Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Something Very Strange.


Studies and trials were, early in June, stopped and a media frenzy globally rejoiced in the apparent fact that POTUS, the current President Trump, had been wrong to laud it as a viable treatment for covid 19. However as we have come to realise, when wrong the deep state media just shut the f**k up. Never mind many lives may have been lost out of pure vitriolic spite against a President who cares more for his Country than any deep state shoe ins like Obummer and the Clintons.

Let us look at the alacrity the WHO dismissed the drug's efficacy. Dropped study in June 2020. Now we should look at the fact that the WHO and its acolytes had much to lose in their failures over the whole pandemic crisis. Indeed politicians seeking help from a body expensively funded would have expected better guidance and probity.

It is also most fascinating that the positive news coming out in these past few days is not to be found in a "Google" search. A VPN search does produce mentions, however. It's also stuff missing from "Twitter" but much discussed over on "Parler". My feelings that the main Google, Twitter and Facebook platforms are now in the same camp of the deep state influence as the MSM cretins. This hydroxychloroquine matter heavily pointing in that direction. If you want a more open place to go, Parler so far looks one of the best. Gab, too.

So back to these latest findings. Also interesting in this essay is the purchase by America of the world's stocks of remdesivir. However the statement by the UK NICE body that covid 19 manifests itself as a predominantly respiratory illness is now seen as doubtful and being no longer pushed as such. Silent hypoxia now a further aspect of the disease. So remdesivir may offer relief from lung related breathing difficulty but is treating a symptom not the cause.

Now in all of this mayhem, many millions if not billions are being spent to produce an antidote and cure. If hydroxychloroquine is in essence a cheap and easier solution ready to go, a massive number of companies will suffer huge losses. Cynical it may be to say but ordinary lives, black or white, are readily sacrificed when global pharmaceutical giants are involved. As is the case right now.

So these optimistic articles are unlikely to feature in the news, given the volume of eggs that will need wiping off huge numbers of faces. Not forgetting the lives which may have been saved by the use of hydroxychloroquine. Ironic is it not these results. The irony being the speed that research was dropped and encouraged to be so by the lead from the WHO. Yet the study linked to showed a 66% improvement in mortality rates using hydroxychloroquine alone and 71% when combined with azithromycin.

I will close this post as of now with these last sentences. What the heck is and was going on here? Do those research figures suggest that these two already considered drugs for treatment but then put to one side may have, in combination saved 71% of fatalities across the Globe? If so, who decided the science of dismissal was the right course of action? A course which may well have cost, 528,409 fatalities globally to date, so 71%, 375,170 lives sacrificed unnecessarily, seems the possibility.


  1. I have never believed the Mr Trump was anything other than a very clever man. As such I do think if he endorsed the use of a drug then we should take notice of what he says. The media in UK are trying to portray him as as idiot but my friends with relatives in USA tell me that over there he is very popular and respected. They also say he has every chance of being reelected. It might be an idea to question the motives of our media before forming judgements.

  2. Anon, I'm with you all the way. The deep state are on the back foot and getting nastier by the day. Thing is people are wise to the manipulation. Just as that unpleasant, racist, BLM lot. A second term will really take us a long way back to common sense. Alongside, I hope, our PM.

  3. Chloroquine and the safer hydroxychloroquine have been in use for over half a century to treat the ailments for which it was intended. If it was as deadly as the fake news and lying establishment would have us believe I think the untold thousands of people who have been treated with it over the years might just have noticed.
    Granted there are some people who have conditions which would make treatment with hydroxychloroquine unsuitable. But all the GP has to do is spend five minutes reading ones medical records is that too damn much to ask.
    All the positive reports have said that to be effective the HCQ cocktail needs to be taken immediately at the onset of symptoms or better still as a prophylactic. NOT as they seem to have been doing, withholding it till the victim is at deaths door when it has little effect.
    IMHO the move against HCQ is on political grounds and not medical ones. Those at the top have decided that they want the lockdown and all that goes with it and their stubborn arrogance will never allow them to admit their wrong and evil motives. They'd rather see people die if it suits their globalist bent.
    All those in the at risk group for whom it would be safe should be given a script for a weeks supply for ready use if needed,it's that simple.
    Rant over.

  4. It does appear nefarious to say the least, RAC.

  5. It could be as simple as there being more lucrative drugs on the market these days. As RAC says HCQ etc have been around a long time and money matters more than lives after all.

  6. Indeed, Anon and some big interested parties.


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