Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

A Sad Loss.

 Only Today Did Oldrightie Learn Of A Yawning Chasm In Blogging.

I wondered where so much was gone. A log a so loved now bereft of its Author. Likewise "Nourishing Obscurity, from James, had disappeared from my own newly enforced presence here. In relocating James I was able to sadly answer my own concerns at the absence of "Raedwald".

More able writers than Oldrightie have written well on Radders' brilliance. A force for good that is always to be found on the right. Never, ever on the left. Those on the "left" who are worthy human beings are then traduced by their erstwhile lefties and forced to move more centrally and starboard headed. Frank Field and Kate Hoey to name two.

I pray fervently that all Raedwald stood for will continue as he hoped. Anything less condemns the human race to a poverty of spirit and a depressing future. I fervently believe, wherever people go in the that future, unless of Raedwald's observations, it will be much worse than any of us could imagine. Lessons not learnt but well taught nevertheless. 

Thank you Raedwald for hope in the darkest of times. Light when darkness prevailed, joy when good overcame evil.


  1. Sadly things like Facebook seem to be replacing interesting and informed blogs O R. It's fine if you want to tell the world how long you were in the bathroom or what you had for breakfast which seems to be the limit of what many can do these days. More worrying of course is how many people read such stuff and why?

  2. I wondered where you had got to OR.
    Very sad news about Raedwald. My first port of call in the morning for interesting and inciteful news and views.

    1. Was mine, too, Anon. A huge shock for us all and awful for his nearest and dearest. Sad way for you to find me.


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