Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A New Era.

 More Like Same Old Same Old To Me.

So, after 4 long years of sulking, slating and sneering at POTUS and behind the scenes organising how a cast iron system could be created to ensure 2016 couldn't happen again, we seem to have got back to the preferred crooks politicians of the deep state cabals. That fraud was a major part of this "win" is very, very likely. Just as it was in the brexit referendum and the attempts to stop President Trump in 2016.

One aspect of this return to the old style and corrupt beyond belief political folk in America not mentioned is it may well be a good election not to have won. As for the gloating platitudes about "Bringing America back together", what hypocrisy. It has been the divisive and puerile Democratic Party's organised divisive agenda since 2016 that has pitched people against each other.

Every possible event of a negative and often horrific nature has been exploited and abused by the Democrats and their leftard pretend socialism. All the time and regardless of and bereft of power for four years, these cretins have been gross beyond measure. Using people such as The BLM crowd to incite and stir up hatred, promote racism against whites at every turn and make America an embarrassment internationally.

Not one moment has any successful work done by their President been acknowledged. Just vitriol and sulking, childish campaigns of impeachment, Russian allegations of collusion and legions of character assassination efforts, often based on fake evidence and flimsy spiteful nastiness. 

America is now back in the deep state fold. Freedom will be badly compromised and the economy ruined. All I can feel is so be it. Trump has been refreshing, garish but human. Well, however it has come about, the President Of the USA is now, more than ever, a robotic, dull automaton who will be controlled like no other before him. His dirty laundry now securely locked up in a basket belonging to his real masters. One unacceptable gaffe and he'll be gone. Just you see.


  1. This sort of thing on top of a year of lock down and many other problems is enough to bring most of us to the edge of despair. We can get look forward to the lefty remainers trying to use our every national problem to reverse Brexit yet, won't that be an enlightening piece of fun.

  2. I hope it is fun, Anon. WTO always looked attractive to me!

  3. Immigration bill has received Royal assent O R so things are definitely looking up at last. Great news on the vaccine as well so much to look forward to.


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