Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Wednesday, 9 December 2020

I Really Hope Not!

 Rumours Abound We Are About To Cave In.

When the individual, I'm avoiding the word "gentleman", above, briefly ran for the Tory leadership and therefore job of PM, after hanging on to that treacherous May's skirts, I was appalled. Another closet "remainer", with a personal and probably greedy agenda as ever, for sure not to be trusted one iota.

Now he is plastered over the media smirking as to how he's saved May's ghastly WA sell out and granted a foreign power a place in the heart of the UK. A foretaste of what the shadow of our old Boris may well underwrite this Wednesday evening with Von der Leyen. 

Now I'm not trying to be doom laden here. Just mitigating, or attempting to do so, the enormous, nay heartbreaking despair such a capitulation will bring about. Fishing will be left to all intents and purposes theirs not ours. Just you see. Furthermore, this supervisory office in NI will need power. Ergo aided by the EU laws and their oh so awful and biased courts.

Then there's the so called joke about level playing fields. We've suffered lack of such places for 40 years since. Like our fishing grounds being the hoovering up playgrounds for foreign factory ships. The licence revenues all going to the EUSSR's coffers, FFS. The dregs left given away to smaller French and other vessels to keep them on side.

Now with this WA agreement, or BRINO, such will be our handicaps to prosperity, the real point of that agreement comes into play. Within a handful of years and deeper than even before, our servitude to the evil that is this Empire of faceless dictators, led by Merkel and Macron, will drag us back into the fold. Note how Merkel still there. Thought she was going.

Now, as destitute supplicants for permission to return to the clutches of the Fourth Reich, the demands will be horrific. First one will be to join the euro at huge cost to us. Ask Greece about that. As for a level playing  field. Never. We will be the whipping horses forevermore. The manifestation of al that would befall any other upstart bunch looking to quit.

So there you have it. If, as suggested by Gove's gloating behind his mask eyes suggest, is actually true we really are screwed. Boris will have been shafted even more by Tin Tin than before. Unless this is also a Machiavellian charade orchestrated by The EUSSR. That's also another possibility. Just as it was when May spent millions travelling the Continent to appear to be discussing leave. I actuality just signing off on betrayal after betrayal. 

Nope, if my fears are realised, all that's left will be the sales pitch. Announcements of a fantastic deal. An agreement to extend the "transition" to accommodate this new and golden pact. With the attendant billions forked out only to be added to by the £39 billion already squandered promise. 

That will be that. Nicely published just before the Christmas break, then "forgotten" publicly by the media crowd of covid 19 rule breakers. "Nothing to see here" as the European Gendarmerie Force is quietly dispersed around the rump of the soon to be renamed UK. Add to this the obfuscation (I think this post is being messed about with by a third party) the major economic crash coming, it will be possible to spin our terrible defeat as far less a matter than all else happening.

Will I be proven wrong? For once, the time left to know that is far shorter than any real effort to leave has been. Might even be this week. 


More of the old Boris at PMQs seems to have made this post redundant. We'll see. Hope of course, springs eternal! It's even rumoured Beth Rigby been sacked, so there you have it! If true.

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  1. You do have to question the whole thing when Boris is now over there talking having promised to "walk away" on the 15th October. Still it might as you say work out OK yet, if it doesn't we will be able to watch the disintegration of the Conservative party from a ring side seat. I still think Boris is a cut above Ted Heath the man that decieved us into this mess so long ago.


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