Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Stupid Is as Stupid Does or Says.

 What A Corker!

The Labour Party Leader, SIR Keir Starmer is reported as saying last week, "Boris Johnson has lost control of the virus", utterly amazing this is from the Observer/Guardian unbiased and fair cretins, he then postulates on what should have been and or should be done. FFS!

First of all it seems clear to me the long term after effects of serious cases of this virus are profound. The PM should be given time to overcome such issues. It is, after all, a strain of covid like disease little understood, from day one and subjected to thousands of differing understandings among the medical profession. Yet, come on, SIR Kier heads that august, political, supreme above all others, the Labour Party. So he will know so much more than any PM, his advisers, the Civil Service and global specialists.

My take however is this. A still recovering PM in the Bojo mode is till head and shoulders above a failed Attorney General to and acolyte of, subservient to, forelock tugging over, Blairite lover. What an utter moron to come out with such gross and stupid a statement. Arrogant, smug know all.

I would point out to this fool, this buffoon of entitled privilege, typical Labour Party "Royalty" and clumsy, effete popinjay, his unswerving and kneeling, fawning courtship over BLM terrorists has done far more to encourage mass gatherings than the Government. By a very large margin. 

Add his quiet stirring of objections to Government lockdown efforts as being against "freedoms" and you have a foolish, "opposing for the sake and hell of it", typical weak and moronic Labour Party stance. We are at war with a disease nobody really understands. Possibly even a man made bio weapon created to be tough to control without the knowledge as to its make up and manufacture.

Whatever the provenance of the infection it is a fact of life still barely under control, globally, or even rampantly out of control in many places. However the blindingly biased stupidity of all those remainers, leftards and disappointed, sour grape losers of last December's election and the 2016, seemingly eons ago, referendum, have but one single purpose in mind. Exploit this pandemic for all its worth. Fashion a gigantic cudgel with which to beat the Government down.

For me this behaviour is gross, unpatriotic and so typical of post war British politics. The politics of envy coupled with the overwhelming adherence to Marxist style thinking. A tried, tested and failed, murderous ideology perfected and applied to his own kith and kin by Stalin. Let alone Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler and far back in time. Democracy trampled under the jackboots of brutal stupidity let loose.

So, Starmer, just you carry on in this manner. Labour were sussed in the aftermath of 13 years of Blair and Brown. Mrs. Duffy one ordinary woman vilified by Brown in a very nasty but recorded uttering. One which laid bare the contempt of such people towards the rest of us. SIR Keir right out that very same mold. So beware, if you take "lessons" from Starmer you risk becoming as stupid as he. Fair warning, covid 19 or not!


  1. Sir Neil Starmer,Lord of hindsight.He has so much time to dream up arguments against those who are trying to run the country through this pandemic and financial catastrophe that it has created. We are still in the throes of extricating ourselves from the EU and all he can do is do his damndest to make things even harder. Typical socialist, his priorities are not the well being of the downtrodden, the nation as a whole. Just his party and followers, but even then ignoring the labour party voters who voted to leave the EU. He thinks they are too old and will die out soon!

  2. Well said O R one of your best pieces yet. The sight of the left playing politics while others struggle to manage a disease killing people is truly sickening.


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