Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

This And That.

 Are We Destined To Suffer Covid-19  Forever?

Of this I'm certain. The 24/7, weak, politically motivated dirge and drivel being poured forth from the usual MSM and political circles is endless. Always negative and full of miserable faces. The overriding need of these cretins is to make us all unhappy and vulnerable to their propaganda on behalf of the deep state rich and powerful.

In every corner of our lives there are now placements and apostles of misery. From Archbishops down to council employees. Humour, tolerance, understanding and common sense have all been lobotomised for those seeking to join the ranks of supposedly superior beings. We are now a world of government employed mostly morons. It's is all so depressing.

Despite our old, hard won, sense of the ridiculous and polite aversion of authority married to supreme tolerance, we have failed to influence where the UK now stands. A Nation full of strangers. Many thousands, if not millions who wish us harm and our traditional ways of living and coping destroyed.

These thousands of illegal immigrants streaming across the Channel but one blatant symptom of our malaise. How did this all come to pass? We shall probably never know. However this supposed, hyped to hell and back "pandemic" has shown up so much of the terrible place we have created.

Of all the arrogant pundits we have, "national treasure status" claimed doomsayer in chief , now claims we need to save the human race, never mind the planet. I disagree wholly. The Planet and its other inhabitants deserve better than our dominant, smug, selfish cruelty. Our sole claim to dominion said to be our intellect. Well, if that were so wonderful how come we've screwed up to very badly?

Let's just hope, against all the odds, we might get some normality back sooner than forecast. Why not just drop all the huge and seemingly wasteful, even useless, way we are running the farcical effort against this virus and see how that pans out? I am beginning to believe the "cure" is very much worse than the "disease". I really am. The misery not worth the loss of so much we once held dear.

Even if we are to continue along the path we are on to try and improve the wretched situation, can't we have something else to talk about? The joy of brexit for a start, now round the corner! Going back out into the world as an independent and freer Country. Taking control, as that well worn but optimistic phrase would say. Time will tell, I guess. Rant over for today!


  1. The prophets of doom are on every street corner and on every news (so called) channel. All I hear is Boris is not doing the right thing but nobody ever says what he should do. Truly we are in the age of Knocker, none of them could do any better and they are all gifted with perfect hind sight. Considering the situation why are the opposition not even level with Boris in the polls at a time when they should be streets ahead? Could it be that they just moan while not having any idea what to do themselves? Sorry O R rant over :-) here we are taking refuge in the past and listening to classic radio and watching more light hearted TV. At least modern TV comes with more options to avoid the biased rubbish on the so called news than ever before.

  2. Anon, no apology necessary. I can't recall a time when in a National crisis such as now a PM was close to death and only narrowly recovered. Still looks a sinister carry on that. However he's back and God willing getting stronger by the day. He appears to also have the EUSSR on the back foot and likely, with strength and belief, to get a superior result than any May clones ever could have done.


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