Why we voted leave.

Why we voted leave.
Freedom hard won.

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Interminable And Endless Awfulness.

 As Well As Covid-19!

My goodness and then some, last week dragged, as far as "Brexit" is concerned. The media hacks struggling as to which matter should get the darkest and most doom laden coverage. Not all bad news on the fake news front operatives, mind you. Bumtious Burley sidelined for six whole months. Rubbish, fake Beaconsfield cockney, Rigby also in the dangerous "easily forgotten" no mans land of suspension.

Only disappointment on the SKY made up news front is Bunty is still there. Reportedly after shopping the other two. For sure he and Rigby have history so you never know. Mind you, Bunty wouldn't recognise harmony over soon to be freshly trawled and UK landed fish! So the demise of viewers in large numbers is a given.

I digress, as ever. Here's a poser. How many times have Brexit deadlines come and gone? I suggest as many as the UK's red lines have been erased. So is this weekend's continuation of "talks" and threats of WTO rules coming in to force, just playacting, I wonder. One of my fears is Gove in the background, like some malevolent spectre.

I am also unsure as to where we stand with the ghastly WA. Instigated during May's tenure as a closet remainer PM. Is that still a powerful shackle and sufficiently intact to give one of its architects, Gove, the wherewithal to water down what we all pray should be a clean, proper Brexit? If that were so, all of the posturing we are being forced to endure endlessly, will be proven to be the charade many fear it always has been.

I have said to many times to repeat it once more, that we will not know what's what by Sunday evening. Deadlines being to date pure fantasy, I'm still expecting a miraculous break through at the last second. Which I doubt will be tomorrow or even before Christmas. Other than a poke in the direction of such a powerful sudden coming together as to merit announcement that a further period of "transition" will be necessary to formulate and implement any "deal".

I do hope I'm wrong. Pronouncements by Boris and the EUSSR's unelected puppets of Merkel and Macron appear to suggest I am incorrect. Yup, just as the spin during May's tenure was always negative sounding. Done to garner backslapping and smug, self congratulatory posing. Done with the smirking of those who feel "in the know" and therefore superior to we little people.

So in summary. Gird ourselves, as we must, for a very loud, rattling down the tarmac of huge tin can. The real Brexit to be still a dream and not a fact. All the way into next year. Probably beyond. Only time will tell us. Some may already know exactly what's coming.


  1. After so many broken promises and missed deadlines I am near despair now O R. Does anyone remember the PMs promise to walk away on the 15th of October, the same PM still talking in Europe yesterday. It's no longer possible to sort out the truth from the half truths and downright lies. After four and a half years the whole thing stinks of deceit and it's entirely possible no UK government has any real intention of ever giving us what we voted for. The whole thing has been an absolute pantomime probably engineered that way to keep us under the heel of the EU. Next thing we might see is a total cave in by our government but painted as a great victory. Sunday will come and go but the talks will no doubt continue into next year and keep going until the last of us die hards give up and we become once again a vassal state of the almighty Franco German empire. Sir Humphrey always wins it seems.

  2. 'm afraid it looks just as you say, Anon.


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