Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Despite Now Ignoring The MSM.

 I Get The Very Odd, Short Glimpse.

From this place.

I'm really not missing watching the ghastly "news" outpourings. I very, very occasionally take a brief visit and every time it's bash the Government rolling rubbish. The latest the "u turn" over exam grades. FFS, most exams for decades have been fiddled to get results the left seem obsessed with getting. Ergo everyone under 18 is perfect and all should be molly coddled to hell and back!

Unfortunately the better and brighter students are now vilified with the same spiteful jealousy all success engenders in the UK today. The disease of envy is more rampant and lethal than any covid 19. As for the exam results and the media faux reporting of a disastrous further Government action, let's stop and think for a moment.

We hard done by tax payers fork out billions to fund the so called "Civil" Service. Just look at the Public health England quango. When the very core of their reason for existing, pandemic watch, they were grossly negligent. As for Education Departments. That lot have been ensconced by Bliar's tenure and remain a leftard, deeply nasty crowd, in the main. In the iron grip of the Marxist Unions, as with the NHS Truss't gold digger management.

So when this unsavoury but powerful bunch of part time civil servants, full time self serving, anti British cabals lost the referendum and got thrashed in December 2019, covid 19 has been a weapon they could only dream of. So now zero, as ever, accountability, the slightest negative incident they can blame on this Government thew will. I'm surprised that the quality of toilet paper in schools isn't a major source of attack. Given how full of excrement these cretins are. 

How fortunate their media mouthpieces are as they are. Notwithstanding that so many millions no longer watch, listen and if they do, believe one jot of their garbage. Just wait quietly for the next chance to cast their vote. As was the case last year!

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  1. Well said O R it is truly hard to believe the education system we laboured under has come to this.


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