Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Friday, 17 July 2020

Wake Up, Boris.

We/You Are Being Screwed.

I believe I have a grip on why we are in an unwholesome mess over this pandemic. Our Mandarin class have a supreme purpose to facilitate the new world order, deep state executive. Democracy is a bigger stumbling block than they ever imagined. "They" feel that patience and decades of slow but significant undermining of democracy and the coercing strategy of the "Sir Humphrey" model was the way to go.

The 2016 referendum stalling was a perfect illustration  of this mindset and tactic. Indeed the debasing achieved via Cameron and May was sickening but in some ways to be admired, if it were not at such a cost to our freedom of expression via the ballot box. Then we must add to this gross nastiness the highly paid, bought out immorality of the MSM and BBC. The co-opting of the leftard, blinkered socialism, another valuable collection of useful idiots.

The success enjoyed by these would be enslavers of joy and freedom was rampant until Boris outmaneuvered them, with big help from Mr Cummings and their brilliant victory last December. How damned unlucky that  this pandemic arose, as that is probably the case, who knows? A long forgotten, huge Parliamentary majority was a massive kick in the teeth to the deep state lickspittles. Our Mandarins and their EUSSR hopes of high office thwarted. For now, at least.

However, covid 19 hit. Now none of us know how bad this virus really is. However our newly formed Government was to be one of its victims. Literally and figuratively. By association, we of a brexit and democratic persuasion were to be badly disadvantaged, too. The wailing we must continue the "transition" farce for decades, a ploy which gained, of course, huge traction by exploiting this covid 19.

Still, undeterred the Mandarin secretive clans went into hidden overdrive. Either deliberately or instinctively, a weapon employed, I suggest, was a perfect blend of discombobulation. Set onto Cabinet, Parliament and the soon to be dangerously ill PM, "advice", where possible selected "scientific experts" and a media frenzy of criticism of damning, whichever way the Government felt they should proceed.

Surely my interpretation has merit when we look at the confusion experienced. Is mask wearing of any use? Why have other Nations done better? If the virus identified, or even not, put it on every death certificate, not likely to be challenged. The underlying causes relegated to the cause.

Given the power wielded by the GMC, the anecdotal mumbling of threats against medical staff, the media wringing of hands fit for Oscar awards, the clash of expert opinions. So many examples of confusion. Wartime like conditions of propaganda. Remember the first casualty said to be of war? The list goes on.

I have been moved to concoct this post by one such issue. Here in beautiful Herefordshire and across the uncrowded, for now, countryside and rural  idylls that abound, there is a seasonal and obvious outbreak  of, or spike, in covid 19 cases. FFS, the PTB was always disappointed that the packed towns and cities and core centers of BAME dwellers, were the highest sources of infection. Duh? Mosques were never closed, grooming gangs still roaming freely and mass gatherings happily indulged.

Them surprise, surprise, a whole land army of cheap labour poured in for the summer crop harvests. Asparagus one of the first big demands for CHEAP labour. One of the major needs of deep state planning, is cheap, slave like even, work forces. Global Corporations harvest these sources of pliant workers and ill informed or educated servants.

That there is and remains, draconian restrictions on populations needed to be whipped into obedience, strict embargoes on their travel, social gatherings and generally good life styles, is obvious. We rural dwelling and obnoxious voters were getting off too lightly, were we not? So, hey, just fly in, by the many thousands, unchecked and free to abscond, with little consequence. Desperate folk, from regions likely to be, anyway, less restricted and probably infected, covid 19 spreaders.

Who decided that was a good idea? Who chose to get the PM and Government to think the worse was over and we could all carry on pretty well as before? Who benefits most from letting this pandemic drag on? Which Country has suffered less but not behaved as others? How's Sweden doing? All pretty nasty manipulation designed to exploit for political and self interested reasons. Whatever, it's gone way too far.

Like the arguments over capital punishment, I believe the deterrent of such a terrible consequence is worth my own risk of an innocent death. That is to say, I feel that if I were to contract and die from covid 19 but peoples' freedom was left intact, I'd die feeling it was something worth dying for. That, I suggest, is also a fearsome stance where those passionately wedded to all the media hype offered are concerned. Like in WW", many gave their lives to fight against tyranny and the brutality that accompanies it. Why not feel that now?

Prime Minister, your time has come. Man up to those forces who wished you dead. We need a powerful and courageous stand as never before post 1939. This disease is quite probably not as some would have us believe. We need  a newer, bolder approach and less dubious propaganda. We need that right now.


  1. It seems pretty obvious they're trying to spin the china flu out indefinitely. It's very noticeable that fatalities are now not making the headlines and it's all new cases,new cases,new cases.
    If us elderly and those with pre-existing conditions continue to take care I believe the rest of the country could go back to normal.
    And of course they could admit that the HCQ cocktail was beneficial, but of course at this stage of the game they could never do that, too many red faces.

    1. More on this in my Sunday offering. Thank you so much, RAC, for your kind visits here.

  2. I do miss my early life in Herefordshire O R and hope you and Mrs O R are enjoying the good weather there. The cider apple orchards and the river Wye must be wonderful right now. Sadly I now live in the east Midlands and the shear numbers of newcomers from all over is just overwhelming. I can walk across our town centre some days and not hear a word of English spoken. Goodness knows where they all come from, I speak English and can get by in both French and Spanish but even I cannot understand most of them. Small wonder we import every infection known to man these days.

  3. We came here 16 years ago, Anon. It's changing very, very, slowly. However I'm sure the hordes will eventually arrive to ruin this area too. I doubt I'll be forced to see it but Mrs. OR might. I guess when the Cotswolds fall we'll know all is lost then!


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