Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Musings Of The Day.

 I Don't Watch "News" Anymore But Still Keep Some Interest.

This is partly why.

 The New York Times writes of integration failing in France. Not about the type of people introduced through political desire to social engineer. Hence the lack of integration is actually about domination.

The culture now predominant throughout Europe is one determined to occupy not integrate. Only this very morning, Thursday, destined to be buried by evening, more terror on Europe's French streets. Another mindless, brainwashed, air head piece of scum, more privileged with his BAME status than any white citizen, goes on another of the endless, rampaging, slaughtering exercises in "integration".

Then there's covid-19. Mentioned back in July. Now, in late October, this likely probability rears once more. There is a suggestion the USA paid the Wuhan Lab to "research" disease carrying bats known to have such a lethal virus. Always this global reach and watering down of National interest in the pursuit of power is never far away from all our woes.

As for the biological warfare aspects. it appears an excellent virus to incapacitate adult opposition wherever found and leave impressionable, more easily influenced younger "Eloys" to "manage". Whatever the truth, I suspect there has and remains quid pro quo agreements across the world such as we have witnessed in the link preceding, to parcel our such research. Is it not possible our very own scare with the Skripals has an element of such cooperation

Whatever the truth, I doubt we shall ever know. It also looks more and more the case we may never return to the life we knew pre covid-19. What may evolve is too horrific to contemplate despite some signs now around us. The inherent lack of any ambition to work made manifest in the reluctance of millions no longer wishing to return to work.

Chief among these ranks are, as ever, those employed by the State. Teachers, civil servants, council staff, quangos and many NHS staff. Admin and hierarchy leading by nefarious example. For so many covid-19 is a chance to be less furtive about practices evolving in parallel with socialism and the benefit system provided by fewer and fewer still conscientious people of the "old" school.

Then there is the new, wonderful contribution from other sections of our "new" society. Naturally well supported by welfare considerations.  Our western once promising society is dying. Trust me, its replacement will not be even close to being as it was. Until Islamic dominance reigns supreme we'll be terrorised into submission. Post that will be even more terrible.

In the meantime enjoy life. Ignore the change about to consume the West. After all we've done nothing to prevent the state we have become, have we? Assuming we ever could.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

A Lay Man's Take On Today's Economics.

 Just My Humble Offerings.

I rarely post on finance other than it's intimate relationship with politics and power. Both aspects compete with all others to the benefit of the powerful and against the fairer distribution a smaller, compact group would tolerate. Partly why globalism is so favoured in our modern world. However the sheer size of the human population is beginning to ruin once held dear tenets that have supported the powerful for many, many years.

By that last sentence above my meaning is that the old systems are no longer pertinent for any share in growth and wealth, that once allowed interest on hard won savings, security in owning assets, shares or property, for many, to continue. At least continue in relative freedom or interference from the mighty and the very rich. If this sounds a bit conspiracy theory bear in mind I blame the natural animal instinct for survival and therefore competitiveness. Not deliberate joining of forces to suppress others out of greed, necessarily.

So let us look at the present day and our economic fragility. One, as yet in the realms of media coverage, "nobody saw the disaster coming" mantra. As they always claim. Albeit 9/11 was pretty reasonable to forecast. As was the subsequent dreadful "war on terror" failures and the dreadful mess the Middle East was dragged into. All pretty much on view amongst the trees and the wood thereof.

As for the outcome of the years to date, post 9/11, what do we have? Other than this pandemic, it seems little else now occurs. I would suggest this covid-19 is reminiscent of the old naval steam ship tactics of using billowing smoke funnels. Thus the billions now being squandered, regardless of the overheating printing presses, leave little for we lesser folk, beyond austerity never, since the 1930s, known by most of those to be worst affected.

We now see few under 50 years of age owning their own property anymore. Decades of partying, selfishness, promiscuity without thought or care and zero thought of living far more years older than young. All are now beginning to manifest themselves in a nightmare of negative interest rates, a bulging dam of inflation about to burst and so much debt it will consume most of our GDP. A scary destination of drudgery and hell on earth is very close.

Those of us still enjoying the fruits of our lifetime's labours should manage for the few years we have remaining but rest assured any small wealth we might possess will be expected to go to Government need before any relatives or charities might benefit. That robbery is well underway. Bloated Councils and their Civil Servant colleagues are already well shielded. For now. Even they will feel the rub when this dreadful scenario plays out, though.

There is one saving grace, pun intended, that, not without anxiety, I have embraced along with millions of others. I don't pretend to understand much of it but grasp its overarching reason to exist. It can help everyone. We little folk especially. Crypto currency. Bitcoin in particular. Now this is not some kind of pitch or advice. Just my take on said arena.

The creator(s) of bitcoin is referred to and entered in Wikipedia as Nakamoto Satoshi. Much of this creation of a crypto currency has significant relativity to all. Not just a manipulative, all powerful fiat currency world. This is the economic norm we have been fed and dragooned into accepting as the only means of exchange available for centuries. After bartering was overtaken by coinage. Not anymore. The "I promise to pay the bearer of" trust fiat was meant to embrace, is no longer valid. You get very little for a pound do you?

How is that so? Just look at the increase in living costs since March. Supermarkets' soaring profits, Amazon now home to the richest and most obscenely wealthiest human alive. Pubs now selling pints for a tenner in places. Restaurants trying to recoup covid losses and needing to fleece fewer customers. Except in the hallowed halls of Westminster's subsidised eateries, of course.

Politicians across the West rich beyond measure within a few years of power. Like African despots. Bliar, Obama, the Kinnocks, the list is endless. Many Civil servants and EUSSR Commissioners likewise. All beneficiaries of our taxes and hard earned, often painfully wrestled few bob. Their contribution to the lives and welfare of their fellow creatures, zero. Bar lip service.

So Satoshi set out to level things up a little. Unbeknownst to most, the war of attrition against this creation has been savage. Many shadowy banking and politically run institutions have quietly purchased, confiscated and extracted nefariously, bitcoin for one purpose only. Manipulation of its value. The motive to protect their power and wealth from leeching away to others.

The power employed to destroy crypto currencies has been and remains colossal. However it is also possible to discern some weakness arising. Even with all the might of the combined banking, corporate and political cabals, the reliance for wealth, based on consumerism and cheap labour, wherever it could be found is now waning. 

Bailey, the BoE's new head honcho running scared it would seem is a sign of losing ground. That and the proliferation of spoof web sites such as "Yahoo finance" and other pretend coin based "experts". Whenever bitcoin has surged those places preach disaster.

Where is any evidence, you will be thinking. Turkey for one is seeing flight into crypto as safer havens for currency than their own. Africa has a surge of similar movement, as does South America. Indeed many Nations seeing their currency devalue and inflation soar, are flocking to place any assets into less vulnerable and exposed places. Gold of course similarly but more clumsy to liquidate.

How this will all evolve I've no idea. Except that post covid-19 and in particularly in the West, the economic and self inflicted burdens of huge welfare, immigrant and overpopulation policies will bite. How we as individuals cope will be, unlike for decades, down to ourselves. The PTB will be so busy infighting over their "pots" as to care even less for the rest of us, than they do now.

I also hang on to one other factor peculiar, for now, to the UK. We are out of a dead but still twitching grandiose project of a Federal Europe. Something which, for circa 40 years, has been at the forefront of social and economic engineering of such egotistical hubris it is beyond contemplation. 

If our present PM can survive the forces ranged against him, lose the now dated and unpleasant powers so long holding sway, we may well have a new and golden "empire" on these shores, at least. With a UK economy underpinned by crypto currencies immune to the vagaries of others. Who knows? Just do your utmost to protect your nearest and dearest is my best submission!

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

I've Been Out And About Again.

 Still Avoiding 95% Of Mainstream Fake News Though.

Some might know this fantastic beach. Also our yearly boutique experience where we enjoy being pampered. Albeit it's our Doberman's annual break! Well, that's our excuse to stay here in such tranqulity. Not least after months of rebuilding our home!

So a fabulous sunny journey down last Sunday and return today, also in  glorious weather. The Autumn colours through the mountains and countryside just joyous. Covid-19 could not damage the pleasure despite media efforts to continue their desperate work to destabilise the Government and try their utmost to stop our departure from the USSR EUSSR. 

As for covid-19. Well each day Government make an effort to tackle the pandemic the media scream like banshees the opposite route should be taken. "A three tier system is necessary" they shout only to denigrate said move when it happens. "WE must have a selective area lockdown strategy". "Oh no the highly populated areas are being discriminated in this move" shout the hecklers when it's taken on.

No wonder our PM looks knackered, poor sod. Well, as each day passes, God willing, he'll get stronger after his brush with the fatal side of this virus. As for the general public, well their different approaches to it all are of great comic material even if often well meant. Some are determined to promote a "mask envy" movement. Luxury face covering s rather than Rolex watches, it would seem.

A further observation from our visit. We have been aware that our own Unitary authority is self centered, arrogant and very overpaid, at senior level. Full of self entitlement and spite to those perceived better off than they. Our journey seemed to show ever greater neglect as we passed through various places. An air of decay, lack of interest in infrastructure and maintenance. The roads packed with roadkill. The worst and most shocking experience of all, the beautiful beach above littered with rotting corpses of seals. 

As for road closures due to corona virus, well ridiculous. As is the closure of cemeteries. No doubt staff still paid out of the public purse for doing far less work, if any, for many months. The attitude of course, hammer the public and council tax payers anyway. Nice opportunity for ever greater extortion, "innit"? Until even their cash cow status disappears. Meanwhile dream up ever more hilarious and outlandish schemes to justify existence. Expensive? It's not our cash we spend, is it?

Trouble with the above approach, of course, is you need several a day, surely, to maintain hygienic integrity. Just because you choose the "Darth Vader" like deluxe model doesn't make it self cleansing or more scary to the virus! As for social and dining out experiences. Some places staff wear coverings, others not. Where worn, something very disappointing takes place. The social pleasantries less warm or valuable to a face behind a mask.

Then, despite all these precautions I noticed bottled beers being drunk from said bottles, not a glass. A habit I've always found nauseating, given the rat and vermin urine likely present from storage and or transit. Neckinf rom the bottle during pandemic, FFS! Like I said a few words back, a goldmine of comedy as well as sadness.

So our break was special though a little less enjoyable due to this weird place we are presently in. However, the comedy, outside of where genuine loss may be found and be bereaved, still is possible to smile quietly over. The media way up there with the daily gaffes in their efforts to "big up" the crisis.
I refer to the "all the hospital beds are full" crap. How about this blatant lie soon found out!? That amateurish attempt at deceit was soon guffawed off the stage.

So there's pretty well my latest musings from a curmudgeonly codger, aka Oldrightie. I postulate one last observation, however. Has the pandemic brought about a drop in driving standards, I wonder? The paucity of any thought for others seems to be totally gone. e followed an ancient camper van at 30 mph for almost 50 miles. It eventually pulled over after struggling with the first real mountain gradient but not before some hair raising attempted overtake maneuvers coming close to closing the road for hours!

Keep cheerful, safe and deserving. There really is no other way, is there? 

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Stupid Is as Stupid Does or Says.

 What A Corker!

The Labour Party Leader, SIR Keir Starmer is reported as saying last week, "Boris Johnson has lost control of the virus", utterly amazing this is from the Observer/Guardian unbiased and fair cretins, he then postulates on what should have been and or should be done. FFS!

First of all it seems clear to me the long term after effects of serious cases of this virus are profound. The PM should be given time to overcome such issues. It is, after all, a strain of covid like disease little understood, from day one and subjected to thousands of differing understandings among the medical profession. Yet, come on, SIR Kier heads that august, political, supreme above all others, the Labour Party. So he will know so much more than any PM, his advisers, the Civil Service and global specialists.

My take however is this. A still recovering PM in the Bojo mode is till head and shoulders above a failed Attorney General to and acolyte of, subservient to, forelock tugging over, Blairite lover. What an utter moron to come out with such gross and stupid a statement. Arrogant, smug know all.

I would point out to this fool, this buffoon of entitled privilege, typical Labour Party "Royalty" and clumsy, effete popinjay, his unswerving and kneeling, fawning courtship over BLM terrorists has done far more to encourage mass gatherings than the Government. By a very large margin. 

Add his quiet stirring of objections to Government lockdown efforts as being against "freedoms" and you have a foolish, "opposing for the sake and hell of it", typical weak and moronic Labour Party stance. We are at war with a disease nobody really understands. Possibly even a man made bio weapon created to be tough to control without the knowledge as to its make up and manufacture.

Whatever the provenance of the infection it is a fact of life still barely under control, globally, or even rampantly out of control in many places. However the blindingly biased stupidity of all those remainers, leftards and disappointed, sour grape losers of last December's election and the 2016, seemingly eons ago, referendum, have but one single purpose in mind. Exploit this pandemic for all its worth. Fashion a gigantic cudgel with which to beat the Government down.

For me this behaviour is gross, unpatriotic and so typical of post war British politics. The politics of envy coupled with the overwhelming adherence to Marxist style thinking. A tried, tested and failed, murderous ideology perfected and applied to his own kith and kin by Stalin. Let alone Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler and far back in time. Democracy trampled under the jackboots of brutal stupidity let loose.

So, Starmer, just you carry on in this manner. Labour were sussed in the aftermath of 13 years of Blair and Brown. Mrs. Duffy one ordinary woman vilified by Brown in a very nasty but recorded uttering. One which laid bare the contempt of such people towards the rest of us. SIR Keir right out that very same mold. So beware, if you take "lessons" from Starmer you risk becoming as stupid as he. Fair warning, covid 19 or not!

Thursday, 1 October 2020

I Found This Very Worthy Of A Post.

 "Unto Others".

I’m sick of covid-19.
I’m sick of black vs. white.
I’m sick of Labour vs Conservative
I’m sick of gay vs. straight.
I’m REALLY sick of the media.
I’m sick of the language being used and plastered all over the media...
I’m sick of no-one being allowed to think what they want & feel what they do without offending someone.
I am sick of the people who are out there jumping on the bandwagon to protest just to cause mass confusion and more hatred and to riot, loot, and destroy...
I am sick of blaming the world for the sins of a few.
I like meat, again your choice not to eat meat, my choice to eat meat. End of.
I’m sick of people who think that 60 year old history is our fault... it’s history... get over it!!
We’re one race—the human race. We All Matter!!
You want to support Boris Johnson, You do it! It’s your choice.
You want to support Starmer? Fine... also your choice!
You want to believe in God? OK, believe in God.
You want to believe in magical creatures that fly around & sprinkle fairy dust to make life better? Awesome... you do it!!
BUT how about being mature enough to be able to deal with the fact that everyone doesn’t have the same exact mind-set as you. Having our own minds is what makes us all individuals and beautiful. If you can’t handle that fact....I’m sorry!!
I don’t have to agree with everything you believe in, however you will still be my friend.
So be a decent human being. Love one another, be kind, be humble, be thankful, help a stranger and do a good deed, daily.

I Told You So.

 What A Further, Humiliating, Utter Rout. I was motivated to be a blogger by the shameful antics of the UK's Labour Government and the d...