Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

I's Getting Tiresome.

 The Number Of "Views" Floated Hourly, Not Daily.

I do get a sense the months and months of attacks on the PM and his team are gaining traction. If, as so many before them,  they do not address the huge animosity from the Establishment and it's stifling narrative, they will lose the support of the masses and we'll all lose all of the hard won ground of the last 4 years plus. The PM must show some steel or face humiliation. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have watched little news but the Twitter and Facebook outlets reveal a lot. Dinosaur Jon Snow brutalising Hancock went without any riposte. Such as "you describe every Government post Lady Thatcher, we shall prove you wrong about us", or some such response should not have been difficult.

As for the so called experts and following the "science". This is proven wrong by Sweden, most of Africa, Vietnam and  Singapore. Then if you look at the comparison of the UK voting areas alongside covid-19 areas, well so much for science.  The most densely populated areas of the UK have the most covid cases and deaths. Wow, who would have thought that?

No surprise there but don't forget, such areas are also full of migrant populations, including millions of unknown illegals. Also, as was intended, they are mostly Labour constituencies. On that theme remains also the daily large numbers being facilitated across the Channel. That looks, even if not so, like collusion among the traffickers and British and French Government Officials. All contributing in some way to the ongoing threat, if not actuality, of this pandemic.

Nobody seems prepared to acknowledge the contradictory aspect of this migration and lack of cohesive checking of peoples' movements in and out of the Country. Haven't done for decades. This contradiction one of so many since last December's huge win for the PM.

Of covid criticism and claims of the confusing manner of governance, these look ever more valid. Albeit so much of it fake or ramped. Whatever truth there is in the whole dreadful saga, we victims of the destruction of our way of life are being treated, by all interested parties, Government included, with disdain and haughty dismissiveness. The PM needs to outflank this growing, always with us since brexit, nastiness.

Some moves against "woke" revolutionary rubbish fools has been mooted. For example the threat of withdrawal of our tax monies and Government borrowing debt from various teat suckers. It still has to happen, of course. Like pressure to get education back to learning and away from leftard propaganda. Like announcing crackdowns on illegal immigration, promising deportations and law and order to be toughened up. 

So far all of the above belied by lack of action. Or at east any publicity thereof. I, like many others want our majority and democratically elected Government to succeed. We want and demanded brexit happen and properly. Still not guaranteed. Immigration and its ghastly sister industry of trafficking and criminality needs stamping on. 

As for covid-19. Lets get back to as close as normal as we can. Lift all restrictions for two to four weeks. Then gather data we can trust and do what's necessary. Then, with the weight of actual, trustworthy  evidence act decisively. F**k the science and the sirens bleating their seductive drivel and grow some. You sought high office Boris. Prove you are worthy of it and drop most of your treacherous "advisers". If an inner "Cabinet" of really trustworthy lieutenants is what it must take, so be it.

Right now nothing appears to be working. Some character, risk and leadership has gone walk about. Get it back or go down drenched in mire. Your place in history will become minuscule next to the dreadful Bliar and Brown, if you let this covid blessing for the leftards win. We need hope and vision for returning to normality. To hear talk and whispers of the cancellation of Christmas is hardly uplifting, FFS. I longed for a Government such as we have now, for decades. Please let it not be struck down by a strain of flu.

Friday, 25 September 2020

Masking The Banal.

 Dispiriting National Behaviour.

I took a rare venture out into our once beautiful English Town of Ludlow. How dull we have all become. If there's one glaring disadvantage of our now multi cultural population it is how dull and predictable it has become. The wearing of masks highlighting the puerile inability of any common sense.

I saw this on my last outing. Folk trying to claim superiority in their choice of face covering, only made less foolish than those with noses uncovered wandering down the street. The latter outdone by dirty, too frequently used masks. If not saturated with covid-19, for sure other dangerous bugs and homes for sickness inducing muck are rife and more prevalent than ever before this obsessive decree to cover faces. Ridiculous visible signs of how gross our National sense of any pride or sophistication has been lost.

Along with the now futile desire to recover some of those once admirable British traits, we have the overriding air of awful loss. Fair play now a joke as genuine and persecuted people from across the Globe have long been elbowed aside by the takers and the bullies now washing, literally, onto our shores. None of them with one jot of any conscience. Only a talent for exploitation at every level of society and every corner of the land.

A perfect example today was a, probably Islamic, Eastern European female. Her garb more than her hidden, covid masked features, giving clues to her origins. That and the language she spoke into her shiny, new looking and very expensive phone. For the whole 15 minutes I queued for bank service in the freezing winds outside she was on her phone. Likely much longer before and after I left.

What was this obviously privileged and very comfortable your woman doing out in the cold wind? Selling the "Big Issue" at £3.00 a pop. Would have taken a lot of sales just to cover the phone call, let alone the phone itself. A farcical and typical manner we are all taken for mugs in today's society. Pay up to promote "charity" of be vilified for not doing so.

In all of that which I observed, the banality with which we are treated is, in itself , very dispiriting. Like such pits of humanity elsewhere, nobody cares that we are declining into a third world cess pit of historic proportions. Nobody cares that centuries of hardship that reached a peak of success in the early 1960s, is now squandered on the altar of socialism.

Those pouring into these Islands and across Europe may well take over and become the majority. Probably not in my lifetime but soon. What no one stops to realise is that all of the reasons so many millions wanted, coveted and now enjoy, the lifestyles of the West, will be very short lived indeed. The burden of mass immigration and the economic and enormous cost will kill any dregs of  aspiration some may have retained through this trudge down into the nightmare we are headed. If not already there.

I used to care deeply  for all those disadvantaged. No longer. The few years I may have left I intend to try and live very well and though I shall still feel hurt at how we have become, I shall smile inwardly that perhaps it's no more than we deserve. Too quick to embrace "woke" issues and minorities has killed what once may have lived to improve. 

Covid-19 and all of its consequences  are expediting our economic collapse. To be followed by a powerful dog eat dog society, that is already apparent in so many instances. "Big Issue" issues a pointer! I believe Boris and his time in Office will be as late as Churchill's was just in time. Sadly. 

I hope all those still deserving have a great weekend. We are becoming fewer by the minute.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

This And That.

 Are We Destined To Suffer Covid-19  Forever?

Of this I'm certain. The 24/7, weak, politically motivated dirge and drivel being poured forth from the usual MSM and political circles is endless. Always negative and full of miserable faces. The overriding need of these cretins is to make us all unhappy and vulnerable to their propaganda on behalf of the deep state rich and powerful.

In every corner of our lives there are now placements and apostles of misery. From Archbishops down to council employees. Humour, tolerance, understanding and common sense have all been lobotomised for those seeking to join the ranks of supposedly superior beings. We are now a world of government employed mostly morons. It's is all so depressing.

Despite our old, hard won, sense of the ridiculous and polite aversion of authority married to supreme tolerance, we have failed to influence where the UK now stands. A Nation full of strangers. Many thousands, if not millions who wish us harm and our traditional ways of living and coping destroyed.

These thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across the Channel but one blatant symptom of our malaise. How did this all come to pass? We shall probably never know. However this supposed, hyped to hell and back "pandemic" has shown up so much of the terrible place we have created.

Of all the arrogant pundits we have, "national treasure status" claimed doomsayer in chief , now claims we need to save the human race, never mind the planet. I disagree wholly. The Planet and its other inhabitants deserve better than our dominant, smug, selfish cruelty. Our sole claim to dominion said to be our intellect. Well, if that were so wonderful how come we've screwed up to very badly?

Let's just hope, against all the odds, we might get some normality back sooner than forecast. Why not just drop all the huge and seemingly wasteful, even useless, way we are running the farcical effort against this virus and see how that pans out? I am beginning to believe the "cure" is very much worse than the "disease". I really am. The misery not worth the loss of so much we once held dear.

Even if we are to continue along the path we are on to try and improve the wretched situation, can't we have something else to talk about? The joy of brexit for a start, now round the corner! Going back out into the world as an independent and freer Country. Taking control, as that well worn but optimistic phrase would say. Time will tell, I guess. Rant over for today!

Monday, 21 September 2020

Teetering On The Edge.

 Let Alone Covid-19.

Long overdue but on the way.

If China had decided to damage the West's economy and join forces with Russia, to establish a new world order, who would be surprised? A new global regime in which they, Sino-Russian interests, become the dominant powers. Both economically and with the military superiority to back it up, as the USA achieved post WW2, is not impossible to imagine.

Covid-19, becoming almost certainly more likely from the Wuhan Lab, long suspected before 4 days ago, is that not as timely in damaging the west's already bungled economies as was 9/11? I truly believe so. Few ever correlated 9/11 with an economic motive, probably not even the terrorists involved but for OR, it's results have been catastrophic to all our lives and finances.

I do consider the GE of 2019 to have been a fantastic result. Without it we would still be solidly in the clutches and control of the EUSSR. Bear in mind we are still attached and influenced badly by that gross construct of a Trojan Horse in our midst. 

If, a big if, we can be totally free of their grip on January the first, 2021, we may also survive the coming mega crash more lightly than the behemoth that is that ridiculous and clumsy organisation. We, as a small but independent Nation, will more easily implement necessary financial controls and currency adaptation than either the USA or The EU clowns.

Much of the debt ridden, money printing nonsense will remain unfelt until post mid November, is my and others' thinking. With the Presidential election done, the next President, probably still the incumbent, will be in a similar position as our own PM. Both facing unenviable and monstrous decisions to save their Nations and groom them for a future few ever expected.

Many may well smirk at my next consideration. Let them. I consider those two men better equipped for the coming difficulties than any other candidates. Our PM has an excellent majority and the intellect to use it well. Ignore the massed forces against him and President Trump. The deep state, as is, will also needs change. 

Their  power and prowess will be weakened badly in the face of a frequently slighted but new and powerful Sino-Russian axis. African Countries will be behind those powers, too. Possibly South America along as well, as the shift to these new major players evolves. 

We can already see the embryonic signs of currency shifts. Crypto funding finding favour in those Countries already feeling the failure of their allegiances to  a now fading world order based on the dollar. Turkey's people and others, forecast here back in 2018, failed states and bitcoin, are slowly understanding there's an alternative to slavishly bowing to decades of dollar enslavement.

So bear in mind this. If our PM and the POTUS of November 2020 can adapt quickly to the changes inevitably coming, self inflicted over decades of never contemplating running out of steam by a deep state of greed and evil, we in the UK and USA may escape the very worst. Europe meanwhile likely to crumble badly.

None of my thoughts expect it to be less than very terrible. Possibly worse than the 1930s. The gravest danger, as then, the rise of more aggressive and armed conflict "solutions". Many, myself included, feel much of what's to come will be deserved by successive generations surrender to the seductive sirens of the left. The wretched "woke" culture which ironically promote violence whilst claiming self righteously a "fair" and liberal agenda.

This leftard lazy approach, that equality is somehow inevitable, in the face of zero proof, has never, historically proven viable. Explorers, entrepreneurs, risk takers and the talented all needs a platform on which to succeed and inevitably benefit those less able. The decline of the West is wholly on the back of th spread of faux socialism. 

That new religion, with which the masses are as every bit subjugated and or controlled as ever, by dogma and suppression, writ largest in the Islamic creeds. Is that why the mass influx into Europe has been engineered. It's not impossible, in my view. 

Do I have any answers? No, I don't. All my beliefs as to how human society ought be run have been trampled on. Christianity and its basic tenets worked well through much of the 20th century, only to be passed over from the 1960s onward. socialism playing it part. The decay within clergy and the paucity of strong leadership from the top now as apparent as it was before. Politics and self importance now more sought after thn any solace in a peace once part of church going.

One thing I will say. My generation born in the 40s have enjoyed and made the most of opportunities available with hard work now too easy to enjoy for recent generations. Those in their mid twenties to mid fifties today burdened with too much "live now pay later" attitude. The "pay later" far harder to achieve in this modern, not woke but broke society. "Reap what you sow", as always, a harsh lesson indeed.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

A Sad Loss.

 Only Today Did Oldrightie Learn Of A Yawning Chasm In Blogging.

I wondered where so much was gone. A log a so loved now bereft of its Author. Likewise "Nourishing Obscurity, from James, had disappeared from my own newly enforced presence here. In relocating James I was able to sadly answer my own concerns at the absence of "Raedwald".

More able writers than Oldrightie have written well on Radders' brilliance. A force for good that is always to be found on the right. Never, ever on the left. Those on the "left" who are worthy human beings are then traduced by their erstwhile lefties and forced to move more centrally and starboard headed. Frank Field and Kate Hoey to name two.

I pray fervently that all Raedwald stood for will continue as he hoped. Anything less condemns the human race to a poverty of spirit and a depressing future. I fervently believe, wherever people go in the that future, unless of Raedwald's observations, it will be much worse than any of us could imagine. Lessons not learnt but well taught nevertheless. 

Thank you Raedwald for hope in the darkest of times. Light when darkness prevailed, joy when good overcame evil.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Sod It I'm Going To Gloat.

 For Too Long We Decent Democratic Folk Have Been Too Polite!

For years we had to stomach the Parliament of remain majorities running rough shod over the referendum result. Lying over their credentials in May's deliberate sacrificing of a brexit Tory Party election in 2017. Then every trick in the book attempted to destroy the PM's slender and tenuous position prior to December 2019.

The usual nasty media suspects gurned and grinned their superiority over we little people for years. Their approach always smug, arrogant and unpleasant as they lectured us all on the joys of subservience to the dictators from Berlin and Brussels. It was so deceitful and full of devious and gross arrogance. 

So we eventually and with a leader for the first time since Lady T., voted OVERWHELMINGLY IN 2019, to show these privileged, wealthy and smug crowd, who joyfully embrace the sewerage and dregs, from across the human race. Always before the decent, law abiding and badly served wage earners. The poorly served war veterans and all of us who have been cajoled and deceived into having to accept this multicultural experimentation and descent into slums of barbarism.

So yes, it's time for some personal and joyful mirth at our terrible enemies as they thrash about powerless in the face of OUR majority government and well loved PM. At least, God willing, four more glorious years to come. Yes please. More of those marginal victories we enjoyed last night. As the ridiculous BBC clowns claimed.

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Glorious And Emotional

Last Night Of The Proms.

Despite the brouhaha being so gross, the end result was still stirring. The animal instinct to herd together to face all that life holds dangerous as well as joyful, resounded still. Music supplying the emotional need beautifully no matter the ugly nature of today's social failings. 

Pride in the good, loathing of the bad, so powerful in these words, music and memories of a people who forced the powerful to attack slavery. Delivered the World from the Nazis and partnered the USA in defeating the barbaric scourge of Japanese cruelty and evil.

We, all the decent peoples of the West and humanity, have earnt our right to seek approbation for our successes, humility for our failings. We need no lessons from the fools of the present. Our learning from history was painful enough. Allow some freedom to those who preserved it. 

Friday, 11 September 2020


 Somehow The Brexit Latest Makes Me Think Of This Anniversary.

If you can't see the link I make just bear this in mind. This terrible atrocity was done by those who are incapable of accepting democracy and its tenets. Not least majority voting. Add to all that entails, Gina Miller's ruling in the High Court. UK Parliament trumps international treaties. Smiles with a knowing grin!

Back to my association with 9/11. Only laws and treaties endorsed by those who dislike the ones that they don't approve of count. See where I'm going? I have and still do feel that the forces of remain are similar in many ways to terrorists. For over 4 years since the referendum of 2016 we have faced the most awful onslaught by media, deep state funded idiots like Bray and Gina Miller like never before.

Now, with a very sensible move to scrap the Withdrawal Bill, that in itself designed by the EUSSR in collusion with May and her puppeteers from Sedwill and Oily Robbins down, the remain cabals are back on the rampage. It really is a sickening and fawning method of terrorising all who dare to consider sovereign democracy the proper way to be governed.

That such a democratic desire should be so vilified and trampled upon, tells us all we need to know as to what the EUSSR is really all about. Dictatorship and suppression. Covid 19 restrictions only worse and forever. We must hope and pray OUR PM sticks to the people who gave him his huge mandate. Those Tory lite MPs now moaning about trust and honour need a long hard look in a mirror. They all signed up to support their leader with promises of loyalty now looking very shabby indeed. 

As for Michael Howard. Suddenly in need of bigger and fatter cheques I assume. What else can matter to him now he's a member of the HoL? Dinner invites with the Kinnocks perhaps? FFS.

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Sometimes Things Can Be Uplifting.

 Here's One Of Them!

Not the photograph above but that, too, is for me uplifting and a tribute to Mrs. OR's gardening talents. Add that her culinary skills are as her gardening ones and you get the reasons for my title for this post. 

Then, despite the chaos of covid 19 and its weaponising by the usual suspects, we must hold on to the referendum victor. The December rout of the left. Plus the remainers' devious and treacherous years they occupied our, yes our Parliament for far too long.

So in amongst these "sometimes", I am now able to count a comment left on my last post. One that was one more, for me, a "sometime". A small but important reference to our PM's determination to set us free from that ghastly bunch across the English Channel! Covid 19 notwithstanding! The weather's perking up for one last bit of summer as well!

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Still The Nightmare And Secrecy Continues.

 Every Moment All Of Us Hear Or Learn Something Different, Never The Truth.

A worthwhile place to visit.

A dear friend has his 50th birthday on Thursday. An airline Captain. On very much reduced flying, of course. However, bear in mind the strictures, lecturing and hectoring forced on us all constantly about this "killer" virus, he is due fly to and from Zakinthos, circa 300 people this afternoon. Notwithstanding the total number of infected passengers into Cardiff, or the dreadful state of the Greek Islands and colonisation refugee numbers, the flight looks certain to go ahead.

How we have to suffer the nonsensical state of affairs and disruption whilst these careless, if all of the hype is correct as to the dangers, activities struggle on is just stupid. What really is being bandied around the corridors of power and the deep state gang's regular chats is a wonder indeed. One thing we can be, as ever, sure of. Money is being made, deals brokered and futures made or destroyed.

The latter will be many who will have been less than welcome to the halls of power and mega rich players. Possibly our PM and his team among them. Part of me hopes that this is so and that our PM is of stern stuff. Plus his closest advisers. If not we have even more to fear than any pandemic.

There are signs the PM has an agenda to at least hold off, if not weaken, the PTB. The Mandarin classes of the Civil Service are not quite so cocky and smug right now. Bercow is licking his non ermine wounds despite powerful mates trying to ennoble the ignoble. Corbyn for one, ffs. Starmer another. Not forgetting the still ongoing EUSSR saga and the remain acolytes still moaning lot. Now a suggestion the UK may hold off on billions of overseas backhanders aid. Anathema to many who have enjoyed a direct siphon connection to those payments. The sustenance of the Quango industry for sure. 

So, as I have written before, covid 19 was and remains manna from heaven to those desperate to minimise the election of a true democratic result. Two in fact. The 2016 vote, now a distant memory for so many. More recently last December. Like many of us from the latter, to date, not as we would have hoped Government due to this wretched, deep state, orchestrated pandemic.

As in the title, in many ways, this virus is something the haters of democracy could only have ever dreamed of. Once in the public eye, bingo, months and months of control, delay, obfuscation and a vehicle for those who wish democracy dead. The fear engendered, the disruption, the costs and the control manna from heaven never allowed to be questioned. The face mask nonsense a visible manifestation of how powerful the hidden manipulators are and love.

Where next, we must ask? My belief is to declare martial law and crackdown on mass gatherings completely. Whilst nurturing a return to normality for those prepared to follow such a lead, support the majority, democratically elected Government and if utterly disgusted with their performance vote them out in December 2004. It's how it used to work. As Sir Winston about that post WW2.

Under that strict martial law, give the media and the Civil Service some serious warnings to watch their steps. The plotting, the strange number of "senior sources" who inform the BBC, SKY, Channel 4 et al be hunted down with determination and exposure, where lies and hidden agendas can be proven as such. Accountability be targeted and where proven to be nefarious, pensions and peerages, knighthoods and honours taken away.

A House of Lords could soon be reduced in numbers, I feel. Justifiably and properly. Much could be achieved in 4 years, then face the electorate. After all it was against huge odds 2016 referendum and 2019 GE were won. With proper Governance, well before the next election, covid 19 might well be a distant memory. Like floods and droughts become. Time the greatest healer.

I Told You So.

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