Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 28 December 2020

How Good Is This Deal?

 I Do Hope As Good As Suggested By Many.

A let down?

I hope many are as happy, post Christmas Day, as we are here at our home. I, as of yet, may be proved wrong in my forecasts as to the "deal" being a cover up and waste of Brexit. If that is so and so far looks to be, I shall be overjoyed. However very few will have studied the small print so far.

There are hints of issues lees than welcome. One such is still that the ECJ will have powerful influence still. Now this may be confusion between the ECHR commitments and the actual ghastly ECJ, heaviily biased outfit. I hope so. I really do.

However, let us continue to smile at the manner the MSM sought to make, for commercial purposes, great. his in order, post the great day, to then nag us into dieting, alcohol free weeks and the suspension of any belief engendered prior to the big day. Of course, if you love Christmas for its origins and the birth of Jesus Christ,   your whole life, bar Good Friday, should be joyous. If you failed to get one decent present then you will be vulnerable to the depression you are now expected to recover from with more spending!

Naturally, like with overindulging with booze or drugs, when the credit card bills hit it'll be back to the miseries. So Brexit deal good or deal bad, we will all remain at the beh3st and beguilement of the deep state functionaries. Mostly led by bankers and or unelected officials. The EUSSR a prime example. So be prepared and spend less for a while. Pays off in the end, it really does.

Happy and healthy  New Year. as I like to say, to all deserving.

Monday, 21 December 2020

Here We Go.

 I'll Be Writing Stuff Like This Next Christmas!

As the delightful surrender monkeys that are the French PTB, blockade ports using the blatantly ridiculous excuse as covid, we can be sure the expected further years of punishing payments to the terrible dictators on the Continent will go on for decades. Our vassal status a formality to be signed any day now.

After 4 and a half years people are still bleating they're not ready. The "minor" issue now seen to be valued into many billions, will not change except via underhand spin to keep the theft of our own seas ongoing. At least until stocks are exhausted. Maybe not so long then.

The talk of extending this faux "transition period" is now rife and public. Of course it is. Always was. I believe there will be a "brexit" just other Nations whose leaders have some cojones. Unlike our weaklings and their effete, greedy Mandarins. What an utter let down. Democracy only able to return through violent uprising in the future. 

In between times, Mad Max will become the reality. Dear God, how stupid we humans can be. How wasteful of the talents and minds God gave. 

Saturday, 19 December 2020

For Some Of Us.

 Tiringly Predictable.

I suspect our PM considers a perk of his Office is to be able to indulge in a sense of Machiavellian intellectual superiority over all others. Thus a clash between similar ambition with the whole ethos of the Mandarin class was inevitable. The friction between such egotistical like minded and deluded characters untenable.

The above would explain a great deal. Not least why Cummings felt he needed to leave. Johnson unable to reconcile a greater intellect than his own with his needs to indulge his own shortcomings. Add to all that the PM's natural leaning towards power, before all else, residing in the hands of a few and without any need to satisfy an electorate and democracy, we begin to see the paucity of decency so many others have warned us against. His own kith and kin for starters.

So this covid-19 supposedly sudden surge is just as I suggested yesterday. A smokescreen. Along with the secret talks on Brexit and the long, drawn out "negotiations". The election victory of 2019 a further use of the Machiavellian twists so beloved of such people who run our lives from Europe. Our own elite and mandarin class utterly wedded to this evil.

Covid-19 will have its own issues and uses for these people. Not least to be able to push it, as they are doing, as so terrible as to place Brexit on the back burner. Where it has been for many months. An extension of the "transition" to be announced any day now. Barnier fully in the loop. Only those of us about to be dealt a crushing defeat, when this whole charade of Brexit collapses, will be the severest of victims.

Just this morning ridiculous talk and fake news saying businesses aren't ready. Four and a half years of never needing to be prepared tells us more than any transparency could, I suspect. Unfortunately the only historic way these plots and dictatorships have ever been brought down has been war. Such is the EUSSR's awareness of this fact, it will be many years before it comes to that. It will one day and mad Max will be very involved.

I shall be long forgotten by then. Hopefully. It will happen. It is as inevitable as Brexit never happening. Johnson another vainglorious buffoon. Full of his own undeserved importance but looking like he's going to be the worst of all creeps in modern times. Theresa May at least wore her treachery on her sleeve.

Friday, 18 December 2020

Still Barnier Believes He's Calling The shots.

 Maybe He Knows Stuff We Don't.

Over the decades since Heath enslaved the UK into the Federal Europe project I have loathed all of the "Presidents" put to rule over us. Right up to the modern day. Verhostadt possibly the least powerful but sure as hell the ugliest character in every sense. He, along with all the rest of our unelected forty years of being dictated to, have been Germany's latter day blitzkrieg divisions. Unsurprisingly many of them of the Vichy ilk. 

Recently we've been forced, literally forced, to have Barnier shoved down our throats for over four and a half long years. Always quietly threatening, totally superior and happy to treat us all with disdain. His nose always in the air when speaking with or alongside any Brits. His attitude more and more nasty and belligerent, whenever he considers his brief to punish our temerity in voting to leave. 

Juncker, remember him, was just the same. A hectoring, bullying drunk, yet still able to boss our so called representatives around and coach Barnier on his appointment as stop Brexit, head Fred. So this haughty arrogance still haunts us and towers over us regardless of any referendum of General Election vote.

On show the absolute, naked and immovable power of an unelected dictatorship. One aligned in philosophy with every vestige of fascism in history. Frighteningly run by the descendants of Nazism and still, despite rumours of stepping down, Merkel. Our only hope and elected as such just one year ago, now looking less and less the person we believed in.

As for Barnier, the threats and fear mongering still percolate away in the background. Blockades, illegal entry into territorial waters and and continued destruction of our fishing stocks out of the spiteful and malevolent greed so beloved of our French neighbours. Remember their burning alive cattle and sheep in trucks, as they sought to stop the importing of competitive livestock? Such evil spite. Yet we're the ones getting the grief for wishing to no longer be allied to this behaviour.

So if our PM, on top of the seemingly bungling pandemic approach, if not orchestrated by the Mandarin class, (it may well be), is determined to sell us out over Brexit, he will face a backlash possibly never seen in the UK since Cromwell's days. So serious such a betrayal of our democracy be. Ironically aided and abetted by Parliamentarians as equally loathed now as justifiably by Cromwell.

As for Barnier's latest utterances of today being close to a WTO deal deadline, poppycock. A transition extension has probably been signed already. That'll be why the latest apparent turncoat, Rees Mogg, happily recessed Parliament without one whimper of objection. Bit different from last year's attempt to preempt remainers with a recess.

I do so hope I'm wrong but whatever has been secretly plotted with Barnier, it will not be revealed until the 31st of January. Certainly covid will be part of "making smoke". I would dearly love to be wrong. Yet of my few remaining visitors, is there one who would say I'm out f order? That the PM will not betray us? I doubt it. Barnier still looks to smug and superior I'm sad to say.

German destroyers laying a smoke screen. Who else?

Monday, 14 December 2020

Why Keep Pretending, Boris?

 It's Becoming Obvious You Are Just A Pale Imitation Of May.

Well, my last post turned out to be accurate and prescient. Off like a little puppy to grovel before his mistress our latest version of a quisling PM performed as ever the predictable dash to Brussels to beg morsels. Deadlines obviously too big a word and action to have meant to be more than a rather lame attempt to fool the public and betray the referendum. Last year's disgusting election victory built on lies. The picture above isn't a polite "ladies first" is it? It's lap dog following his mistress, more like.

I'm only surprised the buffoon didn't step of his expensive plane ride to Brussels waving a piece of paper. What a shameful and unpleasant man he's turning out too be. Nought but another forelock tugger. One masquerading as a Brexit fan just to enjoy the luxury of Office,briefly, prior to handing it all over to the EUSSR.

Not one jot of shame. Telling us all about deadlines whilst never ever expecting to action them. At least May's efforts were as a remainer and to a degree, more honest than the Clown we have now. I'm anticipating the next deadline will be wrapped up in tinsel and a big red bow to tide us over Christmas.

The "deal" will be done by next week and will include a further transition period. That term will be set by the EUSSR.. Probably to be as the Fourth Reich was meant to be, forevermore. It began in 2016 say some. As for Boris Johnson, some will say he's played a blinder and screwed well over 17 million voters for years. Two or three times over. 

He talks about being a sovereign Nation whilst announcing EUSSR policies on "climate change" and green issues. No doubt a great deal more. We're heading for that awful position of a vassal EUSSR State, robbed of any wealth and no seat at their table. Just you see.

If anybody has any serious belief otherwise, do let me know. I'm not expecting many replies. What a crashing, crushing disappointment he is. Lies about "deadlines", lies about covid-19 ad probably everything else he utters. Shameless and very, very nasty betrayer. No doubt millions of euros already lodged in an account somewhere. Why else behave with such overarching treachery?

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Interminable And Endless Awfulness.

 As Well As Covid-19!

My goodness and then some, last week dragged, as far as "Brexit" is concerned. The media hacks struggling as to which matter should get the darkest and most doom laden coverage. Not all bad news on the fake news front operatives, mind you. Bumtious Burley sidelined for six whole months. Rubbish, fake Beaconsfield cockney, Rigby also in the dangerous "easily forgotten" no mans land of suspension.

Only disappointment on the SKY made up news front is Bunty is still there. Reportedly after shopping the other two. For sure he and Rigby have history so you never know. Mind you, Bunty wouldn't recognise harmony over soon to be freshly trawled and UK landed fish! So the demise of viewers in large numbers is a given.

I digress, as ever. Here's a poser. How many times have Brexit deadlines come and gone? I suggest as many as the UK's red lines have been erased. So is this weekend's continuation of "talks" and threats of WTO rules coming in to force, just playacting, I wonder. One of my fears is Gove in the background, like some malevolent spectre.

I am also unsure as to where we stand with the ghastly WA. Instigated during May's tenure as a closet remainer PM. Is that still a powerful shackle and sufficiently intact to give one of its architects, Gove, the wherewithal to water down what we all pray should be a clean, proper Brexit? If that were so, all of the posturing we are being forced to endure endlessly, will be proven to be the charade many fear it always has been.

I have said to many times to repeat it once more, that we will not know what's what by Sunday evening. Deadlines being to date pure fantasy, I'm still expecting a miraculous break through at the last second. Which I doubt will be tomorrow or even before Christmas. Other than a poke in the direction of such a powerful sudden coming together as to merit announcement that a further period of "transition" will be necessary to formulate and implement any "deal".

I do hope I'm wrong. Pronouncements by Boris and the EUSSR's unelected puppets of Merkel and Macron appear to suggest I am incorrect. Yup, just as the spin during May's tenure was always negative sounding. Done to garner backslapping and smug, self congratulatory posing. Done with the smirking of those who feel "in the know" and therefore superior to we little people.

So in summary. Gird ourselves, as we must, for a very loud, rattling down the tarmac of huge tin can. The real Brexit to be still a dream and not a fact. All the way into next year. Probably beyond. Only time will tell us. Some may already know exactly what's coming.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

I Really Hope Not!

 Rumours Abound We Are About To Cave In.

When the individual, I'm avoiding the word "gentleman", above, briefly ran for the Tory leadership and therefore job of PM, after hanging on to that treacherous May's skirts, I was appalled. Another closet "remainer", with a personal and probably greedy agenda as ever, for sure not to be trusted one iota.

Now he is plastered over the media smirking as to how he's saved May's ghastly WA sell out and granted a foreign power a place in the heart of the UK. A foretaste of what the shadow of our old Boris may well underwrite this Wednesday evening with Von der Leyen. 

Now I'm not trying to be doom laden here. Just mitigating, or attempting to do so, the enormous, nay heartbreaking despair such a capitulation will bring about. Fishing will be left to all intents and purposes theirs not ours. Just you see. Furthermore, this supervisory office in NI will need power. Ergo aided by the EU laws and their oh so awful and biased courts.

Then there's the so called joke about level playing fields. We've suffered lack of such places for 40 years since. Like our fishing grounds being the hoovering up playgrounds for foreign factory ships. The licence revenues all going to the EUSSR's coffers, FFS. The dregs left given away to smaller French and other vessels to keep them on side.

Now with this WA agreement, or BRINO, such will be our handicaps to prosperity, the real point of that agreement comes into play. Within a handful of years and deeper than even before, our servitude to the evil that is this Empire of faceless dictators, led by Merkel and Macron, will drag us back into the fold. Note how Merkel still there. Thought she was going.

Now, as destitute supplicants for permission to return to the clutches of the Fourth Reich, the demands will be horrific. First one will be to join the euro at huge cost to us. Ask Greece about that. As for a level playing  field. Never. We will be the whipping horses forevermore. The manifestation of al that would befall any other upstart bunch looking to quit.

So there you have it. If, as suggested by Gove's gloating behind his mask eyes suggest, is actually true we really are screwed. Boris will have been shafted even more by Tin Tin than before. Unless this is also a Machiavellian charade orchestrated by The EUSSR. That's also another possibility. Just as it was when May spent millions travelling the Continent to appear to be discussing leave. I actuality just signing off on betrayal after betrayal. 

Nope, if my fears are realised, all that's left will be the sales pitch. Announcements of a fantastic deal. An agreement to extend the "transition" to accommodate this new and golden pact. With the attendant billions forked out only to be added to by the £39 billion already squandered promise. 

That will be that. Nicely published just before the Christmas break, then "forgotten" publicly by the media crowd of covid 19 rule breakers. "Nothing to see here" as the European Gendarmerie Force is quietly dispersed around the rump of the soon to be renamed UK. Add to this the obfuscation (I think this post is being messed about with by a third party) the major economic crash coming, it will be possible to spin our terrible defeat as far less a matter than all else happening.

Will I be proven wrong? For once, the time left to know that is far shorter than any real effort to leave has been. Might even be this week. 


More of the old Boris at PMQs seems to have made this post redundant. We'll see. Hope of course, springs eternal! It's even rumoured Beth Rigby been sacked, so there you have it! If true.

Monday, 7 December 2020

I'm Not Sure Why.

 Life's Getting Very "Langweillig".

The pandemic coincided with a major rebuild and restoration over the past six months, for Mrs OR and myself. So our wings were truly clipped. In many ways we were less adversely affected compared to many. The top picture shows the worst point for us and the bottom the beautiful point we reached just recently.

What I will say is how slowly the lack of so much "normal" activity, popping down the pub, mask free meals out and seeing friends per se, crept up on us. One other issue we have begun to feel disquiet about are the NHS changes. Plus the decline in dentistry's routine attention to the Nation's overall well being.

Then there has been the other wall to wall other pandemic. Blathering, out of their depth and ever more puerile, the media's obsession. Their fake news, day after day, alarmist and slatheringly, spittle flecked attacks on every step announced by Government. All orchestrated by the shadowy "remainers", using the pandemic to their utmost to delay our departure from the dictatorship run by Germany and of course, France.

Now, just these past few days and after further interminable delays endured, we are supposedly, on fake news stances, to believe a deal will be done. Then there will not be. Barnier now looking like he just stepped off the stage of a performance of "Pagliacci". In truth, few know anything, thus choose lurid headlines to pull in punters. Ironically, as an ex journalist, Boris appears fairly adept at doing his job as PM, rather than May's and others' need "to posture hourly on the stage". 

If he proves to hold firm and either get a terrific deal, unlikely but you never know. Or better still takes us off into a true sovereign entity and free of the shackles of this tawdry and corrupt cabal, he will gain a worthy place in history. The opposite, surrender monkey moniker he will definitely deserve, of surrendering us into the now proven evil, is too awful to contemplate.

So as we chug along in this terrible and restrictive pandemic existence, let's hope that the insipid water torture of so much lost, in these past circa 9 months, will ere long be behind us. After all, Christmas has always held out hope for decency and coming together. 

If the religious history of Christianity has been flawed in its execution, as has most other religions, at least the teachings of Christ remain a valid blueprint of how we can try to be better as creatures.We can also, more easily, be sovereign in our own minds, if we are also sovereign as a Nation. So, yup, it's pretty yucky right now but let's not forget, many of our forebears had it far worse.

Joy to all those deserving, as I like to say!

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Carrying On My Last Post Theme.

 Not A Conspiracy Theory, Just Musing.

Many are querying how come we have a covid-19 vaccine so soon. My belief is as already mentioned these past few weird months. Also in my last post. The understanding that a vaccine 95% effective is wonderful news but rightly further cause for suspicion. Add the quiet surrounding the Chinese situation now and for some months, adds further to the theory of a huge cover up.

If I am correct and evidence is around, that this virus is man made via biological research for nefarious purposes, it follows that alongside such research, anti dotes would have been also sensible. However releasing said data publicly would have had serious and damaging repercussions on those behind this research. Whatever the deep seated goings on, a vaccine so quickly becoming available is fabulous news.

Apart from all else, we may get our Government back from all those using covid-19 to damage it. Just think, a New Year wth covid free lives back in sight, no longer part of the deep state cabal that is the EUSSR and \God willing no more ECJ and ECHR rubbish masquerading as justice. would be as great as last new year when we dumped that ghastly and two faced Parliament of three years of treachery!
Good wishes to all deserving!

I Told You So.

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