Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Who Knows?

 What's Going On.

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If you visit this blatantly leftard and nasty link, you get a huge dose of the still endless brexit bashing. The ridiculous association made to "right wing", of all things brexit, ffs. The article does, however, make much of my points in writing this post.

Brexiteers have been pilloried and chastised for decades, as blaming all ills on the EUSSR. This lot now bang on that Cummings departure is to allow Johnson, not least because the witch Kuenssberg says so, to renege on his 80 seat thumping victory last December. The Telegraph, now a staunch remain and anti Johnson rag, has sold out to the EUSSR, too. So now "everything is about all things being connected to brexit",  has become an anthem for remoaners. 

The date approaches for our total, God willing, WTO, break from this dictatorship of global suppression of all, fourth Reich. Once again the hidden and very powerful, Mandarin backed to the hilt, remain cabals, are shouting and screaming. They certainly are getting very vociferous again, buoyed by the vote rigging fraud enjoyed in the USA. What a bunch our PTB have become.

This latter fact of live and awash with evidential circumstances, arithmetic and arrogance, may yet blow up in their faces. As should our final departure from and cutting of the artificial umbilical cord tying us to the EUSSR. Cut after decades of oppression so beloved of the control freaks in Whitehall and elsewhere.

The vitriolic driven lies published last Thursday by the Barclay Twins was a woeful disgrace. Claiming rifts and discord at Number 10 they could have no knowledge of. Unless leaked in a manner designed to stir the very discord they claim happened. Their headlines last Thursday prompted an avalanche of copy cat print and media outpouring. 

With twisted mouth Kuenssberg once again relishing a front spot in the tainted and unpleasantly bias BBC fiction, it was expected this nonsense that Ms. Symonds, aka Mrs Johnson, was the architect of rifts galore, was to be presented and taken as fact. Desperation quietly hidden, as the First of January approaches.

Then the latest of the never ending fear mongering pops up. Suggestions that we face a bleak and dismal Christmas of shortages and deprivation. Though covid is hinted at as the cause, the supposedly subtle narrative is that it's really Brexit. Add on top of all this, tons of timber wasted on Adonis and a joke of a submission that we'll be applying, with BLM like knee dropping subservience, to rejoin the EUSSR in 2029, the desperation goes on.

To rub further salt into that claim from Adonis, he pours doses of idiocy even more, by lauding our embrace of the ghastly, failed, single currency, as a further humiliation attached to begging to be reconsigned to this cabal of unelected, deep state puppets. 

It is so gross to see all this rubbish pouring forth to demoralise OUR PM who I believe is still weak from his brush with death. That or, God forbid, he really is going to sell us out. Covid from day one mooted as a saviour for the treacherous remainers and their lost grip on our Parliament they so enjoyed under May for four years. A grip blatantly brandished against any modicum of democratic awareness.

If the PM is under the thrall of remainers and their ghastly cohorts, he will suffer consequences beyond belief. So will the rest of those blind to what happened last December. For such a betrayal will never be forgotten for driving back towards a quicker descent into a Mad Max society. One of brutal, violent and savage decay. Let us have a wonderful, gentle, not consumer led, Christmas and hope the first of January will herald a glorious liberty. Not the hell on earth the remainers seem so anxious to embrace.


  1. Did you see the great quote from the EU the other day O R? They said if you leave with no deal you will be horribly short of fish as you can't catch enough so you will have to buy ours and pay our tarrif on it. A short while later Greenland piped up "we can let you have thousands of tons of fish with no tariff on it, we have always liked the UK". The future is bright outside the EU after all.

    1. I missed that, thank you and I'm sure there are many other examples.


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