Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 1 August 2020

I Peeped In Again.

The BBC On My Car Radio After A Walk In The Forest With The "Pup".

I had't followed any news rubbish for many, many days. The "breaking" story was the amazing fact that covid 19 was back on the rise. Not a word as to why, of course. BLM mass gatherings across the country never happened. Crowded Mosques now a thing of the past and the multi cultural slum areas just not a problem.

Don't start me on the mass importation of low paid workers from Romania, the desperate effort to kick start the holiday season dearth of common sense. Now, on the first of August it gets very serious. The rich and powerful normally set of to their expensive, exclusive resorts for a month. The BBC loy should be spending their small change of luxury most of only dream of.

However, a golden tan many weeks in the making won't cut the mustard as a new passion for gardening. They pay for that to be got! So in four weeks time and the start of another month closer to the first anniversary of Bojo's cracking victory last December and a total decree absolute replacing the nisi from the EUSSR, time is scarce for the MSM to score more points.

I must say the struggle to lay blows sounded very week last Thursday afternoon. After a long announcement by the PM that most of the packed immigrant places in the North were to "locked down" and elsewhere remain restricted or even cajoled into ever more mask wearing, the weird woman on R4 introduced observations from people affected. First up some whining female " beautician" moaning about how dreadful this news was.

Not one second did she acknowledge that it might be, if we take on board the published wisdom on covid 19, the continued restrictions might save lives. Of one thing we can be sure, if this virus is so terrible why are we facilitating hundreds of illegal arrivals and likely infection carriers? Why did we tolerate the mass gatherings of BLM idiots? Who knows. 

Plus, if we get hit with even more lethal pandemic viruses the most densely populated areas will suffer the highest casualties. As they do now. Logic is it not? As opposed to the stirred up mayhem we are enduring now. As for the desperate need to blame somebody, it sure isn't Bojo or his Government. It's those who would overturn brexit and last December's result. 
Theresa Mat and Starmer among them. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I good well thought out and well written pieces OR. The photograph is great England at its best. Stay safe.


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