, never skin colour, is the proper way forward.

Sure, give every black person preference over white regardless of ability or talent. Just don't expect miracles. Just as if you do the same with offering white people jobs as skilled professionals, surgeons and the like regardless of aptitude, don't expect miracles. 

How dumb this whole, woke, racist agenda has always been. The slums and no go areas of cities across Europe and America are now divided into white and BAME, when once only and much smaller ones, when multi cultural social engineering had not begun, were only white. Once social divisions were based on natural selection, in the main. 

Now they are manipulated and socially engineered. People of my generation remember when one murder anywhere in the United Kingdom was headline news for days. Subsequent trials covered for their duration. Now they happen almost hourly and lucky to get a few seconds mention. Likewise the brutal rape of white girls now an industry full of sideline fun for police officers and hobbies for professionals. The likes of Keith Vaz untouchable and unaccountable.

Anyone daring to point out all the foregoing horrors, down on your knees, whitey. It's our world now so suck it up. We are going back to the dark ages only darker. Our so political pygmies complicit in the fall of decent, nice people, of a Christian philosophy now sacrificed by thugs endorsed by Bishops and the clergy before even Christ himself. The mantra now BLM or nothing. Not very nice to consider for the future, is it?


  1. All so true O R, the situation will inevitably decline into what will amount to a civil war on our streets. Many of us have tried to bring about a political solution to all this before the real trouble starts but we have been branded far right or fascists. It seems that most of the people in UK today don't care what happens as long as they are OK for now, a view exploited by TPTB to do anything they like. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing but in today's world the good men are vilified and spat upon in the street.

  2. Thank you, as always, Anon. I don't follow much media fake news these days. Yet still the nastiness, spite and vitriol gets through. When really pi**ed off I go for a rant here as a release. I also then get to exchange the reality that a little decency can still be found from my few but pleasant visitors.


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