Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 27 August 2020

The Scourge Of Multiculturism.

 The Stench Of Racism.

All around us, even for those to whom I now am drawn, non media obsessives and avoiders of MSM fakery and propaganda, cannot be immune to the rampant, one sided nature of the deep state engendered faux history and anger. What is impossible to grasp is the lack of any balance whatsoever in the coverage and anger, spite and vindictive nastiness now aimed at the white races.

You know, the Nations who freed the world of the Nazis. Devalued, justifiably, the communist tyrannies of Pol Pot, Mao and Stalin. let alone the African despots such as Idi Amin. The same Countries that have, for many decades and spanning two centuries, welcome genuine refugees, let alone accommodated millions of economic migrants from ever corner of the Globe. 

The UK but one example of a generosity. A non racist approach to taking in and funding all and sundry. Immigrants often treated to a level of support whilst millions are denied as long term and endemic citizens. Many elderly living in penury whilst illegal immigrants and ergo law breakers are cossetted and revered.

The outpourings and reactions to all of this weary patience and despairingly lack of any common sense is to just pile on more of the stupidity. Destroy long held memories, sacrifices and decency. Scream abuse and accuse many of "racism" when the evidence just isn't there. FFS, the internal strife and viciousness over slavery was fought centuries ago. The British the first to outlaw such barbaric practices. Most perpetrated by Arab and Black, tribal internecine aggression. The white slave traders just another part of that dreadful industry.

Indeed those perpetrators and serious traffickers were just as interested in the enslavement of white people. Women seen as very profitable and desirable "goods" to earn fortunes from. Just as today grooming gangs now ply such trade across Europe with the same impunity enjoyed centuries since. The handful ever convicted serve token sentences and soon return to their lucrative exploitation, often as evidence abounds, aided or enjoyed by many in authority and law enforcement.

Don't let me start on the drug business. Add into the mix the underlying terrorist cells and major future atrocities to be added to the innumerable ones already felt so badly and we can see how the BLM movement has so easily been allowed the freedom to exploit the nonsensical use of racism. This to answer any doubts as to where so much evil has been added to that already in society. Facts exist but are inconvenient and truth and reality is not permitted one iota of visibility.

Until those so ready to scream "racism" stop for a while to study history and human nature, until the PTB stop exploiting racial and cultural differences, integration cannot, never has and likely never will take place in any natural or peaceful way. These careless attacks on the past, the ignorant destruction of statues and monuments and the nasty generalisations that all things done by white people in the past, present and future are unworthy are stupid.

As the BLM and racist screaming rises, any sympathy for genuine need and nurture fades, eventually to disappear, the human race will be dragged down to very dark places, again. For some unfathomable reason the eventual terrible and violent backlashes to come appears to be a result many in power seek.

I seem to recall such a time was in the decade I was born. The real and awfully abused victims were Jewish. Now we shall see it to be a struggle between coloured and paler skinned people, as to who is slaughtered in the greatest numbers. We are not too far from such as many still alive can remember suffering. Horror being as real in its encouragement as in the days of which I write. screaming racist at every possible opportunity just speeds the journey to that we once believed done with.

Not racism, sadism is the problem.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

I Went Out Yesterday!

 So Extremely Strange.

For all the Government edicts, being out and about just reminded me of how very stupid we, the public at large can sometimes be. I saw one guy marching down the street in a face apparatus not dissimilar to the one above. Despite only a small area of his upper face being visible, his demeanor still transmitted an air of superiority. If he's so scared of the fresh air and those around him, why go out at all? Except to be noticed and feel superior? Plonker.

As for one very old lady shuffling along. Well, poor dear, her blue, disposable mask was scrunched over her lower face and her nose uncovered. Old woman looked as though she'd worn this bit of cloth upside down for several days, 24/7. It's grimy nature more dangerous than any bugs in the air. So very sad to see her dangerous attempt at compliance.

I was, of necessity visiting the bank. The young woman manning the door was mask free. As I approached she was up close and directing a gentleman in some way or other. A graceful pirouette around myself, just donning my pristine disposable, (at 45p a pop, ffs), was performed, before I was fully masked, was again seemingly less than, I think,  the advised 2 meters! 

As for inside, my id driving licence was amusing since I'm much older than when that piccy was taken and was wearing a wretched mask! The Teller and myself both bemoaned the whole situation, feeling that it's all overblown and regular flu bug precautions were probably more than sufficient. We agreed that somewhere in the corridor of authority someone was taking the p*ss!

That hasn't stopped each day, however, becoming miserable, grumpy and our overcrowded Islands now even more blighted. Our "Old Blighty" now a distant memory. The overarching damage our enslavement to the EUSSR in evidence all around us. As the countryside faces concreting over to accommodate the still mass levels of immigration. Much of it illegal, grasping and virus spreading.

I suspect this covid 19  is manna from heaven for the deep state, "remain" apparatchiks, the leftard, manic fools and their latest "besties", that evil, terrorist affiliated, BLM lot. At least this year the attempt to kill off the Last Night Of The Proms favourite, stirring and patriotic music has failed. Hopefully. I would miss that but still, historic footage, minus the ghastly blue and gold flags, is still available.

Anyhow, back to covid 19. I do detect a weariness. Even in what's left of SKY news and the rest of those boring "get Boris any chance we can" clowns, I understand. Given I hardly ever watch anymore. (As I don't with the F1 hijacked once proud sport.)  Six months of depressing, manipulated death toll figures, lectures on obedience and Government bashing looking daily more desperate. All they, the media, have achieved it to pile on the angst, the fear and depression. My trip into town yesterday made that very clear.

As to the near future. A massive economic fall out was due. Now it will be compounded horrendously by a deep state hell bent and blind to the fall out that their hatred of democracy and last December's GE result produced. My hope is that, still over four years to the next GE, possibly, we'll come out of this self imposed hell and really will see better. Not a high goal to hope for given the depths we have been forced down to. 

As for the imminent Bank Holiday". A very large number in the millions have been enjoying months of such holidays. Many seem reluctant ever to return to work. Badly thought out, that way of thinking. As we shall see ere long.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Despite Now Ignoring The MSM.

 I Get The Very Odd, Short Glimpse.

From this place.

I'm really not missing watching the ghastly "news" outpourings. I very, very occasionally take a brief visit and every time it's bash the Government rolling rubbish. The latest the "u turn" over exam grades. FFS, most exams for decades have been fiddled to get results the left seem obsessed with getting. Ergo everyone under 18 is perfect and all should be molly coddled to hell and back!

Unfortunately the better and brighter students are now vilified with the same spiteful jealousy all success engenders in the UK today. The disease of envy is more rampant and lethal than any covid 19. As for the exam results and the media faux reporting of a disastrous further Government action, let's stop and think for a moment.

We hard done by tax payers fork out billions to fund the so called "Civil" Service. Just look at the Public health England quango. When the very core of their reason for existing, pandemic watch, they were grossly negligent. As for Education Departments. That lot have been ensconced by Bliar's tenure and remain a leftard, deeply nasty crowd, in the main. In the iron grip of the Marxist Unions, as with the NHS Truss't gold digger management.

So when this unsavoury but powerful bunch of part time civil servants, full time self serving, anti British cabals lost the referendum and got thrashed in December 2019, covid 19 has been a weapon they could only dream of. So now zero, as ever, accountability, the slightest negative incident they can blame on this Government thew will. I'm surprised that the quality of toilet paper in schools isn't a major source of attack. Given how full of excrement these cretins are. 

How fortunate their media mouthpieces are as they are. Notwithstanding that so many millions no longer watch, listen and if they do, believe one jot of their garbage. Just wait quietly for the next chance to cast their vote. As was the case last year!

Thursday, 13 August 2020

I've Been Patient And Have Waited.

 Now I'm Angry And Very Hacked Off.

 Look at this from a very credible source. For months most of us have been patient. Horrified when the PM was struck down. Fought not to succumb to the weaponising of the virus as a tool to attack a Government elected with a resounding, very British statement to the powers that be that we as a majority wanted a Government to represent us, not themselves. Those gross MPs who have fought to deny democracy and shackle us to the EUSSR.

My Dear Lord it's hard not to feel that covid 19 was no coincidence. However its use to destroy our summer and our lives has been and remains a godsend for the anti democratic rulers of the hidden Mandarin classes, to name but one. They have soul mates throughout academia, our medical and scientific branches and our banking systems. Common Purpose a recognised and very wealthy organisation for such people.

As more and more issues arise, Good discussion here, we must begin to wonder WTF is and has been going on? I suggest this. The PTB were as taken aback by last December's election victory as they were by the referendum. That election believed by our treacherous Establishment, remain MPs, the EUSSR et al to be one they could fiddle, manipulate and win. That "petard" stringing up saying never more apt.

Yet one thing in all of this, of which I'm convinced. How is it that Boris Johnson and Cummings have not seen this taking back control by our arch remain enemies and deep state awful wannabe global rulers has been able to drive into a terrible state of limbo? It is understood that when the PM was fighting for his life Sedwill tried and got very close to tying us to the EUSSR for years to come.

Billions to be paid to a club we were no longer members of and which would have left us trussed up like Turkeys at Christmas. Am I allowed to use the word Christmas? Give it time. Now I am beginning to think, seriously, either Boris in on board with this evolving agenda to keep us all under the thumb even more than ever, or doesn't see we have a very big problem.

My deep seated, gut feeling is he's on board. Why else take shares in mega face covering production, why ignore growing evidence of "game changing" medications. Why welcome, house, feed and nurture illegal  immigrants in their thousands by the boat load? Why facilitate gangster billionaire traffickers? Why preside over a genocidal movement of people into our Islands bent on wiping out every dissenter. Particularly if white. How is that not racism?

My point? I no longer believe this virus to be or have been the danger we have been indoctrinated to believe. I don't believe the fear engendered in many is not deliberate. I still believe folk are still trying to prevent us leaving the EUSSR and this orchestrated pandemic is a godsend for such people. You Know what, remove every single restriction, lock down and restrictive practice. Look hard at Sweden's very soft approach and ask, "why not". What's not to like? 

We can be sure the pathetic carrying on these past months hasn't achieved much has it? There have been mass gatherings, seemingly without huge spikes in infections. We're bringing in "seasonal" workers in their many thousands without a single qualm expressed. We are going to pubs unmasked. Shops are crowded with unmasked workers yet surrounded by shoppers in masks. Don't shop workers get infections?

Finally, if we revert to pre-covid status but keep the "Nightingale" facilities at the ready, keep seeking decent treatments or adopt proven ones and carry on looking for a vaccine if we must, why not give a complete return to normal a go? Unless of course there are folk to whom that doesn't give leverage.

Sadly, to add weight to my fears and concerns, I find this. No brexit after all then!

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Truth We Now Suffer.

A Heartfelt Sadness.

This is a tragic and rueful post. One so powerful in its questioning as to why we are where we are. The few visitors to my old blog and this one know well my own views. I feel, as my own sadness becomes less capable of expression, I shall reiterate here as I reach the place I'm now at, of despair.

I guess my only contribution of any possible efficacy is "follow the money". Ergo a globalist reach centered at the heart of the American State. One evolved from a dubious background of enslavement and genocide, now mirrored across the whole world. The communist regimes forced to follow the path of money and how it begets power.

Another term or dare I say label that fits, I regard as perfect for the description. "The Deep State". Many laugh at and throw tin foil headgear in the direction of such suggestions. In many respects i understand why this is an attitude taken. However, I do not feel the construct is wholly a mysterious and hidden movement with a planning and strategy arm to operate.

More, I feel, it is a natural consequence of human nature gone bad. A wealthy elite, drunk on its power, influence and with an obsession to control everybody and everything possible. That such individuals cleave to others as wealthy and capable of such similar behaviour also makes sense. In that scenario how mega riches are obtained becomes of little interest. Only how it can be used and marshalled, to hold power for the recognised and worthy members of these circles, is all.

I use the plural "circles" because I truly believe there are different layers and backgrounds which produce an unspoken understanding of disparate sections. Only one common factor is necessary to join the circle. Huge and massive wealth. Heritage and dynastic matters no longer as important as they once were. Perhaps with the odd exception. The Rothschild family probably hold one of the senior titles in this instance.

Now don't take all of my ire and dissatisfaction with these circumstances as my being against success and wealth. I passionately believe in self determination for individuals regardless of birth, colour, race or creed. Any human interaction that demands subservience of any kind I loathe. However, I truly consider huge wealth and power brings a subservience to the fortunates, who have such status, through sycophancy and a need to garner reflected glory.

We see such delusion infecting academia, the bought and paid for fools in the media and of course the bureaucrats and political classes. All, in the modern world, in fear and thrall to this global elite of assorted but interwoven cabals. Once such circumstances were peculiar and locally endured. Tribal conflict now global in the struggle for survival replaced by a struggle to protect privilege and perceived superiority.

Sadly my only forecast as to how this will all become in the future is not nor cannot be positive. As the human race continues to grow, its ability to govern itself at all, let alone fairly, is less and less likely. The only way I can see of things changing for any better result would be mass destruction. One leaving just a few isolated people to start again. Unfortunately bereft of any knowledge of the failure that will have destroyed most of their fellow creatures. The song, "When will we ever learn", right now has but one answer. Never.

Thursday, 6 August 2020

I'm Begging.

                    Why Is This Still Allowed To Continue?

I am utterly heart broken that we are seeing this constant stream of beggars facilitated and molly coddled when so many are already disadvantaged. What is going on?

Saturday, 1 August 2020

I Peeped In Again.

The BBC On My Car Radio After A Walk In The Forest With The "Pup".

I had't followed any news rubbish for many, many days. The "breaking" story was the amazing fact that covid 19 was back on the rise. Not a word as to why, of course. BLM mass gatherings across the country never happened. Crowded Mosques now a thing of the past and the multi cultural slum areas just not a problem.

Don't start me on the mass importation of low paid workers from Romania, the desperate effort to kick start the holiday season dearth of common sense. Now, on the first of August it gets very serious. The rich and powerful normally set of to their expensive, exclusive resorts for a month. The BBC loy should be spending their small change of luxury most of only dream of.

However, a golden tan many weeks in the making won't cut the mustard as a new passion for gardening. They pay for that to be got! So in four weeks time and the start of another month closer to the first anniversary of Bojo's cracking victory last December and a total decree absolute replacing the nisi from the EUSSR, time is scarce for the MSM to score more points.

I must say the struggle to lay blows sounded very week last Thursday afternoon. After a long announcement by the PM that most of the packed immigrant places in the North were to "locked down" and elsewhere remain restricted or even cajoled into ever more mask wearing, the weird woman on R4 introduced observations from people affected. First up some whining female " beautician" moaning about how dreadful this news was.

Not one second did she acknowledge that it might be, if we take on board the published wisdom on covid 19, the continued restrictions might save lives. Of one thing we can be sure, if this virus is so terrible why are we facilitating hundreds of illegal arrivals and likely infection carriers? Why did we tolerate the mass gatherings of BLM idiots? Who knows. 

Plus, if we get hit with even more lethal pandemic viruses the most densely populated areas will suffer the highest casualties. As they do now. Logic is it not? As opposed to the stirred up mayhem we are enduring now. As for the desperate need to blame somebody, it sure isn't Bojo or his Government. It's those who would overturn brexit and last December's result. 
Theresa Mat and Starmer among them. 

Have a great weekend!

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