Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

At The Risk Of Repeating Myself.

 The Onslaught From The Deep State Goes On.

Here is a perfect example of the PTB at work and their biggest new friend, Google. Unsubstantiated, hurtful tittletattle. The spite, nastiness and gross, heavy laden misogyny is writ large. Whatever any fact or truth might lie behind these attacks, I hope and pray Boris and she are strong and determined to understand that it's just those deep state and their leftard minions and forelock, down on one knee fools we all suffer.

Bear in mind, of course, those like Bunty Boulton, can't get on one knee and get back up again, so have to let their spittle spurting mouths do the genuflecting. Note not one of these dreadful people mention January the first as connected to their bile. Their hope is to keep this real purpose of stopping a clean break from the EUSSR under wraps. So the hurt and vile innuendo cast at this young woman is designed to lose Bojo support and drive him from Office. It's a shame they were more gentle on May, isn't it?

Stuff pouring forth, what little I bother with, is just endless attack without substance. Ever more shrill, fanciful and fake. Two minutes of Burley yesterday morning, with a successful and sensible, anti globalisation's lack of financial prudence bombshell, was treated lightly and flippantly and of course, total ignorance from the shrew. Immediately followed by a tirade of venom from some third rate SNP woman on her hatred, yes hatred, of Bojo. Whom she's never met, FFS.

Now I don't agree with Ms. Symond's, to me, naive stance on green issues. Too glib and emotional. Totally forgetting the value fossil fuels have given all our lives in the developed world over 100 years or more. Meanwhile now happy to deprive poor countries today of those same advantages. Many who flock in their millions to migrate to our shores for a share. We can stop polluting the planet without the silliness of banning fossil fuels. Required for backup generators for every wind farm.

I suspect her liberal and gullible approach, born of youth and privilege, to many other weighty dilemmas of modern life, clash with mine. However, I do not feel the need to hound her and vilify her purely to further a rank alternative direction the socialist nonsense drives. That we are all the same and one size fits all. 

Now if we are writing of the socialist hypocritical legions, surely their behaviour deserves closer scrutiny. Lady Kinnock, multi millionaire Cherie and two homes, one in Tuscany, Toynbee. To name but three guilty of the self righteous snobbery against those less fortunate are, to me, far less attractive than the very striking Ms. Symonds. Another reason for the vitriol, I suspect.

I do retain a large nervous anxiety about Boris, however. I feel he's yet to fully recover from covid-19. I fear him reneging on his electorate and which gave him a thumping majority. His job is to put us first. His love and feelings for Ms. Symonds must be separated from power. Sadly, if that's not to be then he will let the Country and its democratic vote be trampled all over. That should not be a desirable legacy for any PM.

I do hope not.


  1. The problem is many are obsessed with realty TV and believe the whole world is like the rubbish they see on screen. As long as Boris gets us out of the EU, as he promised, he will do for me. I think the poor man is sick and has never fully recovered from the virus. When we are a free country again, hopefully in early January it would not surprise me to see Boris stand down on health grounds, we would owe him a massive debt of gratitude if he does a proper job of Brexit for us.

  2. I hope he does a "proper job" of brexit and stays on to enjoy the accolades and an even bigger majority in 2005!


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