Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

I Went Out Yesterday!

 So Extremely Strange.

For all the Government edicts, being out and about just reminded me of how very stupid we, the public at large can sometimes be. I saw one guy marching down the street in a face apparatus not dissimilar to the one above. Despite only a small area of his upper face being visible, his demeanor still transmitted an air of superiority. If he's so scared of the fresh air and those around him, why go out at all? Except to be noticed and feel superior? Plonker.

As for one very old lady shuffling along. Well, poor dear, her blue, disposable mask was scrunched over her lower face and her nose uncovered. Old woman looked as though she'd worn this bit of cloth upside down for several days, 24/7. It's grimy nature more dangerous than any bugs in the air. So very sad to see her dangerous attempt at compliance.

I was, of necessity visiting the bank. The young woman manning the door was mask free. As I approached she was up close and directing a gentleman in some way or other. A graceful pirouette around myself, just donning my pristine disposable, (at 45p a pop, ffs), was performed, before I was fully masked, was again seemingly less than, I think,  the advised 2 meters! 

As for inside, my id driving licence was amusing since I'm much older than when that piccy was taken and was wearing a wretched mask! The Teller and myself both bemoaned the whole situation, feeling that it's all overblown and regular flu bug precautions were probably more than sufficient. We agreed that somewhere in the corridor of authority someone was taking the p*ss!

That hasn't stopped each day, however, becoming miserable, grumpy and our overcrowded Islands now even more blighted. Our "Old Blighty" now a distant memory. The overarching damage our enslavement to the EUSSR in evidence all around us. As the countryside faces concreting over to accommodate the still mass levels of immigration. Much of it illegal, grasping and virus spreading.

I suspect this covid 19  is manna from heaven for the deep state, "remain" apparatchiks, the leftard, manic fools and their latest "besties", that evil, terrorist affiliated, BLM lot. At least this year the attempt to kill off the Last Night Of The Proms favourite, stirring and patriotic music has failed. Hopefully. I would miss that but still, historic footage, minus the ghastly blue and gold flags, is still available.

Anyhow, back to covid 19. I do detect a weariness. Even in what's left of SKY news and the rest of those boring "get Boris any chance we can" clowns, I understand. Given I hardly ever watch anymore. (As I don't with the F1 hijacked once proud sport.)  Six months of depressing, manipulated death toll figures, lectures on obedience and Government bashing looking daily more desperate. All they, the media, have achieved it to pile on the angst, the fear and depression. My trip into town yesterday made that very clear.

As to the near future. A massive economic fall out was due. Now it will be compounded horrendously by a deep state hell bent and blind to the fall out that their hatred of democracy and last December's GE result produced. My hope is that, still over four years to the next GE, possibly, we'll come out of this self imposed hell and really will see better. Not a high goal to hope for given the depths we have been forced down to. 

As for the imminent Bank Holiday". A very large number in the millions have been enjoying months of such holidays. Many seem reluctant ever to return to work. Badly thought out, that way of thinking. As we shall see ere long.


  1. There's a bunch of these vids on youtube, many country specific but funny none the less......
    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONfvD8hbofo&list=PL11S6GsCFmZMXJ1oZo34MAdhUeXXxmjmS&index=5 )

    Was speaking to an acquaintance today whose job it is to find suitable applicants for employers. He was surprise that with the amount of uncertainty around so few people were interested when employers were looking to fill full time vacancies. He came to the same conclusion as OR, most people had got used to being paid to do nothing.

  2. Why buy a face muzzle when the legislation says "face covering" and you could be sporting a bright red paisley bandanna. Nimble fingers can tie a reef knot behind ones own head in around five seconds,that's about six yards before the shop entrance.

  3. I think you speak for most of the older generation in this posting O R and many of us share your near despair. Still it's often said that it's darkest just before dawn and so far Boris is said to be holding firm against the unreasonable demands of the EU and they will run out of time soon. Stay safe O R and with luck we will live to raise a glass in a free UK yet. As always it's good to read your postings and it reassures us we are not alone in an ever more disfunctional world.

  4. Thank you most warmly, Anon and RAC.


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