Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Carrying On My Last Post Theme.

 Not A Conspiracy Theory, Just Musing.

Many are querying how come we have a covid-19 vaccine so soon. My belief is as already mentioned these past few weird months. Also in my last post. The understanding that a vaccine 95% effective is wonderful news but rightly further cause for suspicion. Add the quiet surrounding the Chinese situation now and for some months, adds further to the theory of a huge cover up.

If I am correct and evidence is around, that this virus is man made via biological research for nefarious purposes, it follows that alongside such research, anti dotes would have been also sensible. However releasing said data publicly would have had serious and damaging repercussions on those behind this research. Whatever the deep seated goings on, a vaccine so quickly becoming available is fabulous news.

Apart from all else, we may get our Government back from all those using covid-19 to damage it. Just think, a New Year wth covid free lives back in sight, no longer part of the deep state cabal that is the EUSSR and \God willing no more ECJ and ECHR rubbish masquerading as justice. would be as great as last new year when we dumped that ghastly and two faced Parliament of three years of treachery!
Good wishes to all deserving!


  1. 95% will do for me O R, at last it's looking like a bright new year is on its way. Your right though, it's very strange that China's part in this disaster has gone almost unmentioned for a long time now. Some are even suggesting we should be grateful because they released details of the virus DNA, even an old goat like me can recognise spin at that level when I see it.

  2. Old goats always retain their horns, Anon!


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