Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 19 December 2020

For Some Of Us.

 Tiringly Predictable.

I suspect our PM considers a perk of his Office is to be able to indulge in a sense of Machiavellian intellectual superiority over all others. Thus a clash between similar ambition with the whole ethos of the Mandarin class was inevitable. The friction between such egotistical like minded and deluded characters untenable.

The above would explain a great deal. Not least why Cummings felt he needed to leave. Johnson unable to reconcile a greater intellect than his own with his needs to indulge his own shortcomings. Add to all that the PM's natural leaning towards power, before all else, residing in the hands of a few and without any need to satisfy an electorate and democracy, we begin to see the paucity of decency so many others have warned us against. His own kith and kin for starters.

So this covid-19 supposedly sudden surge is just as I suggested yesterday. A smokescreen. Along with the secret talks on Brexit and the long, drawn out "negotiations". The election victory of 2019 a further use of the Machiavellian twists so beloved of such people who run our lives from Europe. Our own elite and mandarin class utterly wedded to this evil.

Covid-19 will have its own issues and uses for these people. Not least to be able to push it, as they are doing, as so terrible as to place Brexit on the back burner. Where it has been for many months. An extension of the "transition" to be announced any day now. Barnier fully in the loop. Only those of us about to be dealt a crushing defeat, when this whole charade of Brexit collapses, will be the severest of victims.

Just this morning ridiculous talk and fake news saying businesses aren't ready. Four and a half years of never needing to be prepared tells us more than any transparency could, I suspect. Unfortunately the only historic way these plots and dictatorships have ever been brought down has been war. Such is the EUSSR's awareness of this fact, it will be many years before it comes to that. It will one day and mad Max will be very involved.

I shall be long forgotten by then. Hopefully. It will happen. It is as inevitable as Brexit never happening. Johnson another vainglorious buffoon. Full of his own undeserved importance but looking like he's going to be the worst of all creeps in modern times. Theresa May at least wore her treachery on her sleeve.

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  1. Just so, happy is he who trusts no-one for he shall not be disappointed. The only sensible way to deal with modern politics.


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