Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 30 November 2020

There's Always A Hidden Agenda.

 It's What The Mandarin's Use All The Time.

I hope this video hmtl works. Seems yet more Microsoft crap and restrictions in force. The global folk really want all the money in the world to be theirs and their alone.

I'v been also offline due to some trojan scum hack. life really can suck these days. I guess the crimis are even more active with this pandemic throttling situation of normal life. Which begs the question, why?

Here's my take. This virus became, thanks to Obummer's time in Office, farmed out to China as a joint venture. The thinking was similar to nuclear options to control the world. A deterrent, yes but one making useless any capability to plunder the destroyed. So with biological weaponry. Infect a land and its population but render it, without a serious antidote, useless to the covetous.

So this virus was under continued development in China when their less strict controls failed and a version got out. Whoops. Now to compound the matter, what if, yes, it does target given DNA profiles. However which are more vulnerable to the virus is not known for certain? Furthermore, its virility among all DNA profiles is also not known.

Hence the fear and confusion in the PTB corridors. This Explains the constant differing policies, lock downs and disarray we see across the globe. Albeit, apparently, no longer in China. If that latter statement is true, I have already posited why that might be so, have I not?

So, for the odd reader visiting this post, I am suggesting that whatever is behind the mess we're in, anyone outside of the smug Mandarin classes including the PM and Ministers, are at a colossal disadvantage. The Mandarins run the PR with several agenda. Always have. One constant however remains. Their self interest. The big shock was the huge Government majority last December.

Their antidote to that shock, pun intended, was, for they, covid-19. What a damnable blessing that's turned out. For Starmer, too. So before we write of this, our democratic Government, may I suggest we look elsewhere for the real villains. Together with their nasty and hidden motives. Not least the likely extension of this gross "EU transition period". Just saying. 


  1. May I suggest you have a look at using Ubuntu Linux instead of Microsoft software O R. We have used it for over 10 years now with practically no problems at all. It's free as are most of the programs you might need unless your an avid gamer. It networks really well and having started life as a Unix clone it loves the internet. There is a bit of a learning curve but it beats shoveling your cash to the likes of Microsoft and it's immune to the common malware and virus attacks you get with Windows.

  2. I did try to do that a few years back but sadly failed to master. I do agree that it's a very good answer, however. One thing is certain. Mirosoft sold out to the deep state some years ago and it really is very nasty.My plan is to soon move to an Apple Mac which I'm told is a far better OS and much less invasive. That with a Linux package maybe!

    1. It will run ever so well on machines that aren't able to support the ever increasing demands of Microsoft programs O R. It might be an idea to keep the old machine next time you update and try one of the new releases at your leisure. I just don't trust Microsoft or Mac not to have backdoors and the like in them. Being a cheap old git is also part of it of course :-)


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