Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

I've Been Out And About Again.

 Still Avoiding 95% Of Mainstream Fake News Though.

Some might know this fantastic beach. Also our yearly boutique experience where we enjoy being pampered. Albeit it's our Doberman's annual break! Well, that's our excuse to stay here in such tranqulity. Not least after months of rebuilding our home!

So a fabulous sunny journey down last Sunday and return today, also in  glorious weather. The Autumn colours through the mountains and countryside just joyous. Covid-19 could not damage the pleasure despite media efforts to continue their desperate work to destabilise the Government and try their utmost to stop our departure from the USSR EUSSR. 

As for covid-19. Well each day Government make an effort to tackle the pandemic the media scream like banshees the opposite route should be taken. "A three tier system is necessary" they shout only to denigrate said move when it happens. "WE must have a selective area lockdown strategy". "Oh no the highly populated areas are being discriminated in this move" shout the hecklers when it's taken on.

No wonder our PM looks knackered, poor sod. Well, as each day passes, God willing, he'll get stronger after his brush with the fatal side of this virus. As for the general public, well their different approaches to it all are of great comic material even if often well meant. Some are determined to promote a "mask envy" movement. Luxury face covering s rather than Rolex watches, it would seem.

A further observation from our visit. We have been aware that our own Unitary authority is self centered, arrogant and very overpaid, at senior level. Full of self entitlement and spite to those perceived better off than they. Our journey seemed to show ever greater neglect as we passed through various places. An air of decay, lack of interest in infrastructure and maintenance. The roads packed with roadkill. The worst and most shocking experience of all, the beautiful beach above littered with rotting corpses of seals. 

As for road closures due to corona virus, well ridiculous. As is the closure of cemeteries. No doubt staff still paid out of the public purse for doing far less work, if any, for many months. The attitude of course, hammer the public and council tax payers anyway. Nice opportunity for ever greater extortion, "innit"? Until even their cash cow status disappears. Meanwhile dream up ever more hilarious and outlandish schemes to justify existence. Expensive? It's not our cash we spend, is it?

Trouble with the above approach, of course, is you need several a day, surely, to maintain hygienic integrity. Just because you choose the "Darth Vader" like deluxe model doesn't make it self cleansing or more scary to the virus! As for social and dining out experiences. Some places staff wear coverings, others not. Where worn, something very disappointing takes place. The social pleasantries less warm or valuable to a face behind a mask.

Then, despite all these precautions I noticed bottled beers being drunk from said bottles, not a glass. A habit I've always found nauseating, given the rat and vermin urine likely present from storage and or transit. Neckinf rom the bottle during pandemic, FFS! Like I said a few words back, a goldmine of comedy as well as sadness.

So our break was special though a little less enjoyable due to this weird place we are presently in. However, the comedy, outside of where genuine loss may be found and be bereaved, still is possible to smile quietly over. The media way up there with the daily gaffes in their efforts to "big up" the crisis.
I refer to the "all the hospital beds are full" crap. How about this blatant lie soon found out!? That amateurish attempt at deceit was soon guffawed off the stage.

So there's pretty well my latest musings from a curmudgeonly codger, aka Oldrightie. I postulate one last observation, however. Has the pandemic brought about a drop in driving standards, I wonder? The paucity of any thought for others seems to be totally gone. e followed an ancient camper van at 30 mph for almost 50 miles. It eventually pulled over after struggling with the first real mountain gradient but not before some hair raising attempted overtake maneuvers coming close to closing the road for hours!

Keep cheerful, safe and deserving. There really is no other way, is there? 


  1. I am glad you managed to get a break O R and hope both of you enjoyed it. With regard to the public well I despair, my foster son works as a manager of the door stewards in a major town and has just given the job up. He says it's absolute mayhem at weekends with drunk people who don't care about masks or social distance in the least. The level of drunkenness and violence is just beyond belief it seems and policing almost non existent. During a recent violent incident the few police present in the town centre stood back and simply watched as he tried with two colleagues to control a fight of 10 or more drunks. This resulted in him being injured but still nothing is to be done to punish his attackers, it's just a typical Saturday night the police say. Oh by the way he says they drink out of bottles as a safety measure, as it's harder for others to spike their drink with drugs. Take care and stay safe O R, it's the 15th at last so we will see what happens with the EU soon.

  2. Thank you Anon. I get the point about "necking" but my sighting was in a restaurant, socially distanced and just two people. However the reason you mention is but another indictment of our "Gomorrah" world we now are forced to witness. Mind you, with lovely weather today, we can still love life!

  3. Indeed so O R it seems a very long time ago since you could enjoy a nice sociable evening out and walk home safely when the pub closed at 10:30. The land of lost content which will not come again I guess.


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