Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Teetering On The Edge.

 Let Alone Covid-19.

Long overdue but on the way.

If China had decided to damage the West's economy and join forces with Russia, to establish a new world order, who would be surprised? A new global regime in which they, Sino-Russian interests, become the dominant powers. Both economically and with the military superiority to back it up, as the USA achieved post WW2, is not impossible to imagine.

Covid-19, becoming almost certainly more likely from the Wuhan Lab, long suspected before 4 days ago, is that not as timely in damaging the west's already bungled economies as was 9/11? I truly believe so. Few ever correlated 9/11 with an economic motive, probably not even the terrorists involved but for OR, it's results have been catastrophic to all our lives and finances.

I do consider the GE of 2019 to have been a fantastic result. Without it we would still be solidly in the clutches and control of the EUSSR. Bear in mind we are still attached and influenced badly by that gross construct of a Trojan Horse in our midst. 

If, a big if, we can be totally free of their grip on January the first, 2021, we may also survive the coming mega crash more lightly than the behemoth that is that ridiculous and clumsy organisation. We, as a small but independent Nation, will more easily implement necessary financial controls and currency adaptation than either the USA or The EU clowns.

Much of the debt ridden, money printing nonsense will remain unfelt until post mid November, is my and others' thinking. With the Presidential election done, the next President, probably still the incumbent, will be in a similar position as our own PM. Both facing unenviable and monstrous decisions to save their Nations and groom them for a future few ever expected.

Many may well smirk at my next consideration. Let them. I consider those two men better equipped for the coming difficulties than any other candidates. Our PM has an excellent majority and the intellect to use it well. Ignore the massed forces against him and President Trump. The deep state, as is, will also needs change. 

Their  power and prowess will be weakened badly in the face of a frequently slighted but new and powerful Sino-Russian axis. African Countries will be behind those powers, too. Possibly South America along as well, as the shift to these new major players evolves. 

We can already see the embryonic signs of currency shifts. Crypto funding finding favour in those Countries already feeling the failure of their allegiances to  a now fading world order based on the dollar. Turkey's people and others, forecast here back in 2018, failed states and bitcoin, are slowly understanding there's an alternative to slavishly bowing to decades of dollar enslavement.

So bear in mind this. If our PM and the POTUS of November 2020 can adapt quickly to the changes inevitably coming, self inflicted over decades of never contemplating running out of steam by a deep state of greed and evil, we in the UK and USA may escape the very worst. Europe meanwhile likely to crumble badly.

None of my thoughts expect it to be less than very terrible. Possibly worse than the 1930s. The gravest danger, as then, the rise of more aggressive and armed conflict "solutions". Many, myself included, feel much of what's to come will be deserved by successive generations surrender to the seductive sirens of the left. The wretched "woke" culture which ironically promote violence whilst claiming self righteously a "fair" and liberal agenda.

This leftard lazy approach, that equality is somehow inevitable, in the face of zero proof, has never, historically proven viable. Explorers, entrepreneurs, risk takers and the talented all needs a platform on which to succeed and inevitably benefit those less able. The decline of the West is wholly on the back of th spread of faux socialism. 

That new religion, with which the masses are as every bit subjugated and or controlled as ever, by dogma and suppression, writ largest in the Islamic creeds. Is that why the mass influx into Europe has been engineered. It's not impossible, in my view. 

Do I have any answers? No, I don't. All my beliefs as to how human society ought be run have been trampled on. Christianity and its basic tenets worked well through much of the 20th century, only to be passed over from the 1960s onward. socialism playing it part. The decay within clergy and the paucity of strong leadership from the top now as apparent as it was before. Politics and self importance now more sought after thn any solace in a peace once part of church going.

One thing I will say. My generation born in the 40s have enjoyed and made the most of opportunities available with hard work now too easy to enjoy for recent generations. Those in their mid twenties to mid fifties today burdened with too much "live now pay later" attitude. The "pay later" far harder to achieve in this modern, not woke but broke society. "Reap what you sow", as always, a harsh lesson indeed.


  1. Yes funny how we never hear where the virus came from anymore maybe it's not PC to state the truth now. Well as we probably go into yet another bad patch the Good Lady and I have decided to self isolate as much as possible O R in the interests of self preservation as no doubt you and yours will. We want to still be here when once again UK is a free nation and want to witness the self harm the EU has inflicted on itself in order to punish us.

  2. We will indeed, Anon. Stay safe and ignore the 24/7 nastiness aimed at our excellent PM!


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