Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 30 November 2020

There's Always A Hidden Agenda.

 It's What The Mandarin's Use All The Time.

I hope this video hmtl works. Seems yet more Microsoft crap and restrictions in force. The global folk really want all the money in the world to be theirs and their alone.

I'v been also offline due to some trojan scum hack. life really can suck these days. I guess the crimis are even more active with this pandemic throttling situation of normal life. Which begs the question, why?

Here's my take. This virus became, thanks to Obummer's time in Office, farmed out to China as a joint venture. The thinking was similar to nuclear options to control the world. A deterrent, yes but one making useless any capability to plunder the destroyed. So with biological weaponry. Infect a land and its population but render it, without a serious antidote, useless to the covetous.

So this virus was under continued development in China when their less strict controls failed and a version got out. Whoops. Now to compound the matter, what if, yes, it does target given DNA profiles. However which are more vulnerable to the virus is not known for certain? Furthermore, its virility among all DNA profiles is also not known.

Hence the fear and confusion in the PTB corridors. This Explains the constant differing policies, lock downs and disarray we see across the globe. Albeit, apparently, no longer in China. If that latter statement is true, I have already posited why that might be so, have I not?

So, for the odd reader visiting this post, I am suggesting that whatever is behind the mess we're in, anyone outside of the smug Mandarin classes including the PM and Ministers, are at a colossal disadvantage. The Mandarins run the PR with several agenda. Always have. One constant however remains. Their self interest. The big shock was the huge Government majority last December.

Their antidote to that shock, pun intended, was, for they, covid-19. What a damnable blessing that's turned out. For Starmer, too. So before we write of this, our democratic Government, may I suggest we look elsewhere for the real villains. Together with their nasty and hidden motives. Not least the likely extension of this gross "EU transition period". Just saying. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Is This When The West Lost To The Deep State?

 It Certainly Feels Like It.

A couple of days ago Mrs. OR recorded a 2017 film, "The Post" for us both.  For me because of the politics and for she the lead actor and lead actress. Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. We both actually enjoyed both factors in this quite remarkable film. Set in 1971 and just before "Watergate" kicked off and toppled "Tricky" Dicky. A full resume from Wikipedia!.

The link, I feel, very appropriate for reasons I shall elaborate shortly. However what struck me most deeply was the manner the characters set out to do something now no longer done. Act for the people and its readers, not the moguls and deep state overlords of today and for many years since. Courage was sufficient back then to expose the evil and corruption at the heart of Government.

Now the media are hook line and sinker as bad as those who now control them from the very black heart or rather bowels of the West's terrible PTB. There are a few but easily dismissed, clarion calls, still to be heard. Particularly where the despicable and inhumane treatment of Julian Assange is concerned.

He is a private citizen who built a safe haven for exposures such as "The Post" and "Watergate" had vis the press all those years ago. An internet phenomenon which became sorely needed with the dereliction of truth and news abandoned for greed and power by the press and media of 2020. 

Virtually every headline, vitriolic outburst and total negativity of today's barely recognisable journalism is fake, manipulated and untruthful. Sadly far too much of it works. Across social media little genuine questioning exists. Stupid comments and woke, wilful rubbish are the fare. BLM and other faux ANTIFA style, purported anti racist but glaringly woeful racism itself, are to the fore.

As for this pandemic. Poor Bojo, the butt of fake news, constantly. These legions of "spokesmen" and reliable sources are anything but. If a story of juicy bit of gossip, always nasty and spiteful, has any provenance, its for sure from a remain source and or Civil Servants sulking at the Government's 80 seat majority. The "kitchen sink" manufacturers all out to provide the porcelain for this endless, stop brexit rubbish still very, very prevalent.

We can but hope that this Government survives the pitfalls and traps set for it by the pandemic and have time to redress the damage inflicted. Some of that deliberate and engineered to topple the result of last year's election, for sure. As for the USA Presidential Election. Gross failings by their media and then some.

Obummer touring the studios flogging his bloody memoirs. Bloody if only from his indifference to the rape and butchering of Ambassador Christopher Stevens. This dreadful, awful event barely made the news. As for Obummer's casual behaviour, as troops risked their lives to sort out Bin Laden, say no more. What an arrogant and unpleasant man. Another in the Bliar clone mold, methinks. Only even richer from his evil than Bliar.

So there you have it. Be a dishonest, murdering and smug, rich tool of the deep state today and you get rich and wealthy, inversely proportional to any decency. Look at the Clinton pair. Consider the Kinnock dynasty. Strange how  that last word is mostly of the letters n a s t y! I return to my point of this post. As bad as the decades of Vietnam war and the unnecessary deaths of thousands of American soldiers, Vietnamese civilians and innocents, the rot was well and truly set in and post WW2 cast in stone. Anything goes to keep power in the hands of a few.

Only one bastion had yet to fall. The press and media outlets. My generation has been forced to watch that final control become a reality. The means of achieving it rampant consumerism, dumbed down education and total lack of morality or questioning by any meaningful majorities.

This is why the Trump and brexit victories were so short and sweet in 2016.  For a few months we saw the deep state appearing to be in a corner. Found out, shown for their evil and justice might still be the masses to decide. Little did we realise albeit were nervous of, how this would all pan out.

Trump has bee, probably fraudulently,toppled and brexit may still be brino. How foolish we thought, nay hoped and prayed, for it not to be so. What the future holds is still on track to be Mad Max not a new, beautiful dawn. For sure, despite the Bunty Boultons, Kay Burleys, Kuenssbergs et al, we could see it coming. We just didn't care enough, did we?

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

At The Risk Of Repeating Myself.

 The Onslaught From The Deep State Goes On.

Here is a perfect example of the PTB at work and their biggest new friend, Google. Unsubstantiated, hurtful tittletattle. The spite, nastiness and gross, heavy laden misogyny is writ large. Whatever any fact or truth might lie behind these attacks, I hope and pray Boris and she are strong and determined to understand that it's just those deep state and their leftard minions and forelock, down on one knee fools we all suffer.

Bear in mind, of course, those like Bunty Boulton, can't get on one knee and get back up again, so have to let their spittle spurting mouths do the genuflecting. Note not one of these dreadful people mention January the first as connected to their bile. Their hope is to keep this real purpose of stopping a clean break from the EUSSR under wraps. So the hurt and vile innuendo cast at this young woman is designed to lose Bojo support and drive him from Office. It's a shame they were more gentle on May, isn't it?

Stuff pouring forth, what little I bother with, is just endless attack without substance. Ever more shrill, fanciful and fake. Two minutes of Burley yesterday morning, with a successful and sensible, anti globalisation's lack of financial prudence bombshell, was treated lightly and flippantly and of course, total ignorance from the shrew. Immediately followed by a tirade of venom from some third rate SNP woman on her hatred, yes hatred, of Bojo. Whom she's never met, FFS.

Now I don't agree with Ms. Symond's, to me, naive stance on green issues. Too glib and emotional. Totally forgetting the value fossil fuels have given all our lives in the developed world over 100 years or more. Meanwhile now happy to deprive poor countries today of those same advantages. Many who flock in their millions to migrate to our shores for a share. We can stop polluting the planet without the silliness of banning fossil fuels. Required for backup generators for every wind farm.

I suspect her liberal and gullible approach, born of youth and privilege, to many other weighty dilemmas of modern life, clash with mine. However, I do not feel the need to hound her and vilify her purely to further a rank alternative direction the socialist nonsense drives. That we are all the same and one size fits all. 

Now if we are writing of the socialist hypocritical legions, surely their behaviour deserves closer scrutiny. Lady Kinnock, multi millionaire Cherie and two homes, one in Tuscany, Toynbee. To name but three guilty of the self righteous snobbery against those less fortunate are, to me, far less attractive than the very striking Ms. Symonds. Another reason for the vitriol, I suspect.

I do retain a large nervous anxiety about Boris, however. I feel he's yet to fully recover from covid-19. I fear him reneging on his electorate and which gave him a thumping majority. His job is to put us first. His love and feelings for Ms. Symonds must be separated from power. Sadly, if that's not to be then he will let the Country and its democratic vote be trampled all over. That should not be a desirable legacy for any PM.

I do hope not.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Who Knows?

 What's Going On.

Picture from here.

If you visit this blatantly leftard and nasty link, you get a huge dose of the still endless brexit bashing. The ridiculous association made to "right wing", of all things brexit, ffs. The article does, however, make much of my points in writing this post.

Brexiteers have been pilloried and chastised for decades, as blaming all ills on the EUSSR. This lot now bang on that Cummings departure is to allow Johnson, not least because the witch Kuenssberg says so, to renege on his 80 seat thumping victory last December. The Telegraph, now a staunch remain and anti Johnson rag, has sold out to the EUSSR, too. So now "everything is about all things being connected to brexit",  has become an anthem for remoaners. 

The date approaches for our total, God willing, WTO, break from this dictatorship of global suppression of all, fourth Reich. Once again the hidden and very powerful, Mandarin backed to the hilt, remain cabals, are shouting and screaming. They certainly are getting very vociferous again, buoyed by the vote rigging fraud enjoyed in the USA. What a bunch our PTB have become.

This latter fact of live and awash with evidential circumstances, arithmetic and arrogance, may yet blow up in their faces. As should our final departure from and cutting of the artificial umbilical cord tying us to the EUSSR. Cut after decades of oppression so beloved of the control freaks in Whitehall and elsewhere.

The vitriolic driven lies published last Thursday by the Barclay Twins was a woeful disgrace. Claiming rifts and discord at Number 10 they could have no knowledge of. Unless leaked in a manner designed to stir the very discord they claim happened. Their headlines last Thursday prompted an avalanche of copy cat print and media outpouring. 

With twisted mouth Kuenssberg once again relishing a front spot in the tainted and unpleasantly bias BBC fiction, it was expected this nonsense that Ms. Symonds, aka Mrs Johnson, was the architect of rifts galore, was to be presented and taken as fact. Desperation quietly hidden, as the First of January approaches.

Then the latest of the never ending fear mongering pops up. Suggestions that we face a bleak and dismal Christmas of shortages and deprivation. Though covid is hinted at as the cause, the supposedly subtle narrative is that it's really Brexit. Add on top of all this, tons of timber wasted on Adonis and a joke of a submission that we'll be applying, with BLM like knee dropping subservience, to rejoin the EUSSR in 2029, the desperation goes on.

To rub further salt into that claim from Adonis, he pours doses of idiocy even more, by lauding our embrace of the ghastly, failed, single currency, as a further humiliation attached to begging to be reconsigned to this cabal of unelected, deep state puppets. 

It is so gross to see all this rubbish pouring forth to demoralise OUR PM who I believe is still weak from his brush with death. That or, God forbid, he really is going to sell us out. Covid from day one mooted as a saviour for the treacherous remainers and their lost grip on our Parliament they so enjoyed under May for four years. A grip blatantly brandished against any modicum of democratic awareness.

If the PM is under the thrall of remainers and their ghastly cohorts, he will suffer consequences beyond belief. So will the rest of those blind to what happened last December. For such a betrayal will never be forgotten for driving back towards a quicker descent into a Mad Max society. One of brutal, violent and savage decay. Let us have a wonderful, gentle, not consumer led, Christmas and hope the first of January will herald a glorious liberty. Not the hell on earth the remainers seem so anxious to embrace.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A New Era.

 More Like Same Old Same Old To Me.

So, after 4 long years of sulking, slating and sneering at POTUS and behind the scenes organising how a cast iron system could be created to ensure 2016 couldn't happen again, we seem to have got back to the preferred crooks politicians of the deep state cabals. That fraud was a major part of this "win" is very, very likely. Just as it was in the brexit referendum and the attempts to stop President Trump in 2016.

One aspect of this return to the old style and corrupt beyond belief political folk in America not mentioned is it may well be a good election not to have won. As for the gloating platitudes about "Bringing America back together", what hypocrisy. It has been the divisive and puerile Democratic Party's organised divisive agenda since 2016 that has pitched people against each other.

Every possible event of a negative and often horrific nature has been exploited and abused by the Democrats and their leftard pretend socialism. All the time and regardless of and bereft of power for four years, these cretins have been gross beyond measure. Using people such as The BLM crowd to incite and stir up hatred, promote racism against whites at every turn and make America an embarrassment internationally.

Not one moment has any successful work done by their President been acknowledged. Just vitriol and sulking, childish campaigns of impeachment, Russian allegations of collusion and legions of character assassination efforts, often based on fake evidence and flimsy spiteful nastiness. 

America is now back in the deep state fold. Freedom will be badly compromised and the economy ruined. All I can feel is so be it. Trump has been refreshing, garish but human. Well, however it has come about, the President Of the USA is now, more than ever, a robotic, dull automaton who will be controlled like no other before him. His dirty laundry now securely locked up in a basket belonging to his real masters. One unacceptable gaffe and he'll be gone. Just you see.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

So The Polls Look Poor AGAIN!

 Albeit Early Days.

I found it hard not to gloat back in 2016. However, when the sore, violent and unpleasant losers of the left mobilised across the globe, I just felt gloating was all they deserved from we more pragmatic and dare I say decent people. The mood across the media and the clinging on to postal fraud to win, or as they now prefer to describe, absentee votes, has s a definite air of desperation appearing in their demeanor.

So far, as I post, the signs of a totally missed win for the POTUS are becoming larger and larger. Pollsters now seem to be purely able only to use those supporting their preferences. Ergo, useless tools of an Establishment flailing about as their power continues to wane. Four more years with Donald trump more unassailable than at any day of his present tenure will be a blast for those so fed up of the same old same old Clinton like fraudsters.

I may need to eat my words, who knows. I will say this, if I do have to, I'll do it. Not spend four years sulking and hating life because I am on the wrong side of a democratic vote. Hear up, cretinous lickspittles of the left and your failed, nasty dogma. You will never be more than servants and useful idiots for the manipulation of the powerful and wealthy you pretend to despise but who dominate you all so well.

If Donald Trump triumphs once more, it will be just terrific to witness the breakdowns and the promises of leaving the US, by so many who actually will stay just where they are! Butter on both sides as always of their bread.

I Told You So.

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