Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

The Truth We Now Suffer.

A Heartfelt Sadness.

This is a tragic and rueful post. One so powerful in its questioning as to why we are where we are. The few visitors to my old blog and this one know well my own views. I feel, as my own sadness becomes less capable of expression, I shall reiterate here as I reach the place I'm now at, of despair.

I guess my only contribution of any possible efficacy is "follow the money". Ergo a globalist reach centered at the heart of the American State. One evolved from a dubious background of enslavement and genocide, now mirrored across the whole world. The communist regimes forced to follow the path of money and how it begets power.

Another term or dare I say label that fits, I regard as perfect for the description. "The Deep State". Many laugh at and throw tin foil headgear in the direction of such suggestions. In many respects i understand why this is an attitude taken. However, I do not feel the construct is wholly a mysterious and hidden movement with a planning and strategy arm to operate.

More, I feel, it is a natural consequence of human nature gone bad. A wealthy elite, drunk on its power, influence and with an obsession to control everybody and everything possible. That such individuals cleave to others as wealthy and capable of such similar behaviour also makes sense. In that scenario how mega riches are obtained becomes of little interest. Only how it can be used and marshalled, to hold power for the recognised and worthy members of these circles, is all.

I use the plural "circles" because I truly believe there are different layers and backgrounds which produce an unspoken understanding of disparate sections. Only one common factor is necessary to join the circle. Huge and massive wealth. Heritage and dynastic matters no longer as important as they once were. Perhaps with the odd exception. The Rothschild family probably hold one of the senior titles in this instance.

Now don't take all of my ire and dissatisfaction with these circumstances as my being against success and wealth. I passionately believe in self determination for individuals regardless of birth, colour, race or creed. Any human interaction that demands subservience of any kind I loathe. However, I truly consider huge wealth and power brings a subservience to the fortunates, who have such status, through sycophancy and a need to garner reflected glory.

We see such delusion infecting academia, the bought and paid for fools in the media and of course the bureaucrats and political classes. All, in the modern world, in fear and thrall to this global elite of assorted but interwoven cabals. Once such circumstances were peculiar and locally endured. Tribal conflict now global in the struggle for survival replaced by a struggle to protect privilege and perceived superiority.

Sadly my only forecast as to how this will all become in the future is not nor cannot be positive. As the human race continues to grow, its ability to govern itself at all, let alone fairly, is less and less likely. The only way I can see of things changing for any better result would be mass destruction. One leaving just a few isolated people to start again. Unfortunately bereft of any knowledge of the failure that will have destroyed most of their fellow creatures. The song, "When will we ever learn", right now has but one answer. Never.


  1. Nice item O R. Have been unwell so not been as regular a visitor as I used to be. With luck should be more frequent now, keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry to hear you've been unwell anon. I do hope you mend swiftly and completely.

    1. OR I don't know if you'll see this, or if you are aware, but non of the links on your latest article are working nor are the comments. Hope it's hiccup and not enemy action.

  3. Thanks, RAC, I'll check it out. Enemy action always possible in this modern, highly dictatorial world.


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