Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 21 December 2020

Here We Go.

 I'll Be Writing Stuff Like This Next Christmas!

As the delightful surrender monkeys that are the French PTB, blockade ports using the blatantly ridiculous excuse as covid, we can be sure the expected further years of punishing payments to the terrible dictators on the Continent will go on for decades. Our vassal status a formality to be signed any day now.

After 4 and a half years people are still bleating they're not ready. The "minor" issue now seen to be valued into many billions, will not change except via underhand spin to keep the theft of our own seas ongoing. At least until stocks are exhausted. Maybe not so long then.

The talk of extending this faux "transition period" is now rife and public. Of course it is. Always was. I believe there will be a "brexit" just other Nations whose leaders have some cojones. Unlike our weaklings and their effete, greedy Mandarins. What an utter let down. Democracy only able to return through violent uprising in the future. 

In between times, Mad Max will become the reality. Dear God, how stupid we humans can be. How wasteful of the talents and minds God gave. 


  1. But O R a real Brexit would mean our politicians would actually have to work and run the country. Their recent performance does not inspire confidence does it and if they can get £80k + for doing almost nothing why would they want to change that?

  2. The deal doesn't look too bad O R, only 4 more days under the jurisdiction of the EU to go :-)


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