Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Sod It I'm Going To Gloat.

 For Too Long We Decent Democratic Folk Have Been Too Polite!

For years we had to stomach the Parliament of remain majorities running rough shod over the referendum result. Lying over their credentials in May's deliberate sacrificing of a brexit Tory Party election in 2017. Then every trick in the book attempted to destroy the PM's slender and tenuous position prior to December 2019.

The usual nasty media suspects gurned and grinned their superiority over we little people for years. Their approach always smug, arrogant and unpleasant as they lectured us all on the joys of subservience to the dictators from Berlin and Brussels. It was so deceitful and full of devious and gross arrogance. 

So we eventually and with a leader for the first time since Lady T., voted OVERWHELMINGLY IN 2019, to show these privileged, wealthy and smug crowd, who joyfully embrace the sewerage and dregs, from across the human race. Always before the decent, law abiding and badly served wage earners. The poorly served war veterans and all of us who have been cajoled and deceived into having to accept this multicultural experimentation and descent into slums of barbarism.

So yes, it's time for some personal and joyful mirth at our terrible enemies as they thrash about powerless in the face of OUR majority government and well loved PM. At least, God willing, four more glorious years to come. Yes please. More of those marginal victories we enjoyed last night. As the ridiculous BBC clowns claimed.

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