Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Friday, 11 September 2020


 Somehow The Brexit Latest Makes Me Think Of This Anniversary.

If you can't see the link I make just bear this in mind. This terrible atrocity was done by those who are incapable of accepting democracy and its tenets. Not least majority voting. Add to all that entails, Gina Miller's ruling in the High Court. UK Parliament trumps international treaties. Smiles with a knowing grin!

Back to my association with 9/11. Only laws and treaties endorsed by those who dislike the ones that they don't approve of count. See where I'm going? I have and still do feel that the forces of remain are similar in many ways to terrorists. For over 4 years since the referendum of 2016 we have faced the most awful onslaught by media, deep state funded idiots like Bray and Gina Miller like never before.

Now, with a very sensible move to scrap the Withdrawal Bill, that in itself designed by the EUSSR in collusion with May and her puppeteers from Sedwill and Oily Robbins down, the remain cabals are back on the rampage. It really is a sickening and fawning method of terrorising all who dare to consider sovereign democracy the proper way to be governed.

That such a democratic desire should be so vilified and trampled upon, tells us all we need to know as to what the EUSSR is really all about. Dictatorship and suppression. Covid 19 restrictions only worse and forever. We must hope and pray OUR PM sticks to the people who gave him his huge mandate. Those Tory lite MPs now moaning about trust and honour need a long hard look in a mirror. They all signed up to support their leader with promises of loyalty now looking very shabby indeed. 

As for Michael Howard. Suddenly in need of bigger and fatter cheques I assume. What else can matter to him now he's a member of the HoL? Dinner invites with the Kinnocks perhaps? FFS.

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