Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

So The Polls Look Poor AGAIN!

 Albeit Early Days.

I found it hard not to gloat back in 2016. However, when the sore, violent and unpleasant losers of the left mobilised across the globe, I just felt gloating was all they deserved from we more pragmatic and dare I say decent people. The mood across the media and the clinging on to postal fraud to win, or as they now prefer to describe, absentee votes, has s a definite air of desperation appearing in their demeanor.

So far, as I post, the signs of a totally missed win for the POTUS are becoming larger and larger. Pollsters now seem to be purely able only to use those supporting their preferences. Ergo, useless tools of an Establishment flailing about as their power continues to wane. Four more years with Donald trump more unassailable than at any day of his present tenure will be a blast for those so fed up of the same old same old Clinton like fraudsters.

I may need to eat my words, who knows. I will say this, if I do have to, I'll do it. Not spend four years sulking and hating life because I am on the wrong side of a democratic vote. Hear up, cretinous lickspittles of the left and your failed, nasty dogma. You will never be more than servants and useful idiots for the manipulation of the powerful and wealthy you pretend to despise but who dominate you all so well.

If Donald Trump triumphs once more, it will be just terrific to witness the breakdowns and the promises of leaving the US, by so many who actually will stay just where they are! Butter on both sides as always of their bread.


  1. Having acted as a counting agent at a number of elections of all kinds sadly it's all too true that election fraud can take place O R. I have seen left leaning counters place whole bundles of votes in the wrong box "by mistake" but never seen them mistake things the other way. You always get an apology when you catch them but how many do you miss? I have even been sworn at by left wing supporting counters for observing to closely. Again an apology when you complain but it all adds credence to the feeling fraud is taking place and leads to mistrust of the election system. It is my personal opinion based on many years experience that election fraud is alive and well in UK today and may also be taking place in other countries as well.

  2. I fully agree with your precis, Anon. postal voting is a disgraceful system in particular.


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