Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Monday, 28 December 2020

How Good Is This Deal?

 I Do Hope As Good As Suggested By Many.

A let down?

I hope many are as happy, post Christmas Day, as we are here at our home. I, as of yet, may be proved wrong in my forecasts as to the "deal" being a cover up and waste of Brexit. If that is so and so far looks to be, I shall be overjoyed. However very few will have studied the small print so far.

There are hints of issues lees than welcome. One such is still that the ECJ will have powerful influence still. Now this may be confusion between the ECHR commitments and the actual ghastly ECJ, heaviily biased outfit. I hope so. I really do.

However, let us continue to smile at the manner the MSM sought to make, for commercial purposes, great. his in order, post the great day, to then nag us into dieting, alcohol free weeks and the suspension of any belief engendered prior to the big day. Of course, if you love Christmas for its origins and the birth of Jesus Christ,   your whole life, bar Good Friday, should be joyous. If you failed to get one decent present then you will be vulnerable to the depression you are now expected to recover from with more spending!

Naturally, like with overindulging with booze or drugs, when the credit card bills hit it'll be back to the miseries. So Brexit deal good or deal bad, we will all remain at the beh3st and beguilement of the deep state functionaries. Mostly led by bankers and or unelected officials. The EUSSR a prime example. So be prepared and spend less for a while. Pays off in the end, it really does.

Happy and healthy  New Year. as I like to say, to all deserving.


  1. Even if it's not a perfect deal O R it must be better than the terrible years we spent under the domination of the EU. I personally never thought we would get even this far with the remainder hoards and even the House of lords determined to subvert a democratic vote. Patiently waiting for the arrival of my vaccine letter now and hopefully we can soon return to come kind of normality.

  2. Thank you,Anon, good luck with the vaccine.

    1. A glass of well earned good English ale at 23:00 hrs tomorrow O R. What a joy to have lived long enough to see UK a free nation again. Thanks for all your efforts over the years and a sincere happy new year to you and yours.

  3. The sense of freedom from the EUSSR is a joy. Let us hope it continues as such. The "rejoin" bunch still sulking and skulking, of course. Yet I truly believe our PM has beaten and will beat them for a long time to come. As for the ridiculous Guardianista "poll", what rubbish, as ever!


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